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We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Foundation Supportworks dealer in Littleton, CO.

Services we offer in Littleton:

  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Financing Available.
  • Written estimates and inspections and fast installation.

We serve the following Littleton, CO zip codes: 80120, 80121, 80122, 80123, 80125, 80126, 80127, 80128, 80129, 80130, 80160, 80161, 80162, 80163, 80165, 80166

Expansive soils in Littleton have caused a 7 inch foundation settlement or movement at this home. The before photo shows one of many pier installations necessary to stabilize and lift this area of the foundation back to its original position. First, pier sites are strategically placed along the foundation either on the inside or the outside of the foundation or a combination of both is used as well. Holes are dug down to the footer. Then, the work begins as the crew installs a heavy-duty steel bracket below and against the foundation's footing. Next, a heavy duty steel external sleeve is put in place. This patented sleeve resists bending forces that can cause kinking, buckling and rotating of the steel shaft common during pier installations. This steel sleeve adds extra steel where it is needed most - directly beneath the foundation bracket. It is very effective and efficient as it guides the angle at which the pier is being installed. Each pier is hydraulically driven down to bedrock or stable soil. Once all the piers are in place, the weight of the home is transferred from our unstable soils here in the Denver area to the bedrock or stable soil deep below. Finally, the crew attempts to lift the home back to its original position. This lift of 7 inches was skillfully and painstakingly done in several minute adjustments. Peak's crew ecourages the homeowner to be present during the lift process. Once everything is completed, we bury the piers. The house is permanently stabilized. The after photo shows the excellent clean up and workmanship detail. Need our expert team? Contact Peak Structural. We’re located at 600 17th St. Suite 2800 South, Denver, CO 80202. You can contact us at: 303 243 3028 or Like us at or connect with us on twitter: #PeakStructural
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Review from Littleton

By Paula G

Littleton, CO

June 2, 2017


By Randy

LIttleton, CO

April 1, 2017

“John was very knowledgable and helpful throughout the process. Ben Weiss was a hard working professioanl foreman. He and Ray did an outstanding job.”


By Paula L

Littleton, CO

February 25, 2017


By Linda R

Littleton, CO

June 19, 2017

“The installation crew was very professional, and good to have working in our home.”


By John S

Littleton, CO

May 18, 2017

“Well-earned reputation for quality work.”


By Georgia T

Littleton, CO

June 30, 2016

“Nathan was amazing! So helpful and informative! He should get a raise. Excellent CS!!!”


By Anna B

Littleton, CO

May 8, 2013










Littleton Job Stories

Leaning Wall Straightened in Littleton, CO

Oftentimes, neighborhoods and homes are built in areas with problem soil. In the Littleton area of Denver, CO, high attributes of “Bentonite” clay are rampant in many of these neighborhoods, causing extreme movement to the homes.

Susan Huff decided it was time to do something about her leaning wall. She contacted Peak Structural for a full inspection of her home, in hopes of stopping her leaning wall for good. And that’s exactly what she got. Design Specialist Eric Shippert diagnosed her the problem and designed a repair plan that will last for years to come.

The FSI Geo-Lock Wall Anchor system was installed to Susan’s two leaning walls, giving her the ability to not only permanently stabilize her leaning wall, but to straighten it back into an upright position. After excavating around the perimeter, and using hydraulics to lift the structure of the home off of the foundation wall, the Geo-Lock Anchors then are tightened until the wall is back in place.

Susan can now be in her basement without fear of any further inward movement of her Wall!

Foundation Settling Corrected in Littleton, CO

Judy G. of Littleton, CO contacted Peak Structural for help with her settling foundation, after doing some online research. Judy decided to get 3 estimates on her foundation issue, and would go with the one she thought was best suited for her need.

Brandy Mahan met with Judy and performed the estimate; detailing each issue that was found, and made everything easy for Judy to understand. After receiving her written estimate, Judy decided to hire Peak Structural for the installation.

