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Colorado Springs, CO’s regional contractor for basement waterproofing and crawl space repair

Basement flooding is a common problem that homeowners experience, and the water damage can be a major hassle to clean up and repair. That’s why it’s always a good idea to call in a professional basement waterproofing company like Peak Structural, INC., with the experience and skill to make your basement safe, dry, and watertight for the long-term. Why let that extra space go to waste by leaving your basement musty and damp when you can transform it into a functional living area or storage space? Peak Structural, INC.’s basement waterproofing services will repair any moisture damage you might have and transform your basement into the comfortable space you’ve always imagined, with solutions that will last through any weather!

Our first-rate basement waterproofing products include:

  • Plastic vapor barrier
  • Self-draining dehumidifier
  • Drainage systems
  • Wall crack repair
  • Insulated wall panels
  • Basement floor tiles
  • And more!

If you’re working on improving your home’s comfort and stability, don’t let your crawl space go overlooked. Crawl space problems can quickly spread to the rest of your home, manifesting in uneven floors, wall cracks, and even unpleasant odors, so it’;s a good idea to take care of any damage right away. Peak Structural, INC. offers crawl space repair and crawl space encapsulation that will keep the area safe from excess moisture and mold. Our CleanSpace vapor barriers provide the best sealing possible, and we also provide thermal insulation, support jacks, and dehumidifiers to keep your crawl space in a healthy condition. Best of all, all of our crawl space encapsulation systems come with a 25-year warranty!

The new window well installed by Peak Structural Inc. keeps water from the basement, while the clean installation and nice product improve the home's appearance.
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Keep your home structurally sound with foundation repair and concrete leveling

Along with our basement waterproofing and crawl space repair services, we also offer high-quality foundation repair to keep your Colorado Springs, CO home stable and secure. If you’ve noticed wall or floor cracks, bowing walls, or any other signs of foundation settlement, contact Peak Structural, INC. right away to prevent further damage and protect the structural integrity of your home. We provide wall anchors, wall braces, and slab piers to keep your foundation walls stabilized and straight. Our foundation repair experts are fully trained and certified to handle all of your foundation problems, and will guarantee lasting solutions.

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside, so it’s important to make sure that your sidewalks and driveway are properly maintained. Cracked or uneven driveways or sinking concrete steps and sidewalks can pose a serious safety hazard, so don’t hesitate to contact Peak Structural, INC. for our concrete leveling and lifting services. Our PolyLevel polymer injections are the best in the industry, and will guarantee the stable and flat groundwork your home deserves.

If you’re ready to waterproof your wet basement, encapsulate your crawl space, or invest in foundation repair or concrete leveling, Peak Structural, INC. is your best choice for all of your home improvement needs! Contact us for a free estimate in Colorado Springs, CO!

Kateri, a homeowner in Colorado Springs, CO, had a crawlspace insulated with fiberglass, but it still got cold during winter. She decided to have an expert come inspect her crawlspace and provide solutions. Peak Structural sent an expert design specialist to her home to provide a free inspection and address her concerns. The specialist recommended she encapsulate her basement with the Cleanspace Vapor Barrier System. The CleanSpace Vapor Barrier System is nylon-reinforced, and it can reduce heating costs by up to 20%. Kateri was delighted she encapsulated her crawlspace because she could feel the warmth from the CleanSpace Vapor Barrier System before the production crew left her house.
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Peak Structural proudly serves the following zip codes:
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Review from Colorado Springs

By Chrissy S.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
October 19, 2017
“Expertise in foundation waterproofing. Knowledge of the sales rep (Scott). Professionalism of all employees with whom I had contact. Very impressed with the quality of work that was completed on my home and the cleanliness afterwards. They left zero mess!”

By Radames T.
Colorado Springs, CO  80924
October 10, 2017
“Met all my expectations. to the point in addressing my needs and providing other options/recommendations. Awesome crew. Great customer service approach. Professional job and attention to detail, Kenny and Ron.”

By Susan M.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
September 29, 2017
“Johnny Villotti was polite, intelligent & professional. Efficient & thorough. Great walk-through.”

By Linda H.
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
September 27, 2017

By Leniel G.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
September 22, 2017
“Frankly, I didn’t find any competitors for this service, which concerned me. However, after speaking to some home inspectors in the area I felt comfortable contacting you. Your initial representative who evaluated our project cleared up any lingering concerns and I have been very happy with your service from start to finish.”

By William Z.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
August 30, 2017

By Phil
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
August 29, 2017
“From start to finish we were treated extremely well by the Peak Structural team and the work performed was exceptional! Given our experience, we would, without a doubt, recommend you to anyone needing the services you provide. Well done by all. A special thank you to Joey who ensured we were always up to date on our project and it’s execution timing. Roger Campbell, your Design Specialist, is a very polite, patient and extremely capable representative for Peak Structural. He provided us with the best information, advice and options for our concrete leveling project. You can be proud and thankful he’s on your team! Eric B and Kenny are absolutely the best! We could not have asked for a better installation crew — your rating scale needs to go to 15 (not 10) to account for their capabilities and project execution. They were very polite, kept us current on their progress and answered all our questions every step of the way. And most importantly, their work of concrete leveling and sealing joints was absolutely extraordinary. You’re very fortunate to have Eric and Kenny as an install team and you can be very proud of them — they represent the Peak Structural Team extremely well on the front lines! Thank you both for a great job!! Eric and Kenny left our front porch area and driveway immaculate! NexusPro Joint Sealant & PolyLEVEL”

By Jerry E.
Colorado Springs, CO 80908
August 28, 2017
“Both Darren and Ron worked hard the entire day, so they were able to finish in one day. Solomon was very knowledgeable and confident they could do a good job for us. He was willing to negotiate a discount for cash, which really helped us. Darren and Ron did a very thorough detailed job on our concrete slab. He explained the process prior to doing the work, which helped us understand the complexity of the job. Ron did a very good job cleaning up the site before leaving, when they completed job. He didn’t hurry off, but checked each slab to be sure holes were filled and caulked. We had a French Drain installed in our basement and we were satisfied with the result. All of the crews have been professional, and detailed. They do their work with a lot of friendly enthusiasm.”

