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We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Foundation Supportworks dealer in Parker, CO.

Services we offer in Parker:

  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Financing Available.
  • Written estimates and inspections and fast installation.

We serve the following Parker, CO zip codes: 80108, 80134, 80138

Zach was experiencing multiple issues with the stability of his home. After much thought he decided to consult with a structural engineer to find out what the right solution would be for his home. The engineer, Paul Bryant, recommended the installation of GeoLocks to provide support to the foundation walls in the basement.

Zach was referred to Peak Structural to take care of this need. The installation crew followed through with the suggestions made by the engineer and installed GeoLock Wall Anchors. In these pictures you can see the GeoLock wall anchors and the wall before they were installed.

Review from Parker

By Earl O

Parker, CO 80138

February 19, 2017


By Tom B

Parker, CO 80138

August 30, 2017

“Jackson, John and Austin were fantastic”.


By Marci

Parker, CO 80134

September 14, 2017


By Michella C

Parker, CO 80108

May 16, 201

“Did a great job! Answered all our questions”



Parker Job Stories

SmartJack Installation in Parker, CO

A family had recently purchased a lovely home in Parker, CO. In their basement, they had a weakened beam supporting the floor above. This beam was starting to bend under the pressure of the weight from above and they knew this was one of the first improvements they must make on the house. After scheduling an appointment with Peak Structural, one of our design specialists came out to the customers home to inspect the basement and supporting beams.

The specialist sat down with the home owners and explained that the beam was indeed weak and because of this, the floors above had starting sagging. While providing multiple solutions to the customer, the couple decided to go with the SmartJack System. The SmartJack is a galvanized steel, anti-rusting column with a capacity of 60,000lbs. With such a reliable product, the homeowners were happy to know that their sagging floors are permanently stabilized.

Work Requests Parker

Pitchfork Ct in Parker

We have a hump in our basement floor along the side and it has broken and raised up our tile. Basement doors are starting to stick and have cracks in corners.

Hill Ct in Parker

I live in AZ but own a house in Parker CO. I will be there for a few weeks beginning 8/22/17 (afternoon). The basement has some sinking/settling issues with the floor.

Pine Canyon Dr in Parker

Had 11 month post construction inspection by home inspector. He has raised some concerns am looking for a evaluation from a independent source.

Canterberry in Parker

Cracks in foundation that came up during inspection

Farmingdale Court in Parker

We are going through refinance, and the appraiser thought she saw signs of settling in our basement. The refinance company needs reassurance that the house does not have a safety issue. How much would an inspection cost?

Chalet Cir in Parker

Foundation is shifting, resulting in cracks in the brick outside the house and cracks in the wall inside the house.

N Piney Creek Rd in Parker

We have 3 slabs in the basement that have dropped due to water pipes breaking in 2008/2009. Since that time no other sinking has been observed. Is this something that your company addresses? -Thanks

Rock Crystal Drive in Parker

Selling property looking for a foundation repair estimate. Has a sagging beam. Caller is looking for a sooner appt real estate fee was given. Caller may give a call back to set appt.

Black Spruce Ln in Parker

I’m a broker with RE/MAX Alliance here in Parker. The above address is a property that I have clients looking at and my home inspector believes the home has a wood foundation. I need to find out if that is in fact the case and how to I go about certifying it’s structural integrity. The house is located on 6.2 acres in Amanda Pines Estates in Elbert County and was build in 1996-97. Appreciate your help. Thanks, Jim Leuschner

No Name Given Parker, CO

Requesting estimate on structural repairs. Side wall of foundation of walk out basement is cracked. Office is booking too far out, client will call back. Phone number from caller ID.


We have a heated driveway in need of repair. We have a leak.

Brenda P. Parker, CO

Looking for a foundation repair estimate. Left a message for a call back.

in Parker

We have made an offer and are under contract with this house. We went through inspection today (9/14). The inspectors informed and showed us how the house had settled (a little wonky), but our realtor suggested having a foundation expert give us a second opinion. The house was built in 1980. Thanks! Alison

N. Woodland Tr in Parker

I have a problem with water getting into the crawl space especially during periods of heavy rains. I am looking for the best resolution. Thanks

East Tom Tom Drive in Parker

Looking to get a estimate for has a cement front porch that sits over a part of the finished basement and water is leaking in under the front door and the front porch come together.

Bridlewood Lane in Parker

Looking for an estimate on the front stoop that is cracked

S Lost Creek Circle in Parker

Cracks in garage floor, cracks in patio stairs, cracks in upstairs ceiling, have us concerned about the foundation. Would like to have the house inspected to look into foundation issues, or whether it is simple repair.

N Ponderosa Way in Parker

I had an inspection done on this property, in anticipation of buying it. During the inspection, it was noted that the NW corner appeared to have a void under the stucco so the inspector was unable to verify construction/foundation methods and materials. In addition, the finished basement in the NW corner has a significant amount of cracks, including the bathroom tile being cracked over several pieces in a diagonal line. I am concerned about the foundation and was wondering if it would be possible for someone to come out and check it? I know it is short notice, but we were hoping someone could come out this afternoon. Thank you , Jennifer

E Hollow Creek Dr in Parker

I have a non-functional window in the basement that we would like out and concrete put in along existing foundation. would like two jack post we would like moved.

Sequoia Dr. in Parker

Need to repair a couple small cracks in our foundation found during a home inspection.

Willow Reed Circle West in Parker

Interior foundation cracks that I need filled.


There has been long term moisture leakage coming in through a nearly vertical crack below a window in our finished basement foundation. we just had mold removed and cleaned up due to the “hidden” probelm. now exposed we would like to get estimates for repair to correct/stop the moisture problem & crack. its a fairly small crack from the window down but i dont believe it touches the floor joint.

Tenderfoot Trail in Parker

Full foundation inspection needed. There are cracks all over the foundation floor and 1 in foundation wall. Home was a pop top from previous owner who did not pull permit. Need structural review of current foundation and bid for repairs. Do you do this?

Junegrass Place in Parker

I have a series of cracks in my basement walls. Doors are not closing properly throughout the house, and the basement stairway seems to be separating from the wall. The right side of the house is clearly lower than the left. The main steel beam in the basement seems to be lower on one side than the other. I want to renovate certain parts of the house, but feel this issue needs to be resolved first. Preferred daytime contact through email.

Nottingham Dr. in Parker

Hi, we are purchasing a home (short sale) as is… and we had our inspection yesterday. There are cracks in wall and noticeable shifting has occurred, but we are uncertain if this is critical and how much it would cost to fix if needed. How far out are you scheduling appointments? Thank you, Tammy

Scotch Pine Cir in Parker

Crumbling concrete basement wall

Distant View Pl in Parker

Align one steel pipe btween two beams Please call me

S. Hawks Rim Trl in Parker

I have a support beam in my basement that has moved some and created some drywall cracks upstairs. It doesn’t seem to have moved much in the last year or so, I would like to check on re-leveling the beam and keep an eye on it going forward?

Testimonials Parker

Mark was exceptional. I appreciate his professionalism and honesty and I will keep your card handy for future needs with my business.

-Ramon N of Parker, CO

I was very pleased with the structural repair that Peak did….
-Bert from Morrison, CO