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We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Foundation Supportworks dealer in Wheat Ridge, CO.

Services we offer in Wheat Ridge:

  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Financing Available.
  • Written estimates and inspections and fast installation.

We serve the following Wheat Ridge, CO zip codes: 80002, 80033, 80034, 80212, 80214, 80215

Vertical Wall Cracks like the one hiding in the closet identified the sinking foundation for this Denver home. Piers will stabilize this sinking foundation. Our expansive soils here in Denver have caused the settling. Look familiar? Connect with Peak today!
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Wheat Ridge Job Stories

SmartJacks in Wheat Ridge, CO

DeAnn and Drucha were having issues with sagging floors in their home. Knowing they needed to get their problem resolved, they contacted Peak Structural with the hope of an efficient and permanent solution. When one of our Design Specialists conducted an inspection on the home, it was suggested that DeAnn and Drucha go with the SmartJack System in order to permanently stabilize their sagging floors. With this system, DeAnn and Drucha can have peace of mind that their foundational issue is fixed and there will be no more problems for them in the future.

Work Requests Wheat Ridge

in Wheat Ridge

The east side of my cinder block foundation is buckling. I have a crawl space and the house was built in 1955

Simms St in Wheat Ridge

House has major cracks inside and out.

in Wheat Ridge

We would like to have someone look at our foundation, as there are some small cracks in walls, mostly in the basement, and our tile floor is buckling here and there. It’s a step down foundation, and we had work done to address water drainage away from the foundation (rather than into the house) after the floods, but we’re not sure if there might be something else going on. Looking at doing some upgrades, but need to ensure foundation is solid first. Email is the best way to reach me.

Lamar St in Wheat Ridge

Needs an estimate on cracks in foundation slab and foundation settling. Referred by word of mouth. Appointment set

Brentwood St in Wheat Ridge

We purchased our home in May and have had some serious structural issues since. There are cracks in the crawl space, the bricks on the side of the house are separating and cracks on the interior are coming through. We have had a structural engineer come out and he has conducted an analysis. We would like for you to give us an estimate based on those findings.

Swadley Street in Wheat Ridge

Purchasing a home office has done work on calling to get information on work that was done and to ask if system is working and if additional work needs to be done. Warranty was explained to caller. Service appt was set.

Holland St. in Wheat Ridge

Stairstepping on brick and drywall cracking in basement. I believe the foundation is settling or root problem.

Sheridan Blvd in Wheat Ridge

Front door/ foundation —hard to open the front door when the door is closed there is a 3/8″ gap at the bottom of the door

in Wheat Ridge

We have a tight crawlspace over a concrete floor. Need to have additional support put under a corner in that crawlspace.

Dover St in Wheat Ridge

Cracks in basement walls. Cracks throughout home including outside of home on bricks. Recently purchased home.

Vance St. in Wheat Ridge

I have some settling in my brick ranch house, built in 1955. I don’t think there are major problems but I do have need, I believe, of several floor jacks installed in problem areas of my crawl space. Crawl space is approx 4′ high from dirt floor to ceiling.

in Wheat Ridge

I just bought this house and there is a big crack in the basement and a stair step crack in the brick. need to know if this is a problem and how to fix it. i don’t have a colorado phone number yet just . thanks

Depew St in Wheat Ridge

In the crawl space it seems that a couple of support beams were cut to make way for a pipe. I want to make sure that it is sound.

Allison Street in Wheat Ridge

Original owner dug along outside wall and support piers in crawl space to create more headroom need estimate on possibly installing helical piers Thanks!

Hoyt St in Wheat Ridge

The corner of my house is falling down.

in Wheat Ridge

Looking for estimate related to level of a 1949 single level house floor. Two concrete piers do not look in great shape, crawl space is not sealed, steel beem is new.

Cody St in Wheat Ridge

I will be out of town till Oct 3.

Depew St in Wheat Ridge

Patio has a crack looks like it is attached to foundation. Hairline crack in foundation near patio

in Wheat Ridge

Would like to get estimate on foundation repair for foundation Residential Address 9475 West 37th Ave Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 ph Is there anything needed prior to getting quote (ie structural engineering review)? Looking to get 3competitive quotes, but make decision and move forward quickly with project. thanks Steve

in Wheat Ridge

Have a residential foundation wall that is settling resulting in expanding interior and exterior cracking.

N. Everett Drive in Wheat Ridge

We have seen some cracks in our bedromm wall as well as in the outside brick wall. We have a crawl space. The House is 55 years. We have lived in the same house for the past 20 years. The cracks have been existing at least for the past 15 years. I will appreciate a professional opinion and an estimated cost for the project. Thank you very much for your time and your courtesy.

in Wheat Ridge

House built in 1953, Pier & Beam, lots large cracks recently formed around windows, mortar between bricks on outside cracking up.

Pierce St in Wheat Ridge

Our bedroom wall is bowing and the door-frame is separating from the wall. A busted sewer was dug up and replaced right outside the bedroom before we moved in the house.

Balsam St. in Wheat Ridge

My house is on unstable soil & sinking in one corner…

Testimonials Wheat Ridge

I chose to work with Peak Basement Systems because they were professional and priced right!
Michael from Wheat Ridge, CO
We selected Peak over other companies due to its price and superior product with less disruption.
Lori J. from Wheat Ridge, CO