By Charles R.
Colorado Springs, CO 80922
August 27, 2017
“I liked the leveling process Peak Structural uses, and the results nice and clean. Ron Pettigrew’s team did an excellent job! Fast and courteous!”

By Gwen G.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
August 27, 2017
“Joe was great. Stephen, Edgar, Jackson, and Jared. Professional, courteous, hard-workers. It can be uncomfortable having strangers doing work in your home; not with them. Left things cleaner than when they came.”

By Karol M.
Colorado Springs, CO 80924
August 25, 2017
“Polite and courtious. You were recommended by the head of my HOA. He told me that Hammersmith uses you.”

By Tiffany C.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
August 22, 2017
“No one ever mentioned we may need to be concerned about asbestos abatement until 4 days before the job started, even though we had to wait 2 months for our appointment. Luckily it wasn’t there and we could start our job on time.The crews we’re great! Professional and never hesitated to answer my numerous questions. On my last leg of my work, Brandon Dodd and Anthony Brown were especially helpful. They answered all of my last minute questions and eased all of my fears. No matter what crew was out here, they were informed and patient. I was never told to “call the office”. They knew all of the ins and outs of the process and they put my mind at ease throughout the whole ordeal. They kept my home clean during the job and cleaned up very well before leaving. Your reviews and your sales person was very knowledgeable about my issue and what could be done to fix it.”

By Angela G.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
August 18, 2017
“Really good….. Kevin was awesome! Brandon Dodd and Anthony were Very attentive, professional, and they answered all the questions I had. They were very kind and patient while talking to me. I would recommend Brandon and his crew to any family or friends of mine. Their level of professionalism was well above any experience I have had with contractors. Anthony was a very hard worker and they worked well together. Thank you so much for the care put into my crawlspace! They cleaned up very well!”

By Lee J.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
August 17, 2017
“Very impressed with Darren and Ron.”

By Al B.
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
August 16, 2017
“Two thumbs up. Very helpful and quick response. On time and very knowledgeable. The best, good work, excellent service and cleanup.”

By Rustic C.
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
August 14, 2017
“Stephen, Edgar & John were the BEST: they did great work and were respectful. They left the area cleaner than when they started. Kevin, the sales rep, knew what he was doing and all the work, on the side walks and basement were great.”

By Deborah
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
July 31, 2017
“The latest work Peak Structural performed for us was warranty work. We were pleased with the initial project (concrete driveway lifting), but our driveway had some cracks the next year, more due to our home being on a hill than the product used to lift it. Peak Structural came out, no questions asked, and repaired the driveway. They stand firm behind their products and service. Joey is consistently pleasant and professional to work with over the phone. She is very responsive and doesn’t let a missed call go to the next day. On time, finished when they said they would. Completely cleaned up.”

By Pam S.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
July 31, 2017

By Carrie H.
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
July 28, 2017

By Matt K.
Colorado Springs, CO 80925
July 27, 2017
“The 5 year transferrable Warranty. My Realtor said he could put that in the MLS listing. Kenny and Eric worked real hard to do a great job.”

By Houin
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
July 26, 2017

By Roger B.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
July 21, 2017

By David T.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
July 20, 2017
“I would highly recommend Peak Structural to any one requiring foundation work. The project was thourougly explained. I am very satisfied with the work. I have had previous work done which was foundation stabilization and crawl space encapsulated. All debris was removed.”

By Ted C.
Colorado Springs, CO 80908
July 19, 2017
“Very attentive to the meeting times for the inspection. Sent plenty of material on what to expect. Video presentation was helpful, but a little repetitive. Crew was informative, went over what work was going to be preformed and did an efficient job.”

By Sonja M.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
July 19, 2017

By Annette S.
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
July 17, 2017
“Professional, timely, met or exceeded expectations. Worked with us to make sure our needs were being met. Chad was able to develop a cost-effective plan that met our needs. Stephen and Edgar were co-foremen for the crew. The entire crew was professional and met or exceeded expectations.Crew members asked if I wanted to keep old materials and did a great job of cleaning everything up. Foremen did a final “walk around” before leaving.”

By James H.
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
July 15, 2017
“Jared was excellent. He kept me well informed”

By Tracy L.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
July 14, 2017

By Paul E.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
July 12, 2017

By Edward U.
Colorado Springs, CO 80924
July 11, 2017
“Top-notch…prompt and professional. Darren and Ron were excellent! Couteous and professional. Described what they were going to do and how they were going to do it. Gave detailed progeress reports. Quality of work was top-notch! Hightly recommend this crew! Actually cleaner when they left than when they arrived!

By Jesus S.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
July 8, 2017

By Sharon H.
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
July 7, 2017
“The work was done as explained to me, on time and with no excuses. All the people I was in contact with were courteous and helpful. I had a problem and it has now been addressed without any hassle. Friendly, helpful and courteous. Daniel took great pains to be sure I understood what to expect and how the process worked. Eric and Kenny were prompt, which I so appreciate. They behaved very professionally and got right to work and finished in a timely manner. They made sure I was satisfied before they left. They work area was cleaned up nicely and no foreign materials were left behind in my landscaping or driveway. I was intrigued by the PolyLevel process and the many advantages it offered environmentally over the traditional mud jacking. I look forward to seeing how it performs over the coming years. From the start, I appreciated the detailed explanations. You made it easy to make an informed decision.”

