Crawl Space FAQ

Many of our Peak customer’s have had similar questions when it comes to our Crawl Space Repair solutions. Please see if any of the below questions pertain to you. If not, one of our team members would be more than happy to address your questions, comments or concerns. Please use the live chat or contact us!

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Crawl Space Repair FAQ

Yes, we have encapsulated hundreds of crawlspaces in Colorado with the CleanSpace system and our customers are enjoying lower utility bills, warmer floors during the winter, and a more pleasant, clean crawl space suitable for storage. To learn more about the CleanSpace system, click here.
Good choice! Like virtually any mechanical/electrical device, sump pumps operate at their best when they are cleaned and tested on a regular basis. Our one-time annual maintenance service is available for a $149 fee, but we encourage our customers to become a member of the Peak Care Club. (PCC). With a lower annual fee of only $119, your annual maintenance appointment is covered. Additionally, ongoing membership in PCC extends the 25-year lifetime warranty most of our systems come with to a lifetime warranty! PCC members also enjoy special savings and discounts on the cost of any future repairs that may be needed. Read more here.
Yes, this is very possible! The air in your crawl space contributes to the air in your home and we know that crawl spaces tend to be damp, musty places! While the old building science stated that crawl spaces should be vented, we now know that this is not the best solution for home air quality. Protecting and separating the home from the earth is key and the crawl space is the best place to solve this. We recommend encapsulating your crawl space to seal it up, keep it dry and most importantly, create a healthier environment for your family! Read about why you should encapsulate your crawl space here.
Yes! We offer cutting-edge basement dehumidifier systems. Each of our warrantied systems is rated for energy efficiency and powerful enough to keep dry air circulating throughout the area. These dehumidifiers will ensure your basement is protected from excess moisture that can lead to mold growth and odors, ensuring you have a dry, clean space. For more information, click here.
The crawl space is often the most neglected part of a home. I mean, why would anybody want to crawl around in a dark, damp space that is infested with spiders and other bugs? It turns out that neglecting your crawl space – or at least its insulation – can have a drastic effect on the energy efficiency of your home. So, we encourage you to put on some old jeans and crawl around beneath your home. It might just lead to some discoveries that, when fixed, could lead to substantial energy savings! Read more here.
The crawl space is an area that is susceptible to high moisture content. As the moisture content gets higher, the wooden supports in that environment begin to rot. The wooden supports in a crawlspace may get softer and start to rot. To stabilize and straighten the floors, we often recommend a new beam and galvanized steel SmartJacks. Encapsulating the crawl space is another great option, to reduce the moisture content in the crawl space. Check out this case study!