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Foundation Repair Contractors Denver, Colorado

Serving the Denver community for their foundation repair issues for over a decade. Peak Structural puts their experience to work when fixing a homes foundation problems. We are a leading contractor when it comes to slab and basement issues within your homes structure. We offer many solutions to properly address and maintain the strength of your home and its future.

We understand that every home is unique when it comes to this type of repair. Our team is comprised of experts in the field that can diagnosis and properly understand what the perfect solution might be for your house’s foundation issue. From cracks, bowing walls and sagging floors, let Peak Structural be the solution. We are committed to safety and ensuring that your home will last a lifetime. You spend a lot of time in your house. You should’t have to worry about its foundation.

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Foundation Supportworks dealer in Denver, CO.

Services we offer in Denver:

  • Foundation, concrete, basement waterproofing, crawl space and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Financing Available.
  • Written estimates and inspections and fast installation.

We serve the following Denver, CO zip codes: 80014, 80123, 80204, 80208, 80212, 80219, 80223, 80231, 80238, 80246, 80257, 80263, 80271, 80290, 80295, 80642, 80019, 80201, 80205, 80209, 80216, 80220, 80224, 80235, 80239, 80247, 80251, 80259, 80264, 80273, 80291, 80299, 80022, 80202, 80206, 80210, 80217, 80221, 80227, 80236, 80243, 80248, 80252, 80261, 80265, 80274, 80293, 80330, 80110, 80203, 80207, 80211, 80218, 80222, 80230, 80237, 80244, 80249, 80256, 80262, 80266, 80281, 80294, 80640


Review from Denver

By Allyson K

Denver, CO 80219

July 31, 2017


By Ben M

Denver, CO 80205

March 28, 2017

“Luis and his crew were amazing. Luis is a great leader as well as relationship manager. He should be one of your highest paid foreman. Good employees are hard to find, well paid employees stay for a long time.”


By Teresa E

Denver, CO 80221

June 25, 2016

“I was very pleased with my overall experience with Peak Structural & the entire crew. The engineer was professional, & patient with all my questions. The crew was exceptional & very respectful of all my concerns & worries. When they were delayed in traffic I received a phone call letting me know they would be late. All the work was done & completed in the time frame that was quoted. I would highly recommend Peak Structural. Thank you!”


By David O

Denver, CO 80221

June 23, 2016


By Brian C

Denver, CO 80210

January 1, 2016


By Mike S

Denver, CO 80104

October 5, 2015

“We experienced significant settling around the house (new build). While most of the areas did not impact the house itself, the settling under the driveway did become a concern. I made the decision to shore up these areas sooner than later figuring to catch the problem early and avoid the costly repair/replacement should the driveway actual crack and collapse. For this I chose to use Polyjacking (used in cases to fill gaps that open up under the cement much as injection insulation fills all the gaps in the walls of a house). (Note: Mudjacking is the other way, but it is designed to “float” up the collapsed slabs).

Reviewing my options in the Denver area, I was immediately impressed with friendliness and attention paid me by the Peak Structural team when I reached out to them. From the scheduling/contact folks at the office, to Brandon coming out to discuss/analyze/assess the situation in great detail, to finally the actual Installation team Chaun and Tim, everything was handled efficiently, friendly, and professionally. Chaun and Tim were very helpful and informative and worked well together and with me on the project. They took care to setup the injection holes (about 5/8th” diameter) so that the aesthetics of the driveway were minimally impacted.

An interesting idea we worked out together was to reuse the powder from the drilling to create the plugging material for the holes after the injection was done. This created a coloration very similar to the actual driveway so the holes will be almost unnoticeable in time. This approach is an important value based on driveways now being built with all sorts of colors and textures. I highly recommend this company (and the team I worked with) for handling foundation type repairs”.


By Theresa D

Denver, CO 80231

March 28, 2015


By Nancy

Denver, CO 80231

December 17, 2014

“I was desperately seeking a solution to my basement water issues – no one could figure it out. I went on Angies List, put in my problem and a miracle happened – I found Peak Structural! You are truly a great company – how lucky would I be if all companies were even close to Peak! Cody and Matt, you both did an outstanding job.”


By Gale W

Denver, CO 80222

December 8, 2014

“Very pleased with teamwork of crew”.


By Lynne F

Denver, CO 80209

September 18, 2014

“Every single thing was done very professionally. The guys were great and a pleasure to have around. Thanx for a great job.”


By Michael M

Denver, CO 80231

May 22, 2014

“Wall anchors not only stablized but appear to have slightly corrected the affected basement wall.”


By Debi

Denver, CO 80210

December 18, 2012

“The work your crew did in the yard (digging up the lawn to place the end plates on the reinforcement rods) was amazing. After they were finished, there was no evidence at all that the lawn had been dug up. Your crew was very careful, and only one sprinkler line was damaged (and that one was so close to the surface that it would have been impossible not to cut it). I was able to repair it in minutes–no harm, no foul.”


By Lance E

Denver, CO 80237

July 6, 2016


By Morghan W

Denver, CO 80219

June 10, 2017

“I was most impressed and wow-ed by the installation crew. All interactions with this team and the others were very thorough and informative.”


By Cheryl R

Denver, CO 80222

June 1, 2017


By Becky B

Denver, CO 80210

May 26, 2017

“He was very prompt, personable, kept me updated, and was very honest about the amount of work that needed (or actually, DIDN’T need) to be done. I really appreciate his professionalism, and his honesty about the small amount of work this job entailed is truly something missing in most companies these days. Because of this, I will he happy to refer friends/family to your company!”


By Robert A

Denver, CO 80219

February 26, 2017



By Devon S

Denver, CO 80222

January 1, 2017


By Pam Meis

Denver, CO 80229

December 19, 2016

“The experience was awesome from beginning to end.They were very friendly and helpful. Kept me informed all through the process.”


By Theresa G

Denver, CO 80222

December 28, 2016


By Lyle H

Denver, CO 80229

November 9, 2016


By Xavier G

Denver, CO 80206

June 22, 2016

“Ben, Jesse and Brice were very dedicated and willing to do a clean job.”