By David T.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
June 30, 2017

By JR W. 
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
June 29, 2017
“Outstanding service, professionalism, and performance from day one. From Jeff’s presentation and information to the great crew of Darren and Ron we couldn’t be happier. Outstanding service all the way around. Jeff was an amazing sales and presentation specialist. I felt very comfortable chasing your company after our meeting. Darren and Ron did an amazing repair and install. Personable and friendly. Explained every step of the process. Jeff Hoops was phenomenal. Great presentation and explained every step of the way. Answered every dumb question I had with a smile and never made me feel like they were dumb questions. When he left our home I was sure I would be picking Peak Structural to do our service. Darren and Ron were outstanding. Friendly, informative, and talked us through all that was taking place. We felt safe with the work they were doing and in dealing with our dogs. That says it all. Great guys! Touch ups and clean up were great. Anything we had a question about or wondered if it could be different the guys would either change it or explain what was going on. Finished product is night and day from what we had before. Outstanding customer service by Darren and Ron.”

By Paul E.
Colorado Springs, CO 80922
June 26, 2017

By Jutta D.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
June 22, 2017
“Recommended by others as a company with a great business record.”

By Brian B.
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
June 20, 2017


By Bridget P.
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
June 20, 2017
“Janne’ and his crew were the best! They were efficient and did an excellent job. My crawl space looks like a whole new world now that they added the vapor barrier. They did a fantastic job! Thanks guys! Referral from our relator who had all good things to say about your company.”

By Trevor D.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
June 15, 2017
“Paul is an awesome dude!”

By Ramon B.
Colorado Springs, CO 80916
June 14, 2017
“Very Satisfied with the crew that came to work on the driveway. Very helpful call representatives. Crew lead Darren Clark was very knowlegable with his work. Ansered all ny questions in a satisfactory manner. Cleanup procress was well done.I have seen another crew doing driveway work on my street, a few houses from mine. I was impressed with what they were doing. I had the same problem with my driveway sinking. I watched them for several minutes and I was sold on the method they were using. Instead of getting the driveway tore up and redone, there injections method was more cheaper then getting a new driveway. Highly recommended.”

By George C.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
June 12, 2017
“Polite but mixup on appt time. totally went the extra mile.”

By Mark F.
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
June 10, 2017|

By Marie M. 
Colorado Springs, CO 80922
June 9, 2017
“Stephen and Edgar were very courteous young men. Stephen explained everything they did as they went along and kept me informed. They worked quickly and showed me when it was completed what was expected. They cleaned up very well, could never tell they were even there digging in my back yard.”

By Rachel T.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
June 7, 2017
“Awesome customer service during the visit. Will continue to refer my friends/family to Peak Structural. I would like to take time to recognize Zack for his fantastic customer service during the annual service visit yesterday. He went above and beyond and it really made a difference in my day. Zack was very knowledgeable, professional, and took the time to answer my questions, questions from my boyfriend, AND questions from my father. Zack was very helpful, professional, and I certainly appreciated his commitment and attention to details throughout the visit. Very professional and thorough.”

By Nancy S.
Colorado Springs, CO 81240
May 31, 2017

By Brian A. 
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
May 25, 2017
“The guys showed up on time and did a great job. They explained the process and answered my questions. When the guys left, it was almost impossible to tell they had been there. Everything was cleaned up perfectly.

By Larysa M.
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
May 25,2017

By John B.
Colorado Springs, CO 80951
May 25, 2017
“He knew his stuff & helped me out with what I did not know but needed. these 2 guys were great & very professional. Danielle, your phone receptionist & Jeff your sales specialist. Your company & everyone that works for Peak Structural cares about the customer.”

By Ramon B.
Colorado Springs, CO 80916
May 24, 2017
“Very satisfied, from the phone call to the engineer inspector and completing the repairs on my sinking driveway and porch. Especially with a 5 year warranty of the job performed. Very professional and courteous persons at the phone department. Made explanations well. Super crew led by Darren Clark, answered all questions to my satisfaction. Very knowledgable on driveway repair. Great job of repairing sinking porch and driveway. All done in a timely manner. Clean up process was very well done, no complaints.”

By Frank M.
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
May 23, 2017

By Jodi M. 
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
May 23, 2017
“Professional work with friendly staff. Very professional and courteous. Spoke to me and not at me. Explained process from start to finish. Would have worked all night if allowed. Great job and crew.”

By Kathy
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
May 18, 2017
“Chad made several trips to explain everything to me. Very pleased. Luis and his crew were pleasant, efficient and thorough. Very pleased.”

By Paul H.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
May 17, 2017
“The individual that came out to do our annual inspection was very professional and knowledgeable. He pointed out the problems with our existing configuration and provided recommendations in a very straight-forward manner with no pressure. The job was started on time and completed in a very professional manner. The work crew was friendly and knowledgeable. Overall a very positive experience. Waterproofing was installed using Peak by a previous home owner. We got a card indicating an annual inspection was due. During the inspection additional moisture issue was discovered that required installation of piping and an additional sump pump. The company reviews were very positive and so we decided to use Peak Structural to do the additional work.”

By Katie T.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
May 15, 2017

By Babette A.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
May 11, 2017
“Stabilized the foundation to stop settling. Completely informative and professional… Friendly. Completely informative and professional… Friendly, put me at ease. They were outstanding! Hard-working young man who got the job done! Informative professional friendly.

By Rick L. 
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
May 9, 2017

By Randall W.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
May 2, 2017
“The crew called first thing in the morning and the job was completed by 1:00 in the afternoon. Our floors are now level.”