Crew Foreman Cameron Marques and his team of installers reset the I-Beam poles in Judy’s home; making sure to show her each step of the way what they were doing. Cameron and his crew made sure all clean-up was performed on the property, and Judy could not have been more pleased with her service!

She has said she was lucky to find Peak Structural. Due to her fair and accurate estimate, and the flawless installation, she will definitely recommend Peak Structural to anyone in the future in need of our services. Thank you for being a part of our Peak Family, Judy!

Straightening a Basement Wall in Littleton, CO

Dani G. has always loved her home, until she noticed her basement wall was beginning to lean. That’s when she called Peak Structural to provide a free estimate.

Brandy came out to inspect the house and, as Dani suspected, there were forces causing the wall to lean. Brandy explained that this is a very typical situation here in Colorado, as the soils are expansive due to the constant wet and dry cycles, then got right to work on a solution unique to Dani’s situation. Dani agreed that four Geo-Lock Wall Anchors would be the best fix for her concerns.

After one day’s worth of installation, Dani can now rest easy knowing that her basement wall is secured with a lifetime warranty from Peak Structural.



News from Littleton

Due to Colorado's expansive soils, settling, cracking and bowing in basement walls is a fairly common occurance.
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Work Requests Littleton

Washington St. in Littleton

There are some cracks in one of our foundation walls which appear to be allowing water to seep into our basement. When we bought the home, the inspector noticed the foundation wall was shifting. We had support beams installed to hold the wall in place. After almost 3 years, it appears the beans have done their job, but now we are looking to repair the cracks in hopes of preventing water from entering the basement.

Newcombe St in Littleton

Foundation settling and concrete leveling

S Robb Way in Littleton

We have a structural wood floor in the basement. Two areas of the basement are sagging. I think it is because we had too heavy of exercise equipment and weights on the floor. I am wondering if the crawl space floor jacks would take care of the problem.

Red Fox Place in Littleton

Cracks in walls and patio seem to be growing, along with widening gap btwn basement floor and basement walls. About 2.5 yrs ago we had a sewer pipe crack and the plumber was fairly certain it was due to tension on pipe from settling foundation. We thought it was time to call in an expert to see if there truly is something about which to be concerned.

S Carr St in Littleton

Replacing a deck, two stories and I need 2, maybe 3, helical piles installed to support. Have the plans drawn by contractor and I’ll have a permit by Friday. Need to know cost and scheduling as you’re able. I’m free to speak in the afternoon. Thank you!

W Portland Ave in Littleton

Cracks in foundations walls garage Floor Draining problem .basement floor

W Rowland Pl in Littleton

2nd opinion on waterproofing basement.

W Wagon Trail Dr in Littleton

Drive piles fore deck I want to build

S. Dudley St in Littleton

Foundation wall twist and cracking

S Field St in Littleton

I have engineered specs to repair a sagging foundation grade beam via helical piers and epoxy injection. I would like to get a price from you do so.

West Powers Circle in Littleton

Water is entering my northeast corner of my basement after heavy water events and my north basement wall is being pushed inward. Would like a quote to correct basement wall.

Foresthill Street in Littleton

I have a concrete block basement and one wall is seriously bowing. Up to 4-6 inches of bowing from top to bottom.

S Estes St in Littleton

I have a V-shaped crack against my foundation wall (outside). It’s been there for awhile I think, but I really have no idea whether it’s something to be worried about.

W Powers Avenue in Littleton

We are getting ready to remodel the basement and have been noticing settling issues. We want to make sure we do this right and solve any issues before we proceed.

S. Sherman Way in Littleton

I would like to get my back yard concrete patio leveled and repaired.

Garrison in Littleton

Cracking and shifting on basement floor. Cracking in drywall. Bentonite concerns

S Knolls Way in Littleton

Appears hairline crack in basement where kitchen drain backed up.

W Geddes Pl in Littleton

Lots of indications of foundation settling problems.

W POWERS AVE in Littleton

Crack in drywall in bedroom

E. Euclid Avenue in Littleton

Sinking foundation in basement.