By Cheryl Cruts

Denver, CO 80223

January 26, 2015

“I found Peak on Angie’s list and chose them to help with some foundation issues I had. I would absolutely recommend them to anybody. I know next to nothing about home construction and repair and less about foundations, yet from beginning to end, they treated me with respect, patiently answered my questions and explained what they were doing and why. Eric didn’t try to “upsell” me on services I didn’t need, but gave me a tour of the crawl space and showed me what to watch for. When it looked like there were going to be some scheduling issues with another contractor, they were very cooperative and pleasant. On site, they were efficient and pleasant and they cleaned up after themselves. After everything was complete, they checked in with me to make sure I was happy with the work and to answer any other questions I might have. Oh how I wish working with every contractor were this pleasant.”


By Jordan L

Denver, CO 80214

January 26, 2015

“I spent the time to review 3 potential contractors and Peak not only was cost competitive but they delivered a solution that exceeded my expectations. The job foreman was extremely professional and they left the site cleaner than they found it! I highly recommend Peak!”


By Matthew Hand

Denver, CO 80202

November 21, 2013

“Peter Crain was great. Didn’t upsell me, just gave me helpful analysis and reassurance on a structural problem I was concerned about. I’ll definitely call them when I have a problem, and recommend them to friends.”

















Denver Job Stories

Denver Home is Stabilized with Piers

Patricia owns a lovely home in Denver, CO that had several cracks showing on her basement walls. Wanting to consult with an expert to make sure this wasn’t a major issue, she scheduled a free estimate with Peak Structural. One of our expert design specialists was sent to her home to conduct a thorough evaluation of the home. Unfortunately, the cracks in the walls were not a minor issue. They were a sign that the foundation of Patricia’s home was settling. As the best solution, the expert recommended that she have nine helical piers installed along the perimeter of her home. With the piers installed, the home will be fully supported and stabilized, meaning the home will settle no more! Happy with the result and knowing that her home is now safe and secure, Patricia can rest assured that her foundation is stable.

Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System Installed in Denver, CO

Bethany recently decided to sell her rental property in Denver, CO. To make it attractive to home buyers, she knew someone had to fix the large cracks in her walls. She called Peak Structural Inc. to schedule a free, thorough inspection of the home and its foundation. The expert design specialist found that the home had shifted over the years due to soil movement. The highly expansive soil on which her home was built had pushed in one wall, causing it to bow and crack. The expert suggested that she secure the wall using the Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System. The unique ability of the Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System to tighten over time and straighten the wall makes it the best solution for her bowing wall. After installation, Bethany felt relief knowing the wall repairs on her home instantly added equity to her home. Now that she has secured the walls, she is happy to put the home on the market, knowing she can sell her home at full price.

Leaning Wall Straightened in Littleton, CO

Oftentimes, neighborhoods and homes are built in areas with problem soil. In the Littleton area of Denver, CO, high attributes of “Bentonite” clay are rampant in many of these neighborhoods, causing extreme movement to the homes.

Susan Huff decided it was time to do something about her leaning wall. She contacted Peak Structural for a full inspection of her home, in hopes of stopping her leaning wall for good. And that’s exactly what she got. Design Specialist Eric Shippert diagnosed her the problem and designed a repair plan that will last for years to come.

The FSI Geo-Lock Wall Anchor system was installed to Susan’s two leaning walls, giving her the ability to not only permanently stabilize her leaning wall, but to straighten it back into an upright position. After excavating around the perimeter, and using hydraulics to lift the structure of the home off of the foundation wall, the Geo-Lock Anchors then are tightened until the wall is back in place.

Susan can now be in her basement without fear of any further inward movement of her Wall!

News from Denver

Peak Structural Partners With Local Non-Profits

Peak Structural strongly believes in the power of community, and what can happen when a group of people comes together for one cause. Recently, the company partnered with Dream Centers, ACE Scholarship, Springs Rescue Mission, and Citizen Soldier Connection to increase awareness for these organizations. Through this partnership Peak Structural is bringing together not only a company, but a community. Customers are given the option to choose one of these nonprofits and a portion of the revenue generated from that customer’s project would be given to that non-profit.

Denver, CO – June 21, 2016

Peak Structural strongly believes in the power of community, and what can happen when a group of people comes together for one cause. Recently, the company partnered with Dream Centers, ACE Scholarship, Springs Rescue Mission, and Citizen Soldier Connection to increase awareness for these organizations. Through this partnership Peak Structural is bringing together not only a company, but a community. Customers are given the option to choose one of these nonprofits and a portion of the revenue generated from that customer’s project would be given to that non-profit.

When we asked Paul Sutton, the owner, what inspired him to take this initiative he said, “Non-profits work every day to make our community stronger by uplifting those in need. Whether that be our single mothers, students, homeless, military folks, or just someone in need, these organizations capture the essence of community and most importantly, reflect what our community represents: compassion & will power. Compassion to see the pains and needs of other as our own, and will power to make a difference. The decision is our own; what difference will we make? This idea is our, Peak Structural’s, way of bringing the community together to make a difference.” Alongside this donation program, Peak Structural employees have volunteered their time to clean up trails and parks as part of this new initiative. Last month, a group partook in the America the Beautiful Park Clean-up sponsored by UpaDowna.

Peak Structural Hosting Ribbon Cutting At New Location In July

July 15th Peak Structural will be celebrating the move to its new location in Palmer Lake. The owners would like to share the success of the company by inviting community members and businesses to a festive afternoon of networking and celebrations. This new building is a great achievement for everyone in the company that has put in phenomenal efforts to make this possible.

Denver, CO – June 17, 2016

July 15th Peak Structural will be celebrating the move to its new location in Palmer Lake. The owners would like to share the success of the company by inviting community members and businesses to a festive afternoon of networking and celebrations. This new building is a great achievement for everyone in the company that has put in phenomenal efforts to make this possible.

Kurtis Kammerer, Director of Sales and Development at Foundation SupportWorks, will be giving a keynote speech. Foundation SupportWorks is an international organization and leader in structural products. Regional Business Alliance and Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce will both be present to make this afternoon even more eventful. Peak Structural would like to invite all who can attend to the ribbon cutting. The celebration will be from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the new location; 707 County Line Road in Palmer Lake.

Peak Structural Inc Receives 2015 Denver Award

Peak Structural Inc has been selected for the 2015 Denver Award in the Foundation Contractors category by the Denver Award Program.

