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We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Foundation Supportworks dealer in Westminster, CO.

Services we offer in Westminster:

  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Financing Available.
  • Written estimates and inspections and fast installation.

We serve the following Westminster, CO zip codes: 80030, 80031, 80035, 80036

Review from Westminster

By Neal H

Westminster, CO 80021

November 13, 2014

“Tim, Rich and Will did a great job. Tim constantly asked if everything was done to my satisfaction. He made it clear the job was not done until everything I asked for was complete.”


By Dave T

Westminster, CO 80021

August 4, 2017


By Katrina R

Westminster, CO 80021

February 7, 2017

“We had a great experience working with Peak Structural. They worked very efficiently, cleaned the area and finished earlier than expected. I would definitely recommend Peak Structural to any of my family and friends!”


By Kristyn S

Westminster, CO 80005

September 25, 2017

“My service man was amazing he explained what he was doing why he was doing it & even told me this company did the original work which was great to know because we just bought the house & had no clue what the flyer telling us we were due for service was about!”





Westminster Job Stories

Wall Anchors Save Westminster, CO Home

When Neal H. started noticing cracking throughout his basement walls, he became very nervous about the structural integrity of his home. That’s when he decided to call Peak Structural for a free estimate.

System Design Specialist Brandy Mahan evaluated the cracks on Neal’s walls, and discovered that the way the cracks ran along the walls indicated that the wall was bowing inward. She proposed installation of 6 Foundation Supportworks Geo-Lock Wall Anchors to remedy the problem.

The installation took a total of two days, to which Neal was very pleased about. First, holes were augured a specific distance from the outside of the bowing wall. On the interior of the wall, a small hole is drilled and a rod is driven out towards the hole outside. An earth anchor is installed and attached to the outside end of the rod, while a wall plate is attached on the interior of the wall. The dirt and sod is replaced over the earth anchor and the wall plate is tightened. The wall plate can be tightened over time to help straighten the wall as well.

Neal was very pleased with the final project. He can now rent out the basement of his home without worrying about further structural damage.

Work Requests Westminster

ROBB CIRCLE in Westminster

The footing on my attached garage has a few very large cracks. I fear if not fixed, we’ll have even worse structural issues years down the road.

in Westminster

Preparing to close on a newly built home and final inspections revealed that the basement walls may not have been built in a way that was appropriate for the surrounding soils, as they are not floating walls. I’m interested in obtaining a second opinion, and if any preventative options are available, I would like to discuss those as well. Thanks for any help, Greg

Wolff St. in Westminster

I have an unfinished basement that has water seeping in from cracks in the walls and also from where the walls meet the floor. I am wanting to waterproof the area.

Marshall Pl. in Westminster

We have structural movement in our building.

in Westminster

Basement walls are being pushed in, maybe an inch. Poured concrete walls, finished basement, visible cracks in concrete and drywall. New owners, house was built in 1981.

Knox Ct. in Westminster

I have cracks in my foundation. Also stair step cracks in my exterior brick. Doors are sticking and walls are bowed. I’m concerned that we would not be able to sell this house when or if we decide to move. We have kitchen plans for this home but with the foundation problem, I dont want to invest in cabinets if the kitchen is not square.

Bradburn Blvd in Westminster

Our house was built in 1947, it’s cinder block. Our house is shifting & getting big cracks in walls!

in Westminster

I’ve had some settlement issues for several years now in the basement and in the garage. I’ve had the garage floor mudjacked but I haven’t done anything with the basement. I’ve now noticed 4 drywall cracks on all 4 walls in the basement bathroom (next to the garage). I’m just checking out what my options are.

Utica Street in Westminster

Settling of monolithic slab of family room addition with Fireplace

in Westminster

I have a listing that needs a cracked wall repaired and the grade re-done. I have an engineering report and would like to get a bid from you. Thank you, Shauna

in Westminster

We are buying a house with horizontal cracking around the the perimeter of the crawl space. The east wall has slight deflection -as such, our inspector recommended reaching out to you for a repair proposal. The inspection period ends on Saturday – do you have the capacity to look at it before then?

in Westminster

I believe my cement basement floor is actually heaving and settling? The floor is cracked and humped up in the center and seems to have fallen around outside edges. Walls are cracking and the basement is very damp.

in Westminster

Hose was left on next to my house for up three days. Wondering if there is any foundation damage because of this.

Osceola in Westminster

2″ lean on east wall, need anchored and have to drive past the concrete patio

in Westminster

Need floor cracks repaired

Wolff in Westminster

Basement walls horizontally cracking

in Westminster

Front porch sagging, basement floors heaveing/sagging

in Westminster

We have some horizontal cracks we need to get an estimate on epoxy filling to reduce structural concerns. Please let me know when you would be available to set up an appointment for an estimate. Thanks.

Norwich Street in Westminster

Garage foundation/slab have been sinking need to get it fixed.

SETON STREET in Westminster

Foundation (footer) needs raised

Canosa Ct. in Westminster

House built in 1958; addition built ~ 1970 has settled and is separating from main house. Need estimate on repair timeline and cost.

in Westminster

Need a structural assessment. Basement settling signs such as cracks on drywall by stair leading to basement, tiles shifting in places.

in Westminster

Need to determine cause of floor in basement cracking, walls pulling away and how much it will cost to repair. Thank you, Heather

in Westminster

Need evaluation on a foundation post that is supporting a steel beam not being “plum”.

Raleigh St. in Westminster

Hello, I would like to set up an appointment to have someone look at a crack in my basement.

Wilson Ct in Westminster

Crack in foundation wall seems to be getting larger.

Hoker Street in Westminster

Crack in a basement.

in Westminster

Damaged beam pocket which cracked foundation wall.

Home Farm Dr in Westminster

Our basement floor has an area that is starting to slope/sink. We are interested in having repaired.

in Westminster

My house is not level. The foundation is moving down a small hill and pulling away from the garage.

Wolff St in Westminster

I need to get a bid on repairing a leaking foundation. Cracks in walls, poor drainage and water intrusion.

in Westminster

I live in a condo and the foundation is settling. The foundation wall in the crawl spece is cracking- the brick wall outside is cracking- thedoors are sticking and the interior walls are cracking. Do you work with HOA?

Jellison Way in Westminster

Do you do free estimates on Saturdays?

Testimonials Westminster

Mr. Vigil was very personable. I felt comfortable that he had a good understanding of the problem. I also felt he would be someone I could trust.

– Vivian P. of Westminster, CO

I heard about Peak Structural due to the internet. I picked peak because their price was over 50% less than competitor. Overall, I was very satisfied.

– Mercedes S. of Westminster, CO