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Expert foundation repair in Golden

At Peak Structural Inc. we are experts in securing and fixing foundation issues with your home. Serving Golden, Colorado we have become the go to experts when it comes to foundation issues. There is no foundation job to big or to small that our professional team can’t handle. If you are experiencing issues with your foundation the time to act is now. We offer free quotes along with our customer focused attitude to make securing your foundation easy.

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide from waterproofing basements to crawl space repair and SmartFoam insulation using closed spray foam techniques. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Foundation Supportworks dealer in Golden, CO.

Services we offer in Golden:

  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Financing Available.
  • Written estimates and inspections and fast installation.

We serve the following Golden, CO zip codes: 80401, 80402, 80403, 80419

Piers will stabilize this sinking foundation. Our expansive soils here in Golden, CO have caused settling to occur with this home's foundation. This photo was taken during the installation process. This system of piers is strategically placed to enable the crew to hydraulically push the piers past the unstable soil and down to bedrock or stable soil according to engineer specifications. Do you need our expert crew? Connect with us today to schedule an estimate!

Review from Golden

By Kathy G

Golden, CO

June 10, 2014

Golden Job Stories

Smartjack System saves structure in Golden, CO

In 2011, Victoria D. had the Smartjack System installed to stabilize the floor joists in her crawlspace. After the heavy floods in late 2013 in the Golden, CO area, Victoria contacted Peak Structural to come out and examine the recent damage.

Because Victoria had the Smartjack System in place, the structure of her home was saved as the concrete patio outside her home was washed away in the torrential floods. Made of industrial strength, galvanized steel, the Smartjack columns are secured to the existing floor joists in the crawlspace, lifting and securing the floor above.

Victoria is grateful that Peak Structural could not only secure the structure of her home in 2011, but that she could rest easy that heavy rains did not take the structure of her home along with her patio.

Work Requests Golden

Secrest Ct in Golden

We had an addition put onto our home in 1987 and it’s showing signs of sinking. They’re are cracks in the flooring and dry wall in that room. We would love to have someone come out to inspect it and give us an estimate. Thanks, Jonathan

in Golden

Water in crawl space and have been told the posts are just in dirt and need to be in cement.

Salvia St in Golden

We have a porch that needs lifted.

Foot Hill Lane in Golden

Looking for estimate on concrete retaining wall on exterior of home that has a few small vertical cracks. Referred by internet. Appointment made

Welch St. in Golden

I have a section of slab on grade foundation that needs repair.

Cheyenne in Golden

Doors and clack in floors

Thorodin Dr in Golden

We noticed a small crack in our ceramic tile in the basement. Once I started looking around I feel like the middle of the floor in the main room of the basement seems to be sunken a bit. No cracks in the walls as of yet so maybe this is just settling. We live in the mountains and I would like to know for sure what is going on.

Foothill Rd in Golden

I have two cracks in the exterior bricks above my garage and a crack under neath my outside steps.

Alkire St in Golden

Exterior load bearing walls (brick) are bowing out and separating. There is a rock garden next to the house, the weight has really bubbled the wall on that side. Entire interior of the house has hairline fractures from foundation settling, and it was built on Colorado Clay, which I believe can replicate hydraulic pressure when wet.

in Golden

Rockfall arrestor above a road cut

in Golden

I have a foundation crack that goes from a window well down to the floor. It allowed in water during our recent deluge

in Golden

Foundation wall is falling inward

Parfet Estates Drive in Golden

Our house was built on a bit of a hill. we believe that the back part (on the downhill side) is settling downward, and we think it may require foundation repair before we see start seeing any cracks, etc.

Idaho St in Golden

South side of house has decent crack in foundation. We are considering purchasing this house, and have paid a structural engineer for suggestion. He stated crack is cosmetic, crack must be filled in.

in Golden

I’ve got two corners of a house that have settled. It’s cinderblock construction and wonder about adding some support in the corners.

in Golden

2 potential projects in two neighboring houses. First one is a small 760 sq ft house built in 1900 with sloping floors that creak and bounce with dug out dirt basement.

Ellis St. in Golden

We have 2 add ons to the original house which are 20′ x30’one has sunk about 4″ where it connects to house and cracked all the way across the other is a garage and all 4 corners have sunk also have uneven floors in basement of original house.Have next 2 days off would like to get written estimate.

Lookout View Drive in Golden

I am having foundation cracks in the basement and cracks in the plaster in the main level of my house. I would like to get an understanding of what is happening and my options for fixing.

Rooney Rd in Golden

I would like to request a quote to raise or lift 8 steel center columns up 3″ to 5″ in a Chief metal building (31,500 sqft). Anticipated load to raise the columns is 23 kips You can contact by either email or cell phone, . Thanks

Ford Street in Golden

Hello, I would like to arrange to have someone come and look at the foundation of my house built in 1945. I’m not cerain if it is heaving or sagging. I have a utility area to stand up in, in the crawl space, and the rest of the foundation is fairly visable from there. It is a small house. Thank you, Donna

Ridgeside DR in Golden

Have water seeping through poured concrete basement wall (at top under wood sill and at bottom of wall). Am located in Genesee (Chimney Creek II). Repair will include replacing section of wood frame topping wall with steel framing. Could you inspect and provide estimate?

Testimonials Golden

Great job, guys! The Design Specialist was great, he gave a very detailed explanation of the work to be done. The price of the project was a big factor in selecting Peak Structural, as was the promptness with which you were able to install the job.

-J.I. of Golden, CO

I will be sure to recommend your company to anyone who needs repair because of how honest, helpful, and fair you have been to us…

-Mike of Golden, CO