Denver, CO – July 2, 2015

Peak Structural Inc Receives 2015 Denver Award

Denver Award Program Honors the Achievement

DENVER July 2, 2015 — Peak Structural Inc has been selected for the 2015 Denver Award in the Foundation Contractors category by the Denver Award Program.

Each year, the Denver Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Denver area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2015 Denver Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Denver Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Denver Award Program

The Denver Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Denver area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Denver Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Denver Award Program



Work Requests Denver

Hudson St. in Denver

I need an estimate repair/lift the foundation on a single-story 1950s era brick addition on the back of a two-story older home in Park Hill. One corner is settling most, causing stairstepping in the bricks and the door frame to become unacceptably crooked. Thanks.

W Walsh St in Denver

House shifting on foundation sagging floors and unalignes doors

S. Bryant St in Denver

Need wall anchor checkup and service.

Newport St. in Denver

Water is coming through a crack in my basement wall after rain/snow.

W. Arkansas Ave in Denver

Foundation sinking and uneven settling

S Ogden St in Denver

We have moisture coming through the dry wall in our basement. Would like to understand what we need to do to fix this issue.

Umatilla St in Denver

I just bought a home in Sunnyside built in 1905 and I had a structural engineer conduct a review prior to my purchase. I need dirt removed from two crawl areas in basement and at least 3 steel piers paced in lieu of the two wood beams currently in place. The engineer recommended an EVR machine and was not a fan of the vapor barriers for my house. I did not receive a written report from the engineer. I would like the work done ASAP. Please let me know if you are interested in this project and when a representative can come out to provide me with an estimate. My schedule is very flexible. Thank you. Nancy Wood 303-229-6583 3825 Umatilla St. Denver, CO 80211

Lowell Blvd in Denver

Significant structural issues with addition

Cook St in Denver

Need brick foundation evaluated, monoposts/floor sagging

Lowell Blvd in Denver

I purchased a new home with a few cracks in the foundation that need to be repaired with epoxy.

Adams St. in Denver

1920’s bungalow experiencing shifting exterior bricks and cracks/separation in interior of house.

S Patton Ct in Denver

We are looking to get an egress window as well as 3 other replacement windows in the basement area. Would love to set up an appointment for next Thursday, the 7th, sometime in the afternoon if possible. Thanks.

S Winona Ct in Denver

We have a home built in the 1950s (1953?) with multiple foundation cracks and concerns. This home was previously rented to family who did no upkeep. We are looking for estimates on what it would require to have a safe and level house again. Email is my preferred contact. Thank you

in Denver

I’m concerned my foundation is settling and would like an expert to come review

in Denver

This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: concrete lifting & leveling. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.

Acoma St in Denver

Tree roots have gotten into the foundation and cracked sidewalk on backside of house. Will need to have everything removed foundation secured and then resealed

W. Arizona Ave. in Denver

We have a 1948 CMU house. Brand new front door won’t open (sitting on threshold with 1/2″ gap at top corner of door), cracks in new drywall around door and windows, as well the jointt between wall and ceiling, and exterior recently caulked cracks have cracked again.

Ulster St in Denver

1920’s home in east Denver with bowing wall and large crack in clay foundation. Looking for advice on fix options and quotes.

Mona Ct. in Denver

My “bonus” room. Needs to be repaired. When I bought the house the yard was over ran with plants. After I cut them all down. I noticed the walls are pulling away from the concrete pad. I need to get it fixed ASAP. I need a quote and I also need to know if your company has financing.

S. Bryant in Denver

I have an attached brick garage that has foundation issues. There are large cracks and it is spreading, I’d like to see how much it would cost to fix.

Sheridan Blvd in Denver

I have a few cracks in my bedroom and living room. They are mostly vertical, but one runs horizontally. I also have cracks in the cinder block that line the blocks. Thank you

Jasmine Street in Denver

I have sinking front porch and possibly water coming into our basement.

Cook St in Denver

Need quote on helical piers

Wolff St. in Denver

The foundation of my house seems to have settled somewhat. It seems stable now, but I wondered if it was important to get it fixed.

Niagara Street in Denver

Small cracks have become much larger in recent months and begun emanating from many of our windows.

King Street in Denver

When I purchased this house in 2014 the inspector told me that I needed to get some work done on the foundation, and I put it on the back burner. I am now noticing things around my house that is making this a growing concern. There are cracks in the drywall, windows that don’t open, and loud noises like we are sinking. ha. The exterior has a few little red flags that make me want to take some initiative before something terrible happens.

Bellaire St in Denver

My home has some foundation settlement issues that I would like to get inspected and investigate options to repair the settlement.

S Jersey St in Denver

Large crackes is sheet rock and suspect foundation issues or flooring supports

Oneida Street in Denver

Creaky floors, a little bounce, unlevel floor

Yates St in Denver

Possible structural issues after having a home inspection

Osceola St in Denver

We have a foundation crack (possibly more than one) that we would like reviewed and repaired. I am starting to see evidence of the house moving / sinking down. Thank you !

Tremont Place in Denver

My home was built in 1885 and my basement is in need of some TLC. There is a sagging floor support that needs a support beam as well as two crawl spaces in need of vapor barriers etc. The entire house is brick and stone so your services would be a good fit. Please contact me. Regards, Ben

in Denver

Would like assessment of basement. Basement floor has upheaval and significant crack in the wall. I will be off work, Thursday to the end of week. It would be great if we could schedule something this week. Thanks

E. Warren Dr. in Denver

My wife and I are purchasing a home and there are cracks in the foundation we’re concerned about. We need an estimate as soon as possible. There are several cracks – one vertical that continues down toward the ground and is about 1/2 inch wide. Another is horizontal just below ground level and may be several feet, but can be seen in the window well. I can send pictures if that would help with a quicker quote. We’ll also have our inspection report available shortly. I would be available the next two days easily (Dec 22-23rd) if you need to do an in-person inspection. I’m happy to discuss in more detail on the phone as well. Thanks!

Fiarfax Street in Denver

Cracks in foundation

S Fairfax St in Denver

Our home was built in the 1950s, slab foundation. We’re beginning to see cracking along doorways and walls and are concerned that the slab is settling.

Julian St in Denver

Wall is caving in in the crawl space

in Denver

Our house was built in the 1940s, and we repainted the basement on Labor Day, since then, a large crack has appeared that goes from the upper right corner to almost the lower left corner in one room. In places it is up to 1/4 inch wide. We’ve been monitoring it, but we are interested in getting it repaired. We’d also like to better understand what caused the cracking and settling.