By James S.
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
April 24, 2017

By Jess S.
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
April 18, 2017
“I first contacted A1 Concrete leveling and a gentleman took a look at my back patio and quoted me for over $2100 for their polyurethane leveling, I then contacted Peaks Structural and another gentleman quoted me $1200 for the same job. The whole process was outstanding, from scheduling the appointment, to Kevin coming out and taking a look at my patio and explaining the process and showing me videos, to Darren & Paul doing the work, everything was done very professionally.”

By Roger B. 
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
April 12, 2017

By John A.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
April 11, 2017
“Great work! Very professional and helpful. Crew members were friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Left area clean.”

By Patricia
Colorado Springs, CO 80922
March 28, 2017
“Zach (Mulligan) did a excellent job. Very thorough and pleasant to work with.”

By Darla M.
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
March 26, 2017
“I would happily recommend the company to anyone needing the same work. Always kept me informed of the appointment time. Called well in advance of a needed change which helped me be able to plan by day so I could be efficient too. Very detailed explanation of the work needed and how it was to be done. Eric & Paul kept me informed of their arrival time so I could plan my day effectively. They invited me to watch their work throughout the time they were doing the job. They answered questions while working. They engaged in friendly conversation. They explained the steps during the job. They did a wonderful job of cleaning up. It was as if they were never in the garage. I would highly recommend this company and this crew to anyone needing the same repair. Wonderful job. It was as if the crew was never in my garage.”

By Brandy D.
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
March 12, 2017

By Lori J.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
March 12, 2017
“We have used Peak Structural multiple times. We Remodel homes and whenever there is a structural issue we use and would recommend Peak Structural.”

By Mark F.
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
March 11, 2017
“Fantastic and friendly crew!”

By David P.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
March 7, 2017

By Jennifer S. 
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
March 5, 2017
“Best angie’s list reviews and superb BBB rating.”

By Jeff
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
March 4, 2017

By Tom H.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
March 3, 2017
“Very impressed with Mr. Zach Milligan. Very thorough and professional.”

By Robert
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
March 2, 2017
“Everyone is very professional. The work was done as expected and in a timely fashion. Peak Structural is a great company to work with. We called and explained an issue we were having in our dining room, which is an addition that was built in the early 70’s-before we purchased our home. There is a crawl space under the dining room. One of the corners in the room was sinking- the drywall was cracking and the floor was definitely sloping. She got us an appointment so someone could come out and look at the problem. In the mean time, we received a packet of materials that showed what kinds of repairs could be made and what they used to repair structural damage/issues.We were impressed! We worked with JP and he was excellent. He was at our home several times taking pictures, measurements, and explaining what Peak Structural could do to fix the problem. They called to let us know they were on their way and arrived right on time. They introduced themselves. They looked and acted very professional. The crawl space opening where they had to work is in our downstairs laundry room. It is not a very large opening and is very cramped once you get in. They covered our stairway so the carpeting wouldn’t get dirty or damaged. The laundry room floor was covered also, as was the floor leading into the laundry room. They checked with us to see if we had any questions or concerns before they started. We were also asked what our expectations were with this project. We told him we just wanted our dining room corner stabilized so there would be no more sinking and cracking. He assured us that that is what they were going to do. A very substantial beam was placed under the floor of the dining room and a jack put in place in the corner of the crawl space against the beam and another jack placed further down to stabilizer the corner.They had us come down and look when they were finished so we could see the work that had been done. Once we saw the completed project, they cleaned up everything very efficiently. There was no mess left behind.”

By Judy M.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
February 24, 2017
“gave a review and neglected to give any names of the workers. Sup Jesse Cardoza inst forman Brian Fitzgerald, crew John & Evon. Great job guys.”

By Ralph W.
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
February 24, 2017

By Kathy B.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
February 23, 2017
“Joe Lally was great. Ben, Ray and Kevin went above and beyond. I would rate them higher than 5 if I could. I was impressed with your company’s reviews on Angie’s list & BBB. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed.”

By Victoria W.
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
February 21, 2017
“Nathan is a very experienced and considerate person and a great asset to your company.He is a valuable person to Peak Structual.

By Kirk M.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
February 14, 2017

By Tracey J.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
February 14, 2017

By Sue G.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
February 9, 2017

By Brad J.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
February 8, 2017

By Pat G.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
February 3, 2017

By George C.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
February 1, 2017

By Charlie L.
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
January 30, 2017
“Wow! Super work performed by Peak Structural! Being an engineer in the construction field I wanted to certainly wait at least 4-6 weeks before I reviewed their work prior to providing an evaluation. Our garage floor is now very solid. Workmanship is excellent. Staff was excellent to work with and I would surely recommend them to others.”

By Marcia W.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
December 28, 2016
“The guys were on time and very professional. They explained everything they were doing. Promt communication.”

By Joseph B.
Colorado Springs, CO 80908
December 17, 2016
“this was an annual inspection. Aside from inspecting, no work was performed.”

By Lucienne N.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
December 17, 2016
“This is the second job I have used Peak Structural and this crew ( Luis, Ray, Kevin ) were excellent, personable, professional and explained parts of the project along the way. This crew was awesome as the first job I had done.Calling the specialist is always a great experience so helpful, and willing to be flexible in scheduling when I needed it.For This job Jeff Hoop down over 3 hours with us examining and measuring the structure and explaining what he was considering for a solution at every step.Luis, Ray and Kevin crew wet wonderful, professional and looking to serve the customer all along the install process.The site was left cleaner than when they arrived.”

By Rob T.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
December 14, 2016
“John was excellent. Eric and Paul did an outstanding job. Competent, friendly, efficient.”

By Jestin F.
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
December 13,2016
“Luis,Ray and Kevin all did a terrific Job. They all were very kind and did a great job.”

By Ginny H.
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
December 6, 2017
“Nathan is an excellent communicator and explained everything checked/serviced.”

