Window Wells


Upgrade your home with clean, beautiful window wells!

Windows in your basement work hard. They are below or at ground level, meaning dirt, water, pests, or even plants can encroach on the well’s dirt floor. Boman Kemp window wells can transform your well from a dirty, wet, dark place into a clean, bright space that brightens your basement.

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Durable, no-hassle construction


Window wells made from railroad ties or steel eventually succumb to the elements. They start to accumulate dirt, rot, and rust.
SunHouse window wells give you a bright, maintenance-free window well that is nearly indestructible. They are built with reinforced plastic that will never rust, rot, or need painting. This window well will stay beautiful from the day we install it. Plus, our SunHouse window wells have a vinyl floor that keep dirt, moisture, and pests from entering the dirt floor of your well, meaning you can exit the window well in your pajamas without getting muddy knees! On top of that, we can provide a clear plastic cover that will keep rain, snow, leaves, pests, and everything else out of your well.

Stacked Stone Basement Window Wells

Peak Structural is proud to offer an alternative to expensive concrete composite window wells.

Manufactured from 18 gauge galvanized steel, the Stacked Stone™ Window Well combines beauty and strength.

Brighten up your basement!

Our window wells are used to keep earth away from your basement windows. They are designed to bolt directly to the wall.

Peak Structural’s window wells are made from heavy-duty 18 gauge galvanized steel, with a white, or stacked stone enamel paint finish.

They feature a 1″ profile with expertly designed, double-ribbed corners for added strength, reducing the need for extra bracing.

Covering your window adds safety

We also offer clear plastic covers for our window wells. This allows the light to enter and keep your basement bright while keeping dirt, snow, pets, children from falling in. These covers are easily opened from the inside, so they do not compromise the safe exit that your egress window was intended to provide.

Rockwell Window Wells Transform Your Basement

The RockWell window well system has many parts that, combined, make it the best-quality window well. The oversize window well is build with a high-quality plastic reinforced with fiberglass, making it built to last. The mounting flanges on the wall allow our technicians to fasten and seal it to your foundation, keeping water and dirt out.

In recent years, building codes have required that ‘egress windows’  windows large enough to climb out of in the event of an emergency) be installed. This means a large window well with a step in it must be used outside the egress window. A commonly used well has been a plastic design of flat parts that snap together to form the walls and steps. A problem lies in its durability; its ability to hold back the heavy earth and water.
Rockwell window wells Peak Structural
Rockwell window wells are a one-piece, rigid construction that will not collapse from backfill or allow water to leak through the well walls. They’re UV stable, rust and rot proof, and stand up to extreme temperatures.

Looks and Feels Like Real Stone. RockWell has duplicated the look of real stone so you don’t have to look out of your new basement windows at a plastic-looking well. An integral step allows easy exit (if ever needed).
Safety Ladders for Premier Series. These ladders are decorative and durable to help someone climbing out of any basement window. The ladders are powder coated with an earth-tone color.

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