Vrain St in Denver

I just had a structural opinion report completed by a SE and am currently getting bids on recommended repairs.

Krameria Street in Denver

My foundation is settling on a corner of the house and has a large crack in the center of a stem wall.

S. Olive St. in Denver

We have some significant settling in one corner of our house I would like to get a quote on getting it fixed.

So. Tennyson St. in Denver

Cracking and separation of brick on garage..

South Forest Street in Denver

Estimate for the foundation in the crawl space. Has mold built up Has used the office in the past. Appointment set.

Cottonwood Drive in Denver

Bowing basement wall. Need estimate for my client.

Dexter Street in Denver

My offer has been accepted for the purchase of the above home. During the home inspection a crack was found in the foundation. It was described as superficial, but we want to be absolutely sure that it is not a concern. We need to have the inspection objection in by next Thursday. Please let me know if one of your associates are available in this window! Thank you for your time!

in Denver

The caller needs an estimate for structural issues- deteriorating floor joist, bowing Referred by the internet Appointment set

in Denver

Estimate for the foundation. Referred by google search. Appointment set

King Way in Denver

Calling to get an estimate for foundation cracking appointment booked

Cypress Dr in Denver

Cracks in foundation. customer was referred by internet. appointment set.

in Denver

Estimate for lifting foundation. Has a sister wall. Have basement. Appointment set.

W Custer Pl in Denver

There is a crack in the foundation in the back of the house but I’m most concerned about a part of the foundation in front where it looks like it’s crumbling a bit.

Washington St in Denver

I own a brick Denver square style rental building. About a year ago I noticed a crack in the sandstone lintel above a large ground floor window. The crack is all the way through the stone and is starting to cause a stairstep crack in the brick above. I can send a photo. I want to repair this before it destroys the window. It’s easy to see from the sidewalk or porch in front of the building — it’s the large window facing west onto the front porch.

S Zena St in Denver

Caller left a message-he would like to get an estimate for a home that he is buying

No Name G. Denver, CO

Caller needs foundation estimate for crumbling foundation issues. He is under contract. He is going to go with the company not charging a fee. Number from ID.

Elm Street in Denver

Phoenix Court in Denver

Requesting estimate on foundation repair. Foundation in garage may be causing garage to pull away from the house, the garage is an add on. Referred by internet. Appointment set.

Umatilla Street in Denver

Noticed dirt under fireplace exhaust (outside) sinking

Hudson Street in Denver

Needs estimate for foundation repair, sinking crawlspace. Doors are sticking and has bowing/cracking ceiling. Appointment set. Referred by internet search.

No Name Denver, CO

The caller needs an estimate for cracks in the foundation( she needs a next day appointment) No appointment set because company is booked out Number from id

E Jewell Avenue in Denver

Requesting an estimate for a crack between the foundation and the exterior wall. Referred by the internet. Appointment set.

W Yale Ave. in Denver

Customer is requesting an estimate on foundation issues, $250 Real Estate program. No appointment set, representative referred customer to different company.

Jackson St in Denver

Porch pulling from house.

S Eudora St in Denver

Calling to get an estimate for settling foundation-door wont shut, there is a crack in the ceiling referred by google appointment booked

Jasmine Street in Denver

Estimate for the foundation has a crawl space. Appointment set Placed on the move up list

Williams St. in Denver

I am under contract to buy this property and will close 9/23/16. There is a significant crack in the brick in the front of the house that appears to be from foundation shifting many years ago but due to concern raised by home inspector my home insurance company (Amica) is requiring that I get a professional opinion within 30 days of closing. Obviously if the foundation is currently shifting I will want to make necessary repairs but the main goal is to start with an assessment. Thanks!

S Teaon in Denver

Calling to get an estimate for foundation repairs referred by word of mouth appointment booked

in Denver

Has cracks in the garage wall. Referred by the internet. Crack is 2 inches wide. Appointment was made.

South Willow Way in Denver

Looking for estimate on retaining wall stress repair. Referred by internet. Appointment set.

in Denver

Looking for estimate on structural repairs. Steel columns need to be installed in crawlspace. Referred by internet. Appointment set.

S Adams St in Denver

Need to repair Bow in wall at the bottom of stairs to the basement

Pearl St. in Denver

Mu daughter, Madeleine Zinn, and i own a house at 4539 Pearl st. It is an 1891 frame structure. It needs some crawl space repair. I am most easily reached by email as I travel. Madeleine will be your contact person and I will pay the bills. We will need an evaluation and estimate as soon as possible. Early or Mondays are best time to see the property.

Chris Y. Denver, CO

Calling to get an estimate for his basement walls-left a message no appointment booked

Lonnie D. Denver, CO

Customer would like estimate for structural work for her house , Rep transferred her to voicemail left message for call back. No appointment set

Washington St, in Denver

Crawl space issues: Exposed Dirt floor, Falling Insulation, Air Drafts.

S Hoyt St in Denver

Crack in cement floor in basement, want to understand our options to fix

Colfax And Colorado in Denver

I am a remodeling GC with a client whom we will be remodeling their basement and want to explore our options for lowering the existing slab as well as some foundation repairs. We aren’t set up for this type of operation and would look to work with a company as apart of the basement remodel. thanks,

Hooker Street in Denver

Caller had an engineer say that the brick in crawl space needs repairs. Provided contact information. Found company online. Appointment set.

South Kearney Street in Denver

Looking to schedule appointment to have the basement foundation inspected. Caller states she has a crack on a exterior foundation wall. Referred by a google searched Appointment Set

Quitman St in Denver

Crack in plaster and exterior brick separation.

in Denver

Estimate for the church foundation ( Colorado Family Church ) Appointment set.placed on the move up list.

S Kearney Street in Denver

The front half of the house is sinking leaving cracks in interior / exterior walls.

S Eliot St in Denver

We bought our home in December of 2015 and the cracks that were in the walls have seemed to become worse. We’re noticing more cracks and worried about shifting foundation.

S Wolff St in Denver

There are vertical cracks on the foundation in my crawl space. That concern me.