By Lisa C.
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
November 29, 2016
“Great work, professional from beginning to end. Always courteous. Eric was so knowledgeable. Clean, efficient and respectful. They left the yard better than they found it”

By Shirley L.
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
November 22, 2016

By Mittie P.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
November 17, 2016
“Structural Peak came to do a annual check and found some issues that needed repair. They promptly scheduled a time to make the repairs. Zach was our service man and I appreciated his honesty and explanation of what needed to take place. Thank you”

By Jeremy J.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
November 15, 2016

By Sandra T.
Colorado Springs, CO  80909
November 15, 2016
“Your additional work that was needed to satisfy home buyers was perfect! Leslie was so helpful! Additional drainage mitigation was requested by buyers from sellers. Zach Milligan made sure that he was doing exactly what the new homebuyers wanted and then went right to work, doing the job quickly and efficiently! Even as the sky darkened, Zach did a proper cleanup job before leaving.”

By Jeff S.
Colorado Springs, CO 80925
November 1, 2016
“We love doing business with Peak Structural. Every encounter was positive and helpful. John is very adept at explaining all services provided by Peak Structural. I had my driveway and front walkway polyleveled yesterday by Eric and his coworker. They were extremely professional and efficient. They were a great crew to work with. My driveway, garage and front walkway were left cleaner than they found them. Great job.”

By David S.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
October 25, 2016

By Jones O.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
October 18, 2016

By Amanda B.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
October 18, 2016

By Dorothy T.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
October 10, 2016
“Joe Lally is extraordinary . . . so patient, a teacher as well as a sales rep, friendly, and professional. I deeply appreciate all the time he gave me. His care and concern creates faith in the company he is representing. Efficient, considerate, friendly. Very pleased.”

By Dennis W.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
October 1, 2016

By Rob M.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
September 27, 2016
“Jenna was fantastic! He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and interested in making sure I understood what he was doing and our system. Great experience!!!!!”

By Charles F.
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
September 26, 2016
“Great! Can we have Zach next time?”

By Byron M.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
September 25, 2016

By Catherine B.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
September 21, 2016

By Janice T.
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
September 16, 2016
“Janae was thorough and knowledgeable. He took time to explain everything he had done and also explained another issue I was having with cracks in the walls. Everything was cleaned well. You would never have known he was there.”

By John M.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
September 13, 2016
“Outstanding doing business with Peak Structurral. Call reps are always courteous and helpful. Sales rep was prompt, thorough and cordial. Gave an accurate appraisal and quote for the work. Mr. Paul Crabb did an outstanding job with the concrete leveling worrk. The team that installed the buried drains also performed admirably. Very efficient and complete.”

By Dennis P.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
September 12, 2016
“Very professional. Peter was great. Brian, Stephen and Ryan did a great job! My inspector recommended you as I had no experience with companies in the area.”

By Patrick G.
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
September 9, 2016

By Donna P.
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
September 8, 2016

By Steven G.
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
September 8, 2016

By John A.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
August 31, 2016

By Christine K.
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
August 31, 2016
“Every employee I was in contact with was professional and helpful.”

By Tom M.
Colorado Springs, CO 80922
August 23, 2016
“Impressed with the professional work, overall timeliness, and completed work to our satisfaction based upon the initial visit.

By Steve H.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
August 22, 2016

By George R.
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
August 18, 2016
“over the last 10 years only 3 times have I had excellent service for the 20 projects I have done, this is one of those 3! Very understandable and very polite, answered all questions. Cody was very nice. I did feel however, that his knowledge of the industry was limited and wasn’t as confortable as I need to be, but a quick call and Chris came out ,He was very knowledgeable, he made a couple of changes, reassured me that it would be done rite with no additional cost and that I would actually be getting a reduction in the cost. He was exactly rite! It happened just as he promissed! Jesse and his crew were the frosting on the cake, they made a stressful time very simple to understand , took the time to show me exactly what they were going to do, then they did just that.”

By Dan H.
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
August 9, 2016
“Great group of folks to work with and get things done well. Very professional and personable. Very detailed and informative about the repair process and patio evaluation. Easy to understand the process. Fantastic duo. They arrived early, set up, made all needed repairs and cleaned up…all in an efficient time and manner. Very professional, knowledgeable and personable crew who took he extra time to fully explain the work and answer my bevy of questions. Re-leveling our patio was recommended by a contractor friend a short time ago. I did some research and wasn’t impressed with mud-jacking which seemed to be a shorter term solution. Peak Structural processes were more of what I was looking for…longer lasting; easy to understand. Also, all I read was extremely positive about the company…It was an easy decision for me!! If/when I need more work done, Peak Structural will again be my choice.”

By Lionel C.
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
August 4, 2016

By Patricia D.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
July 28, 2016

By Claudia M.
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
July 25, 2016

By Linda B.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
July 24, 2016

By Charles M.
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
July 12, 2016

By Margaret E.
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
June 29, 2016
“Explained everything to me. Excellent customer service!”

By Chris S.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
June 28, 2016

By Brian B.
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
June 17, 2016
“Joe was very good. Send him back next time.”

By John M.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
June 6, 2016
“Joe was outstanding and thorough. Easy friendly process.”

By Patricia G.
Colorado Springs, CO 80922
June 3, 2016

By Jim B.
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
May 13, 2016
“Eric Boeding and Paul Crabb did a wonderful job.”

By Charles M.
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
May 11, 2016

By Kelvin S.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
May 11, 2016

By Terri C.
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
May 11, 2016

By Herb N.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
May 4, 2016
“Kevin was great!”