W. Cooper Ave. in Littleton

Separating and leaning chimney

South Trinchera Peak in Littleton

Selling home, Estimate for basement floor is heaving and needs replaced 700 square feet. Office quoted fee for real state program. Referred by online. Appointment set.

South Vance Street in Littleton

Estimate for cracks on the basement wall’s Referred by google search. Appointment set Placed on the move up list.

Montrose Way in Littleton

Estimate for the foundation basement. Referred by google search. Appointment set.

S Independence Way in Littleton

Requesting quote for foundation repairs, settling. Office states they have to deal with homeowners directly, contractor changed mind. Number taken from caller ID.

Dutch Creek Drive in Littleton

Requesting an estimate for a a shed that rises and falls with sticking door. Referred by the internet. Appointment set.

S Race St in Littleton

Calling to get an estimate for a settling foundation-needs piers he was told appointment booked

West Kingsley in Littleton

Looking for estimate on foundation slab lifting, driveway void filling. Referred by internet. Appointment set.

S Datura St in Littleton

A few minor cracks in foundation discovered during home inspection when home was purchased in 2013. Home built in 1953.

E Mineral Ave in Littleton

Noticing horizontal cracks in foundation and slight bowing.

S Marshall Drive in Littleton

Requesting estimate on foundation repair. Foundation is cracking and has shifted significantly. Past foundation work through Complete Basement Systems has not fixed problem. Customer also had third party engineer evaluate property Customer had appointment in past that was cancelled. Appointment set

S. Estes Ct. in Littleton

I am planning to build a 30′ X 14′ deck. One side supported by a ledger and the other supported by piers. I want to compare helical piers vs. concrete piers. I will need 3 – 4 of them on the 30′ side. Please quote the load capacity and price of your helical piers. Thx, Rob

Knoll Cir in Littleton

The caller needs an estimate for a foundation crack Referred by Appointment set

So. Eldridge Street in Littleton

Foundation vertical cracks inside garage slab cracks.

No Name G. Littleton, CO

Had structural pole repaired but it was done wrong. Would like it repaired correctly. Number from ID. Appointment may be too far out. He will talk with his wife then call back.

Loose Mountain Place in Littleton

Requesting an estimate for foundation repair on the basement wall. Referred by the internet. Appointment set.

S Garland Street in Littleton

Requesting estimate on foundation repair on home for sale. Inspection revealed shifting Referred from google search Appointment set

W Belmont Dr in Littleton

I need major foundation repair. I have an engineers report on what needs to be done. Please send your email address and I will send the report.

S. Dover St in Littleton

Horizontal cracks in my basement foundation walls.

Devonshire Place in Littleton

Requesting an estimate for a sinking founation. Referred by the internet. Appointment set.

in Littleton

I’m planning a 12’x24′ deck (abutting the house but freee standing – no ledger board). Since it is in the western suburbs, it is plagued by expansive soil. Helical piers seem like a good fit. How many will I need and how much will they cost?

S Adams Circle in Littleton

I need an estimate to repair a cracked foundation wall. I have an engineers report from Coyle.

Morning Glory Pl in Littleton

The front porch column does not appear to be bearing properly, and the bottom part seems shift a little too

Red Mtn E in Littleton

Need a quote for foundation stabilization, that includes 3 helical piers, four steel post, and two epoxy injection for two cracks

S Iris St in Littleton

Cracks in walls, getting worse.

S. Pierson St in Littleton

Settling has caused some cracking and differential elevation of the foundation walls. Engineering report suggests in order to prevent future movement and reduce amount of differential elevation the foundation wall could be underpinned with steel piers.

S. Johnson Street in Littleton

I believe I have some foundation issues due to some cracks in the walls.

Shasta CIrcle in Littleton

New crack in drywall in basement near window.

W. Prentice Place in Littleton

Garage floor lifting up.

S. Lost Ranger Peak in Littleton

In the last three weeks I’ve noticed several doors in the basement of the house not closing and in one case the door frame has started to bow down in the middle. I’ve also notice a couple of “stair step” cracks in the brick facade of the house.