No Name Denver, CO

The caller needs an estimate for foundation issues The company is booked out to the end oof August No appointment set Number from id

House Street in Denver

Customer is wanting estimate for digging out 12 feet of crawlspace , transferred to call center left voicemail asking for a call back. No appointment set

Grant St in Denver

130 year old brick foundation issues

Lowell Blvd in Denver

Calling to get an estimate for foundation repair referred by appointment booked

in Denver

We’d like an inspection of the foundation on our 1890 duplex. We have noticed an increase in cracks in the plaster and want to be sure it isn’t a structural issue.

W. Dakota Ave. in Denver

Crack on the ceiling, and wall.

East Elmsworth Ave in Denver

Truck hit her foundation. There are cracks. Appointment was made.

S Lipan in Denver

Settling in one corner of commercial building. customer was referred by internet. appointment set,

Newland St in Denver

Foundation is settling

S Clarkson St in Denver

Looking for a repair evaluation and estimate.

Raleigh St in Denver

Calling to get an estimate for a settling foundation at the corner of her addition, cracks inside referred by google appointment booked

Jasmine in Denver

We have cracks in the foundation walls we would like someone to look at. Also, on several of the door frames and windows, we have cracks inside the house in the plaster that we would like to have someone look at.

W Mexico Ave in Denver

Requesting estimate on foundation repair. Tree has caused foundation to crack and possible shifting. Appointment set

High St in Denver

I have a small crack in my foundation wall i would like an estimate on having repaired.

Paul Denver, CO

Has water seeping thru basement wall. Office gave client number to complete basement systems. Number from ID.

No Name R. Denver, CO

Requesting structural engineer to determine course of action for remodeling brick garage. Referred to Coyle Engineers and Chris Carter Also requesting estimate on bowing basement wall. Small area bowing in where tree had been growing. No additional info requested or given Phone number from caller ID Customer will call back to schedule appointment

in Denver

Caller looking for crack repair estimate. Provided contact information. Found company online. Appointment scheduled.

S Ivanhoe Way in Denver

Caller needs an estimate for his foundaiton that is settling. The corner of his house has fallen off. Referred by Boss. Appointment set.

Navajo ST in Denver

Brick and foundation separation, window to brick separation on south west side of house. Some other areas my need attention.

Willa Denver, CO

Calling to get an estimate for structural issues-they are closing in one week and need work done-there are 2 cracks in the crawl space booked a few weeks out

in Denver

Looking to purchase a home that has some apparent foundation issues. Referred by a google search Appointment Set

S Oggen Street in Denver

Looking for a foundation repair estimate. Bricks are wet and eroding. Caller was referred to office by Angie’s list. Appt was set.

Geneva Street in Denver

Calling from the Sygma states they have a block wall issue in the warehouse was hit by a fork lift. Caller wants to know if office can put the partition wall back together. office advised as long as the wall is bowing that would be within there scope of work. Referred by a google search Appointment Set

S King in Denver

• Epoxy Seal all foundation cracks in crawlspace • Structural engineer needed for evaluation & repairs due to major cracks on foundation walls at SE corner of house. Foundation wall cracked & shifted over several inches behind tree stump and in crawlspace.

Grove St in Denver

We are looking to buy this house and would like a quote for foundation repair as that would be the first step in renovating this house before we move in and renovate the inside.

Monroe Street in Denver

Has a crack in her basement floor. Referred by a friend. Appointment was made.

Curious Street in Denver

Looking to get estimate on crawlspace jacks. Has uneven floors in home. Referred by internet search. Appointment set.

W. Yale Ave. in Denver

Need foundation jacked for back room of house. SOON!

S. Galena in Denver

I have a remodel where the foundation walls are spalling at 1574 S. Galena. Do you do that type of repair and if so, can we schedule an appointment?

S Kearney St in Denver

Selling house on basementcrawlspace. floor raised in hallway. customer was referred by google. appointment set.

W Louisiana Avenue in Denver

Looking for a foundation repair estimate on a short wall. Wall is crumbling. Appt was set.

S Yates St in Denver

Caller needs an estimate for structural repair. He has a crack on the foundation and cracks in the brick on a house he is buying. Office is only working with homeowners right now. No appointment set. Number from caller id.

S Ray Street in Denver

Caller needs a foundation inspection and estimate for repairs. .

S Franklin St in Denver

I have a retaining wall that is concrete that extends out from the foundation of my house. It needs repaired. I need to have you come scope a project to fix it. Thanks!

in Denver

I have noticed a little movement on the front porch of our 1909 half duplex. I’d like to prevent any further movement.

N Monroe St in Denver

We have a few “bouncy” spots in our hardwood floors, and I would like to have our crawl space inspected for potential support jacks.

in Denver

The caller needs an estimate for basement foundation sealing- vertical crack. Referred by the internet. Appointment set

Quivas St in Denver

Selling home, need foundation inspections and certification. Also quote for repairs if necessary

Julian St in Denver

Bowed cracked basement foundation

S Leyden St in Denver

Seeing cracks in wall. Doors won’t shut. Downstairs floor slopes down.

Del Norte in Denver

Footing has cracks

S Perry St in Denver

Had a quote for the smartjacks from one company. Would like another quote if possible.

Humboldt St. in Denver

We have a retaining wall in the basement that is failing. We are also looking to put our house up on the market soon so we need someone who has availability in the next month. Thank you!

S Fairfax St in Denver

During the inspection when I bought the home, I was told that an additional support would be nice. I wanted someone to take a look at the support in the crawlspace.

Forest St in Denver

400-500ft crawl space I would like to get vapor barrier installed.

Stout St. in Denver

I have a wall in the basement that is bowing. It looks as though the precious owner was aware and they placed sypporting 4×4’s which are now cracking. I would like to get an estimate and options for repair please.

W Warren Ave in Denver

Need an estimate for structural repairs to a Brick and Frame Single family Home

S Dexter Way in Denver

Mostly vertical crack near northwest corner of foundation. Structural engineer has told me it is not a serious problem, but should be repaired with hydraulic cement as soon as possible.

S. Ivy St. in Denver

We have horizontal cracks in our basement foundation for approx 20+ feet. No water or moisture is coming in but their does appear to be some moisture reactions occurring with the concrete.

S Eliot St in Denver

Tree fell on roof and seems to have caused damage to wall

N Clay Street in Denver

I am remodeling a 103 year old house and there are some joists that need repair and further secured.