By Kimette
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
April 10, 2016

By Gail H.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
April 5, 2016
“I am very pleased with my experience with your company. I won’t know until we get heavy rains, how well the system works, however, I am trusting it will be very effective.Extremely professional and competent company. Very pleasant, informational, and helpful. Isaac Vigil was extremely professional, patient with my questions, knowledgeable, and trustworthy! It was my good fortune to have him as my salesperson. Kevin Dobkins was very respectful while in my home and appeared to be very skilled. Evidently his crew was relatively inexperienced, however, Kevin assured me they would do a great job. Until we have heavy rains, I won’t know how the system works. Right now, the crawl space looks 200% better! Everything was cleaned up to my satisfaction.”

By Ralph W.
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
April 5, 2016
“I was treated honestly and fairly by the salesman. The installers were great, and did the work in the day and a half. I am pleased that way they left the site afterwards. I would definitely use them again if needed.”

By Patricia Y.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
March 30, 2016
“Every thing was fine and I am happy with the service. Pricey! Hope this will be worth it…talked to rep at home show in Norris penrose. Learned a lot before you came through reading. Others recommended you…”

By Norman C.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
February 20, 2016
“I had questions about the work and Isaac Vigil and Charlie Knudsen were quick to explain what had been done and the rationalization. The explanation seemed reasonable. Recommended from another company representative who suggested your foundation support system was the preferable approach.”

By Adrian A.
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
February 8, 2016
“All members of the Peak Structural Staff are very kind. Showed up on time, polite, knowledgable.”

By Amery R.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
December 30, 2015

By Jim L.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
December 29, 2015
“The crew was excellent. They showed up as advertised and completed the project on time. They took minimum breaks, explained what they were doing, answered questions and were extremely courteous and professional.”

By Phil L.
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
December 28, 2015
“On time, on task, totally professional. Very helpful and knowledgeable, represents the company well. Great team. Very focused, quickly completed the job with no deficencies that I could identify. Extremely neat, leaving their worksite cleaner than they found it. Totally satisfied with their work.”

By Duane F.
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
December 16, 2015

By Forest B.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
September 23, 2015
“Brian and his crew should be congratulated for the great work that they did. These days it is refreshing to see individuals that are so conscientious when it comes to work. The company has a very good product and service. The entire installation crew was very professional and efficient. Their eagerness to get the job done and done correctly, was very evident. They were more than happy to answer any and all questions that was asked. It was a pleasure to see them in action and their work was top notch. It is very refreshing to see the professionalism and dedication to the work needed that Brian and his crew demonstrated. This crew is a true asset to Peak Structural. The clean up was great. It is hard to tell that they were even here.”

By Edward E.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
August 14, 2015

By Lisa D.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
August 8, 2015
“Courteous ,knowledgeable and particular about there work I am very happy with the Results”

By Diane B.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
July 29, 2015
“My installation crew was the best. They do very hard physical work in not the best of conditions ie basements and crawlspaces. They took the time to explain everything they did and why. They were all very nice and respectful. The scope of our project changed when they had to use an alternate product which took longer to install. They stayed and worked until the job was done and done properly. Digging and filling concrete work is not the most glamorous of careers – but these guys took pride in their work and it showed in their attitude and in the final result.”

By Dave J.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
July 9, 2015
“Chaun and crew did a great job. Very efficient.”

By Sheila G.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
July 9, 2015
“Nathan and his crew were terrific. They worked really hard on some extremely hot days. I am grateful for their diligence and great attitude.

By Susan R.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
July 8, 2015
“Isaac was great. He took his time looking at my situation, both in the basement and outside, and proposed a system based on my specific issues. He didn’t rush us through the process as he explained the system and made sure we understood everything. Very professional and knowledgeable.Taylor, Joe, and Phillip were absolutely phenomenal!! Professional, incredibly hard-working, skilled, and careful about installing the system. They let me know what was happening when, what they found, what they did, how the system would work, and of course they tested the system. Taylor kept me informed of arrival times every day, which I greatly appreciated. All three were very respectful, kind, and caring. As you know, a flooded basement situation is quite stressful, and the three helped put me at ease after all the anxiety over the past two months. I cannot thank them enough for their commitment to a job well done and for their very hard work. The crew left my house in wonderful shape! Thank you!”

By Connie H.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
June 19, 2015
“I just can’t say enough nice things about the salesperson, Matt and the onsite crew, Will, Aaron and Zack. They worked in terrible conditions without complaint and were always so pleasant and respectful – even when I peppered them with one question after another. They deserve raises! My phone call was returned promptly and a meeting with the salesperson was set up in a timely manner. The BEST! Will, Aaron and Zack were incredible. Will explained every step of the process to me, encouraging me to ask questions if I didn’t understand. They kept me posted during the process, explaining everything as they went along.Since it turned out to be a more complex job than first thought, the crew was knowledgeable about how to proceed.They were also very careful of my lawn and plants. They laid down boards so as not to damage the lawn and were very careful with the flowers and plants. No damage what so ever occurred. Also, the crew worked in a torrential downpour for most of the day! I was shocked at how well they were able to clean up after the project was finished. One would never know a big piece of machinery was driven over my lawn and sidewalk.”

By Karen D.
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
June 16, 2015
“THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR BASEMENT A DRY, SAFE PLACE TO HAVE A BEDROOM! Did the work exactly as described. They worked efficiently, called me down several times to explain what was happening and cleaned up afterward. Great job!”

By Richard P.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
February 6, 2015

By Bonnie V.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
January 7, 2015
“Honest, reliable, professional.”

By Laura J.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
December 12, 2014
“Our construction foreman, Chaun Diblasi and his crew were outstanding! We researched your company on-line. Ross Schaulis came to provide an estimate. He was very thorough and knowledgeable.”

By Douglas R.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
December 12, 2014
“I liked the look of the finished product.”