West Rowland Place in Littleton

Bowing wall and movement in north basement wall. Wall was bowed before but movement with all this rain and cracking in basement walls.

S Holland Way in Littleton

Structural wood floor is buckling on west side of home. Please call me. Thanks

Mountain Willow Dr in Littleton

We have a beam on our outdoor kitchen that is sinking and pushing the structure out. Please contact me to schedule an estimate. Thank you.

in Littleton

We are in the process of buying a home and found out from the home inspection that the slab in the basement is bulging under the carpet. We want to find out about it and how to fix it before buying the home. When can you do a free estimate?

S. Houstoun Waring Cir in Littleton

Exterior garage wall is separatimg in the corner. Garage floor seems to be sloping in the area.

Long Springs Butte in Littleton

Need an estimated on a foundation repair in Friendly Hills Morrison co on Yank street

Coyote Lane in Littleton

I have a Garage floor and one repaired sidewak panel that has settled over the years. Consequently, I get puddling and spalling of the concrete surface. I am familiar with Mudjacking and have worked with Mudjackers in the past and will be comparing costs and effectiveness in this scenario, as well.

S Marshall Ct in Littleton

We have a few cracks in our basement foundation walls.

W Monticello Pl. in Littleton

I have a sagging kitchen floor and found a crack in the foundation.

S Benton Ct in Littleton

Raised areas in concrete slab of basement floor

S Greenwood St in Littleton

Settlement issues with the house. Visible cracks in the foundation and in brickwork.

Coal Mine And Simms in Littleton

Entrance steps to the house. Two steps. Cracked and heaving. I can send pictures

S Miller Court in Littleton

Cracked foundation in multiple places affecting interior walls ( cracked drywall ) and house in overall bad repair. Want to fix and sell

Ponderosa Trail in Littleton

I have a fairly new home. The foundation was poured in two different pours do to various reasons. There is a cold joint between the two pours that wasn’t properly sealed. It is currently leaking. I’d like to do a polyurethane injection from the inside to waterproof the joint. It is an 45 degree inside corner, and about 8′ in height.

Wynspire Way in Littleton

We would like to get our house inspected for potential heaving issues. Thank you,

W Lake Ave in Littleton

Need front porch posts repaired and raised evenly

S. Marshall Dr in Littleton

Need evaluation on a part of the house that is potentially sinking

Timberchase Trail in Littleton

I have steps cracking in front with obvious driveway slab dropping away.

S Lark Sparrpw TRL in Littleton

Side walk steps full dawn 2 and 1/2 inch whch need raising up

S Culebra Way in Littleton

Floor is off level by about 5% — want foundation repair or other solution for leveling floor.

Kipling And Bowles in Littleton

Foundation settlement problem

Wynterbrook DRive in Littleton

2 story house with bedrooms above the garage. Foundation wall between the garage doors is rotting away, fist size holes, rebar visible, odd white hard foamy powdery substance around rotting areas. Holes growing quickly.

Cottonwood Lane in Littleton

Brick wall at northeast corner is supported by driveway which has shifted resulting in cracks and damage to the wall.

Catamount Lane in Littleton

I have a brick wall on a patio that is sinking. Also some settling in garage and driveway.

W. Frost Ave. in Littleton

We have cracks in our foundation that is bringing water into our basement.

S Lakehurst Way in Littleton

Would like to get an estimate on cracks outside the house. Thanks

S Elmwood St in Littleton

Basement cracking some vertical, some horizontal. Vertical ones are old horizontal ones are within the last year.

Saddlewood Circle in Littleton

Cracked basement wall -concrete.

South Pierson Court in Littleton

Garage floor is unlevel up to an inch and a half in one spot

S Taft Way in Littleton

House settled in back crawl space no visible cracks needs peering and leveled

S. ST. Paul Way in Littleton

Settling foundation, sinking dirt, cracked & sinking walkways.

S Jay St in Littleton

Piece of foundation broken off during what looks like washout. Need to have it fixed.

S. Parfet St. in Littleton

Basement floor slabs require removal due to heaving.