S Grape Way in Denver

Recently bought this 60 year old house. Sits on a slab-no basement or crawl space. Cracks are appearing from some windows, walls and ceilings. Several doors not latching same as 6 months ago. Wondering how severe and what options there are to resolve.

S Grove St in Denver

Vertical crack in the foundation near a rather large tree stump. Floor inside is sloping.

in Denver

Foundation wall cracking buckling.

Hooker St in Denver

My house is a 2 story Victorian brick foundation home built in 1887. The brick foundation under the front door has deteriorated significantly. The threshold under the door is made from a large piece of sandstone, which has also eroded. I’d like someone to come evaluate a repair to this area of the house. There is limited access to the front wall foundation through the crawlspace. Currently, there’s some extra dirt that is blocking clear access to the front wall. I’ve been able to view the damaged area from about 15′ away, however if access through the crawlspace is needed for the repairs, we’ll need to have some of the dirt removed from the crawlspace. The dirt pile is approximately 4′ wide by 4′ long by 2′ tall.

Emerson in Denver

Corner of a brick building settling. slab on grade

Hooker St in Denver

Have a structural engineer report I can send. South East corner of house is moving. Home is double brick, single story.

E.Idaho Place in Denver

Cracks in living room wall becoming longer and wider.

Gray Street in Denver

Just noticed a crack in the corner of our living room; checked and there is a crack on the exterior brick, as well. A bit panicked – not bad yet, but would like it looked at. Also, ceiling cracks – repaired cosmetically 3 years ago and already recracked.

S Holly Pl in Denver

I would like a free quote/ assessment of my property. I think the foundation may be shifting, or sinking in spots.

S Newton Street in Denver

I need to get an estimate on a slopping foundation. We enclosed a patio on a 4” slab and of course the foundation cannot hold the weight.

Yates Street in Denver

Cracks in foundation, exterior. Would like inspected and sealed if necessary. No water getting in to basement at this time.

Fairfax Street in Denver

Bowed wall on north end of basement. Water leak, suspected foundation crack on south end.

Chase Street in Denver

Crawl Space/Support beam repair in crawl space

S, Elm St in Denver

Crack in foundation wall.

South Fulton Court in Denver

Recently removed thick ivy and vines from the exterior of our home, revealing several cracks in the foundation (some with vines growing in the cracks) and some crumbling of the concrete. We would like to have the foundation inspected to determine if these are serious issues and if they can/should be repaired.

S. Dexter Street in Denver

1/2” cracks in foundation in two locations in crawlspace of 1954 home, causing a portion of the foundation to heave. House is under contract for sale, I am the owner. Looking to get a recommendation and estimate to secure the foundation. Thank you!

Vine Street in Denver

Foundation problems on the northwest corner of property. Were renovating now so time to fix.

S Irving in Denver

There is a crack and settling in the foundation wall near the corner of the house. Do you provide free estimates

Warren Drive in Denver

South wall of house has had water drainage issues. Floor seems to slope slightly.

HOOKER ST in Denver

Crack in foundation vertical up the diagonal across wall. 15ft or so.

Lafayette St. in Denver

Basement wall bowing in long wall 48′ short wall 24′

Clarkson St. in Denver

Water leakage on stone foundation. Settling, stair cracking on brick walls.

Brentwood St in Denver

Interior sun room floor has dropped in a corner and partially along adjacent walls. Max depth 1/4″ – 1/2″. Floor is slab with brick shaped pavers.topping it. I am hoping we can remove the pavers, re level(I don’t know what that entails) the floor and refinish with pavers…. I am looking forward to hearing back, thanks.

Olive Street in Denver

I would like to get an estimate on installation of crawlspace supports for our house.

Sheridan Blvd in Denver

I am noticing cracks in my walls, some more severe than others, in some of the rooms of my house, and in other rooms there is nothing. Some are minor and tiny, one in particular is kind of wide and horizontal. I need to know if this is a major problem. Thank you.

Poplar St. in Denver

Corner of detached garage is sinking.

S. Bryant St in Denver

Recently purchased a home that the inspector identified as having some structural issues. Windows are out of true, some doors are sticking and we have some cracking. Would love an estimate! Thank you!

Carter Cir in Denver

We have bowing walls and severe floor cracks in the unfinished basement near the walls.

W Center Ave in Denver

I have a crack in my foundation and inside of my house it looks like my drywall is being crushed at the top in the same area where the crack is.

Logan St in Denver

The foundation seems to be falling under our house. I would like an estimate to level the home again.

S Clarkson St in Denver

I am interested in raising my house approximately 16″ to gain more height in the basement.

S. Ogden St. in Denver

Foundation settling, damp basement

S Grant St in Denver

House built in 1894, some basement support beams replaced, floor sloping in some areas, interested in reinforcement/replacement of remaining support beams.

Julian St in Denver

The house (built in 1911) has shifted on the north side, causing the front porch to shift. The inside of the house is also not level on that side. Would like that side of the house stabilized and floors leveled as much as possible.

W Archer Pl in Denver

I have a wall in one of our rentals that is looking bowed in. I was wanting an opinion and evaluation.

Osage St. in Denver

Vertical foundation cracking

Adams Street in Denver

We own an 1886 house with serious foundation & structural issues.

Lawrence in Denver

We have an old 1908 brick home with some uneven floors. The brick that the joists are supported by are deteriorating. I would like to talk about using the smart jack system to provide extra support to the joists and level out the floors before hiring a mason to fix the brick.

in Denver

I have a 3ft crack on one side of my house that was not there when I purchased the place 3 years ago.

E. Iliff Ave in Denver

We have a few cracks in our ceiling we would like to have checked before we have them repaired. Please email to set the appointment if possible. I work from home on Wednesdays which is the ideal day for me.

Forest St in Denver

Settling foundation issues on old craftsman house in Park Hill. Looking for a quote.

S. Downing St. in Denver

We have a crack in our foundation

Cedar Court in Denver

Had cracks in the walls repaired two years ago. Have cracking again. I don’t know that I have a foundation problem, but would like someone to take a look.

Miller St in Denver

Foundation settlement, cracks in masonry.


Concrete porch 7’x8′ cracked and falling apart needs fixing.