By John B.
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
November 14, 2014
“I felt extremely confident in the professionalism and judgment of every workman. I am more assured of our safety from outside water incursions than I have ever been. We will be calling you again to discuss re-build options in spring.”

By  Bethany A.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
November 13, 2014
“I would recommend this to anyone, and in fact have to a couple people in my neighborhood and at work. It was well worh the cost. I never would have thought my husband and I would be sitting in the crawlspace having a conversation while marveling at what work had been done! I can’t thank you enough! I am thrilled with the final product. I didn’t feel pressured into anything. He gave me his opinion but left the final decision up to me. Those poor guys had to be on their knees and stooped over all day, never a word of complaint.I NEVER thought the crawlspace would be that clean!”

By Ruble H.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
September 19, 2014
“There were a number of challenges that came up during the project, but the crew and foreman worked hard to ensure I was completely satisfied. organized and efficient with scheduling. 

By David W.
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
September 18, 2014
“I would like follow up about the installation. I paid my balance in full, however, I’d like someone to come out to ensure the clean space is sealed, which I was told to wait until the dirt settled that was moved, as well as answer a question about the clean space not going all the way up the wall in one area of my crawl space. This in no way takes a way from the professionalism your guys showed and their hard work.

By Juli C.
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
September 17, 2014
“Everyone I dealt with was wonderful. It would be helpful, however, to let customers know what time the crew will show up on the install date. I was in the shower at 0730 when they arrived, not thinking workmen would arrive that early! They were able to come back later that same day which was great. I’ve just never had workmen arrive that early for a job.”

By  Richard Z.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
August 9, 2014
“I thought the experience was excellent from the sales staff and explanation of option to the installation crew and care they took in returning my yard back to its original state. However, I do believe the cost was rather high. Cody and Mike were excellent. They adjusted the plan on the fly to ensure the best installation.”

By Rosemary K.
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
July 3, 2014
“Quickly responded to my online inquiry. Friendly and spend adequate time evaluating and recommending a fix. Hard working guys, cleaned up everything. Efficient, caring.”

By Bonnie
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
June 20, 2014
“Have used you several times in the past for other houses. Great job, professional and easy to work with.”

By Charlene F.
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
June 6, 2014
“I feel everyone is very knowledgeable there. Tina is awesome in her role there, very helpful, and got back to me quickly on questions I had. Cameron seems so young, but he is very knowledgeable and the more he talked and explained things, I could tell he knows his stuff. Will and his crew were excellent and explained things very well. I am hopeful the warranty is as good as it sounds so if I ever have problems, it will be covered.”

By Leslie B.
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
June 1, 2014
“My husband was given the information about your company from a friend. We looked for a company that does the type of work you do and didn’t find any in the phone book. Not sure if you advertise in the phone book but if it wasn’t for the referral we wouldn’t have found your company.”

By John C.
Colorado Springs, CO
March 8, 2014

By Donna O.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
December 23, 2013
“Very satisfied with the work performed on my crawl space. All the people involved were helpful and courteous. Would use this company again.”

By Mittie P.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
December 9, 2013
“Thank you for the excellent work. We appreciate the professionalism. We are very satisfied with Peak Basement, the service was excellent and everyone was very professional. Thank you for you good work.”

By Tim N.
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
November 25, 2013

By Michael C.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
November 7, 2013
“Class act. Both the estimator and technician performing the work were very professional. Somebody did a great job hiring these two.”

By Ann T.
Colorado Springs, CO 80908
October 18, 2013
“Once a customer’s confidence in your services is lost, it is a difficult challenge to overcome. The first crew that came out was very courteous and I had confidence that all would go well. After they left, the other crews on the job site left me with feelings of uncertainty about your services. Brandon was able to restore my confidence in your company. Please give him my best for a bright future with Peak! Brandon Blood was instrumental in getting my repair completed. As you know there were several issues regarding completion of my repair, and if not for Brandon’s abilities to communicate and understand the issues, I don’t believe I would have been able to provide a “5” in this survey. All of the office staff I spoke with during my repairs were very courteous, helpful, and understanding. Brandon has a talent for walking into a “troubled” situation, listening, and getting the the problem resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.”

By Bruce L.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
October 16, 2013

By Roy C.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
October 10, 2013 

By Tom L.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
August 14, 2013
“Went “above and beyond” to complete while losing staff to protect their homes during Black Forest fire.”

By Mike C.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
August 13, 2013
“Very thorough service from start to finish. Very professional. Peter is a good example of a sales professional. Adrian and Ray walked me through the entire process very patient and great customer service. Graded and left site better than they found it. Peter Crain did a very good job selling the features, advantages, and benefits of doing business with Peak. Warranty was the deciding factor.”

By Leslie G.
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
May 12, 2013

By Joni F.
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
May 8, 2013
“We have since moved out to Peyton, have no basement and live on the top of a hill, so hopefully will never need your services again, but we continue to be so very grateful for all you did for us. Peter was our shining light and all the work crew followed right along in that path. Yours is a truly remarkable company. Peter Crain was the first and only person we had come to evaluate our issue who said, unequivocally, that his company could help us. Every single person who worked on our home (and there were many) were polite, knowledgeable, helpful and kind. Peter was awesome. He came over many times while the extensive work was being done to check on it and us. Ernie and his crew were superb. Professional, pleasant, tidy, and sympathetic. My Dad (searching online in NM) found your company for us. Out of the many we contacted, ONLY Peak Basement systems offered help. Most never called back after seeing the problem. Your company walked with us through the complicated process and its many twists and turns and enable us to see the house rapidly, for full price and with full disclosure after all your work was done.”

By Bonni V.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
May 8, 2013
“Have used you in the past & been happy . Aaron is great!”