S Lee St in Littleton

Front of house brick archway is settling, creating roof support issues. Archway needs to be removed and replaced with a support post, or repaired and provided added support.

E Dry Creek Pl in Littleton

Sagging floor in a sunroom addition in one of our rental properties. Room is 15×30 with no access to the crawl space beneath it.

W. Raspberry Mountain in Littleton

Interior basement foundation cracks, most cracks less than 1/8 inch wide. one crack 1/2 inch wide. Also basement floor cracks with uneven elevation.

S Newland Court in Littleton

We live in a home built in the 70’s. Over the past year we noticed that our addition (built 9yrs ago) is starting to “break away” from the house. We know water is the culprit for the sinking. We pulled a patio up last year and haven’t replaced it. Water has had an easy access right to the foundation. Not sure if we need to repair or just make sure we stop things from settling any further.

S Costilla St in Littleton

34 year old house with new cracks in walls and concrete

Brown Bear Ct in Littleton

Settling front sidewalk breaking away from front staircase. Crack in driveway and check interior windows, there is cracking around the frames.

W. Saratoga Ave in Littleton

We are interested in purchasing the noted house, but there are some structural concerns. I was wondering if it would be possible to have you guys walk the house down with us to give us an estimate of what it may cost to fix the potential issues. I will get home owner permission to do this.

S. Lee Ct. in Littleton

Garage brick wall cracking

S Harrison Drive in Littleton

1. step going outside from garden level door is cracked away from house. 2. mudjacking needed driveway/front step area 3. tiles cracking in corner of garden level room/on concrete indicting problem. 4. outside look at exterior to see if any other issues.

S Garland Way in Littleton

Need a quote for having a crack in a concrete foundation wall in a basement pressure injected with epoxy.

SLost Ranger in Littleton

Possibly buying this home would like to get dollar amt to fix it before purchasing. Thank you!

South Pierson Court in Littleton

Our garage is sinking in the south corner and we need to have it repair, bu would like to have a free estimate as to the cost of repairs.

Case Studies Littleton

Case Studies: Push Piers Used to Combat a Settling Foundation in Littleton, CO

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014


The Moore residence is a wood framed single family home built in 1958 on a poured concrete foundation. Over time, the homeowners began noticing a stair-step crack forming on the back side of the house, which they had filled in an attempt to conceal the rapid growth of the crack. Within months, the crack widened another 1/4 inch, and was more noticeable than ever. After cracks began forming in the slab in the sunroom and in the drywall at the ceiling, the homeowners realized they would need to take a more aggressive approach to permanently repair the settling foundation of their home.


After researching several companies, the homeowners decided that Peak Structural was the best fit for their needs. Peak Structural installed ten (10) Foundation Supportworks Model 288 Push Piers to stabilize the settling foundation. The push piers were spaced 6 feet apart along the East wall of the house and hydraulically driven to depths of 6-10 feet. Once the piers were driven to the proper depth and capacity, the house was lifted to a level position. The entire project was completed in three days, and the homeowners were especially happy that their new push piers were accompanied by a 25-year transferable warranty that reassured their peace of mind.

Project Summary

Project Engineer: Foundation Engineering, PLC

Certified Inspector: Brandy Mahan

Products Installed: (10) Foundation Supportworks Model 288 Push Piers

Push piers are attached to the footer and lift the foundation
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Testimonials Littleton

I’ve engaged contractors before, so I always get 4 or 5 bids on any project. Peak Structural’s pricing was very fair compared to the 4 other bids I received.  What sold me was your expertise and quality. I felt educated when Tom left. We had one issue during installation and you guys resolved it quickly. These things never go smoothly, but I was impressed that you handled it so well. My wife and I would absolutely recommend you to family and friends. Come back soon, our neighborhood needs you!

– David W. of Littleton, CO

Eric was very courteous.

– Kathy V. of Littleton, CO

Issac was professional and explained things in such a way that I feel I learned a lot about my house and land. He is perfect for this job of dealing with the public.

– Harriet L. of Littleton, CO