E Asbury Ave in Denver

Diagonal cracks appearing over multiple doors and windows; doors sticking

S. CLAY ST. in Denver

Settling of a corner portion of home.

W Argyle Pl in Denver

There was formerly a fireplace that supported 5 joists in my living room. When the fireplace was removed – these were not supported properly and there is some noticeable slopping of the floor. I would also like to add support under living room and dining room. The structure of the home is fine – I have a structural report from 2013. Mainly just want to add support and level living room floor.

S. Lincoln St. in Denver

Would like to get an estimate on water-damaged foundation in crawlspace.

Osceola St in Denver

Foundation cracks to 1/2″ is basement wall.

in Denver

I have cracking in the wall on a corner of my house, and the floors seem more uneven.

So Zenobia St in Denver

Cracked exterior brick wall

Downing St. in Denver

North side of building, water leaking into below grade garage wearing away concrete foundation, 1929 brick building. Need opinion and free quote to repair

S Queen Way in Denver

Outside wall of attached garage was leaning and the outside brick showed spaces. Had material pumped into ground to raise this. Partially fixed it outside. After a year, inside basement wall has some cracks and doors are not closing correctly. Would like to have the foundation reviewed for any damage.

King St in Denver

Foundation cracks, crumbling indoor foundation walls from probably moisture. Also looking at possibly digging down 8 to 10 inches to get more head room.

Knox in Denver

Bowing wall.

S Humboldt in Denver

Would like to get foundation checked out

Erie St. in Denver

Basement floor is cracking and garage foundation is cracked.

South Forest Drive in Denver

Crack in cinderblock garage wall has occurred within the last year. 1954 construction.

E Frontier Place in Denver

Exterior corner/side of the house concrete foundation is crumbling/flaking. would like estimate on repair cost.

S Franklin Street in Denver

I have a concrete block wall foundation that has a few blocks at the top that have crumbled on one corner of my house. Was looking for a quote and time frame of completion? Thanks.

Kelly Pl in Denver

I have a horizontal seperated crack in my foundation beneath a window in the basement of my home. Im sure it was caused by moisture and ant colonies that surround that area of my home.

in Denver

Sagging floor in my home. House is about 100yrs old.

S Colorado Blvd in Denver

Basement foundation cracked and running up the wall. House has shifted leaving cracks in the walls and ceiling upstairs.

Logan Ct in Denver

One foundation wall on the side of the house is bowed in and leaking

Columbine St. in Denver

Would like an estimate for foundation repair. An old brick home with drainage problems.

Batavia Pl in Denver

Foundation bowing, cracks.

S. Locust St in Denver

Bowed floor. Foundation screw is located but unable to turn it.

Quitman St in Denver

Foundation Repair

Tejon St in Denver

I have a basement wall that is bowed from a previous drainage problem.

Newland Street in Denver

There is a crack in the foundation of my crawl space. After the last round of heavy rain the crawl space is very wet.

Hooker St in Denver

Sinking floor area in basement bath; garage wall cracks

Eliot St. in Denver

Hi there, We’ve noticed a matching vertical crack that goes along almost the whole length of our bedroom ceiling and continues down the wall. It seems to be getting bigger (although I would still call it a hairline crack). It is lined up with the ceiling fan we installed, so maybe it is just too heavy and that is the only issue, but we’d like someone to come out to determine what is really going on and what needs to be fixed. Thanks!

S. Emerson St. in Denver

I recently bought home in Washington Park and want to dig out and underpin the basement. Does Peak Structural do this type of work? If not, can you recommend the name of a capable firm to assist me?

W. Yale Ave. in Denver

We have a cracked and severely leaning retaining wall on the side of our driveway. Would it be possible to move it back into position and repair the cracks rather than replace it? Also, the retaining wall on the other side of the driveway has cracks but has only move a small amount.

Fillmore Street in Denver

I believe I may have some foundation settling problems on a corner of my 1891 bungalow .

Utica St. in Denver

Our primary need is that we are having foundation structural cracks and need an estimate to stop the movement of the cracks ASAP. We are also interested discuss the option of an egress window in the process and potentially opening up a crawlspace to more livable space in the process of the piers or structural fix.

in Denver

Crack on foundation with water leak

Vine in Denver

Bowing wall in basement

Kearney St in Denver

Home settling on NW corner of the house and garage

Del Norte Street in Denver

We have discovered some water leakage in the basement and believe there to be a crack in the foundation

Cherry St in Denver

Vertical cracks in basement foundation

Zenobia St. in Denver

Need an I beam installed to shore up an internal load barring wall that was removed.

Clarkson in Denver

Old brick foundation is crumbling and there are damp spots on the cement floor. Small 870 sf house

S Logan St in Denver

We have a brick foundation in a 1905 house. Looking to get it reinforced.

Ivy Street in Denver

Have an addition built on a crawl space. Floor slopes and want to see about leveling.

S Olive St in Denver

We have an enclosed patio slab that leaks along a perimeter wall into the basement when the amount of runoff is greater than the capacity of the drain to handle; plus the slope of the patio slab causes the water to pond in the area at the edge where the leak is.

Corona Street in Denver

Settlement cracks. We are in the process of selling the house, and the settlement cracks are a concern to the buyer.

Kearney St in Denver

Possible crack in foundation

Hudson St in Denver

Some new interior cracks and gaps are apparent. Some signs of settling in exterior brickwork. 1920’s bungalow. We’re interested in some professional advice. Thanks!

Julian St. in Denver

100 yr old home and the is in need of repair

S Xanthia St in Denver

Basement wall crack and repair

Dalhlia Street in Denver

Exterior foundation cracks as well as interior wall cracks.

Franklin St. in Denver

Need someone to come over and give a quote on tuckpointing the basement/crawl space.

in Denver

One corner of my garage is settling and needs repair.

E;ato in Denver

Would like to get an estimate for foundation repairs needed in a home.

Yates St in Denver

Home inspection by buyer’s agent revealed foundation cracks. Need assessment of seriousness, quote for necessary repairs.

East Warren Dr in Denver

Cracks in foundation, etc

Cook St. in Denver

Cracking throughout the interior of the house, as well as the basement. One window on the main floor is now inoperable.

W Warren Dr in Denver

Cracks near windows in brick wall.

Ruth Way in Denver

The basement of a house I might buy has two vertical cracks about 1/8″ thick that run down the concrete slab in the basement. I want to know how these were created, how big of a concern they are and how I would go about fixing them. I would like to have someone do a free inspection out Friday after noon or over the weekend. Thanks, Tim

in Denver

I have signs that my house is settling and there are new cracks in the walls. I want an inspection to investigate before things get worse

S. Columbine in Denver

Foundation crack northwest corner of my basement.

South Garfield in Denver

Noticing cracks and changing of door fitting into their frames. Can I please get a free quote? Thanks!

Hudson in Denver

NE corner of house has settled about 1/2inch resulting in hairline cracks in masonry and damage to soffet. No additional settling has occurred in the past several years but would like to stablize foundation.

Oneida St in Denver

I have an addition to my house that was once a garage but is now converted to a den. The drywall is cracked over the doorway and across the ceiling on the nortwest side. It is also the side that the water drain out when there is rain. The door is hard to close because of the shift. This needs to be fixed before it get worse,

York in Denver

We would like to have some cracks inspected in the interior of our home. We are also suspicious of the floor that is by those cracks because it sags a little but the floor sagging is not new. Either way we feel we should just have it checked out by a professional.

Elm St. in Denver

Foundation is dipping on one side of my house and it is the result of dry weather and heavy rainfall.

S Hudson St in Denver

I’m concerned about some erosion around our back patio that could be a potential foundation issue. Would love to get an estimate and get more information about the repair process.

Jackson St. in Denver

Just bought old house. Foundation is brick, with plaster layer sub-grade. Plaster shows some cracks. Exposed brick above grade has rotten mortar in some places (esp. around windows). However, no major signs of settling in house or exterior brick walls. Need tuckpointing (at least) and recommendations on other repairs.

S Umatilla St in Denver

Corner of back room sinking

Kalamath St. in Denver

Corner of addition seems to be sinking and there are major cracks in exterior and interior wall.

S Eaton St in Denver

We are having floor settling problems where the floor on the main level of the house is sloping down. Consequently we are seeing cracks on doorways and walls. We would like to install some newer flooring (wood) however the floor needs to be leveled before installation of a new floor is possible.

E Alameda Ave in Denver

I am purchasing a home and the floors in the middle of the home are bowing up. There are no cracks in the walls inside or outside of the home on the foundation. I want to see what the cause is and how much it would be to remedy the issue.

Valentia Street in Denver

Concerned about the sinking foundation

S Emerson St in Denver

Water damage to interior walls in basement. Recent flooding. Concrete skirting around house sloping towrads house and sealant dried out/cracked. Would like an estimate on water proofing basement.

in Denver

Twisted beam

S Peterson Way in Denver

I bought my house 3+ years ago with existing drainage and sloping issues, increasingly pronounced. House is on a hill with crawl space and addition but no slab. I am moving out and planning to either sell or rent the house out (renting more likely). There are other repairs, but drainage and leveling are most important. There is also a front slab patio that needs either mudjacking or replacing. I’d like to have the two-car garage looked at as well.

Harrison Street in Denver

Foundation in 100+ year-old house in Congress Park has mortar deterioration externally and brick service deterioration in spots on interior wall.

Birch St in Denver

On the interior we have sloping/cracking floors, sticking door, and loose/cracked brick on the exterior.

Glencoe St. in Denver

Our house has issues with settling and cracking of the foundation as well as damage to the walls of the basement due to water damage and we are hoping that you might be able to give us an itemized quote for how much repairs and prevention would cost. We are attempting to sell our house and this is an issue that arose on inspection so we are shopping around for the best deal/best solution right now.

in Denver

House settled, floors are sloped and there are cracks in the basement walls.

S. Wolcott Court in Denver

Closing on this property next Tuesday. Detached garage has foundation issues. Have engineer’s report for suggested repairs. Getting several quotes and would like to start work as soon as possible after closing.

S Lincoln St in Denver

I have an 1890 Denver brick home with a problem in the crawlspace on one side of the basement. In the crawl space, at the corner of the house in the location of a chimney, there is a joist that needs repair and some bricks at the top of the foundation wall are displaced. There is noticeable deflection of the first floor above the problem area. This issue was identified by the inspector when we bought the house in 2007 and as far as I can tell, it hasn’t gotten any worse since then. Could we arrange to have an inspection and an estimate for repairs?

in Denver

I’ve got a rehab property in north Denver that has a 8” steel beam running supporting the floor joists. There are concrete piers with jacks supporting the beam. It appears that a couple of the piers may have heaved and the jacks need to be leveled. Would like a price to adjust the jacks and level the floor.

Williams St. in Denver

Looking for a basement inspection and repair consultation. House is brick, built in 1893 and the brick foundation needs some tuck pointing work at minimum.

in Denver

Looking for a foundation repair quote

Colorado Blvd in Denver

We need a house visit.. old home, cracks in foundation and walls, floors sloping, etc. House built 1925, brick with stucco, poured concrete foundation.

Testimonials Denver

Peak did a great job on our old home installing a sump pump and we used them again recently on our new house. Nathan and Chris did a great job and were very friendly. We always know they are dependable, do a great job and back up their work with excellent quality customer service. We will continue to recommend them to our family and friends.

– Corinne R. of Denver, CO

Isaac was very polite and appeared well informed. Overall a very professional, stress-free interview.

– Steve R. of Denver, CO

Brandy was excellent and very helpful to me even though I did not need your service. Should I ever need it I will certainly call Peak.

– Sharon B. of Denver, CO

Our insurance agent recommended you for our piering installation. The course of action of fully explained from start to finish and the warranty you provided was excellent. We’re extremely pleased with the work your crew performed on our house. We have recommended Peak Structural to anyone who speaks about issues with their foundation!

– Nina K. of Denver, CO

A very big THANK YOU to Peak Structural. Great customer service!
I had an inspection this morning on a 120 year old home in N. E. Denver with structural issues. I called Peak and Colleen told me they could come out on Monday or Tuesday. We set an appointment. She called back a few minutes later and told us they could actually come out today and said Byron would be over around noon. He arrived as promised. They will provide my client with a detailed proposal to repair the foundation.
Thank you Colleen and Byron!

David Hays, All Points Home Inspection

– David H. of Denver, CO

Good experience.

– Ian M. of Denver, CO