By Dave W.
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
May 8, 2013

By Michelle A.
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
May 8, 2013
“They were the only company that I found that could do the job that I needed. One of our window wells would fill with water and would not drain properly. The cost was very reasonable for the job required and I didn’t feel like they did more then they needed too. The crew that came out were great and very quick. They cleaned up their mess and more. The job they did was first rate and completely fixed the problem. Top rate service! Thank you! The crew worked well together and were able to accomplish the task very quickly. They were done sooner than expected.

Colorado Springs Job Stories

Porch Repaired and Re-leveled With PolyLevel Injection

Leslie owns a home in the Colorado Springs area. In recent years, a huge crack the length of her deck had formed, creating an eye sore. Wanting this issue addressed and hoping to find an efficient solution, Leslie contacted Peak Structural for a professional opinion. An expert design specialist was sent out to her home to conduct a thorough evaluation of the area and after seeing the issue, diagnosed it as settling concrete. The outer half of Leslie’s deck had begun to settle, cause an enormous crack to appear. As the best solution for this issue, the specialist recommended NexusPro and Polylevel to seal the crack, improve the appearance, and stabilize and lift the deck. Happy there was an effective and alternative solution to Mudjacking, Leslie decided to move forward and is so happy she did!

Colorado Springs Driveway Repaired with PolyLevel

Jack owns a home in the Colorado Springs area. Overtime, his driveway had become unlevel and cracked. Not wanting an eye-sore in his front yard, he sought a professional opinion to present him with the best possible solution. After contacting Peak Structural, an expert design specialist was sent out to his home to perform a thorough inspection of the area. After the initial evaluation was completed, the specialist sat down with Jack and explained that the concrete slabs in his driveway were settling. As the best possible solution, he suggested that Jack go with the Polylevel Injection to lift and stabilize his driveway. After seeing the results and benefits of the product, he decided to move forward and is so glad he did!

WaterGuard and TripleSafe Installed in Colorado Springs Home

Thor is the home owner of a Colorado Springs home. Recently, his basement had started to experience flooding issues. Concerned about these floods, he contacted Peak Structural for a free, homeowners estimate. One of our expert design speicliasts was sent out to his home and inspected the entire surrounding area. After finding the issue, he suggested Thor have both the WaterGuard System and the TripleSafe installed to efficiently and effectively pump the water to the exterior of the home. Thor agreed to move forward with the installation and is very happy with his dry basement!

Floor Leveled On Interior of Colorado Springs Home

Sherry owns a lovely home in Colorado Springs, CO where her and her family reside. Overtime, the space between her walls and floor began to grow larger. Worried about this movement, she contacted Peak Structural to schedule an estimate she knew she could trust. One of our expert design specialists came out to Sherry’s home to conduct a thorough evaluation of the issue. After the inspection, she sat down with Sherry and explained the issue. The concrete floors beneath the flooring placed in her home, was settling. This was causing the gap to increase as the slabs sunk. As the most effective solution, our expert recommended Sherry go with our PolyLevel Injection to permanently raise and stabilize the slabs. After hearing the many benefits of this great product, she decided to move forward with the project and is so happy she did!

PolyLevel and NexusPro Resolve Issues for Colorado Springs Home

Aaron and Wendy own a beautiful home in Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, they have been experiencing issues with water leaking into their basement. Wanting to prevent any further damage and protect their home, they decided to contact a professional. After scheduling a free estimate with Peak Structural, an expert design specialist was sent out to the home to conduct a thorough inspection. Once the specialist had a chance to see the area, he was able to diagnose the issue and explain to the homeowners that their concrete slabs on their patio were actually settling. Not only an eyesore, the cracks also allowed a passage way for water to seep through into the basement. As the best solution, he recommended that Aaron and Wendy go with both the Polylevel injection and NexusPro. With these two products combined, the concrete slabs will be lifted, stabilized, and sealed-preventing any further leakage. Not wanting more water flooding into their home, they decided to move forward with the project and are so happy they did!


Colorado Springs Home Gets New Window Wells

Karen’s window well at her Colorado Springs home was beginning to rust. Not only this, but the grate she was using as a cover was just not keeping water and trash out anymore. Wanting to replace this well with a better, more updated version, she got in touch with Peak Structural for an estimate. One of our expert design specialists came out to the home and after an evaluation of the well, recommended that it be replaced with our steel window well and cover. Deciding to move forward with the installation, Karen is so happy with her new and improved window well!

Flooding Issue in Basement Solved with Waterproofing Systems

Mark owns a home in Colorado Springs that has been experiencing some flooding issues in the basement. Wanting to prevent any further damage, he got in touch with Peak Structural to schedule a free estimate. One of our expert design specialists was sent out to Mark’s home to properly assess the situation and recommend the best solution. After the initial evaluation, the specialist recommended that Mark have the WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing system installed along with the TripleSafe. With the Waterguard specifically engineered not to clog and the TripleSafe having multiple back up pumps, Mark’s basement will undoubtedly be kept dry. Happy with the results, Mark is excited to not have to worry about any more flooding.

Egress Window Installation in Colorado Springs

Amanda owns a home in Colorado Springs, CO. After her recent promotion, she decided to finally finish her basement. She hired some contractors for quotes to finish the basement bedroom, but they told her she needed to hire a professional to install an egress window for the bedroom to meet Colorado Springs regulations. The contractors recommended she call Peak Structural. As foundation specialists, Peak Structural Inc. has the knowledge and training to install egress windows directly into a foundation – a service most window companies cannot provide.  During the inspection, she felt comfortable and confident she could trust Peak Structural install her egress window without compromising the structural integrity of her home. Her new egress window allows more natural light into her basement while providing a safe emergency exit for the basement bedroom. > read more on egress windows

Crawlspace Isolated from Humidity in Colorado Springs

Janet has a dirt crawlspace that she would like to transform into a clean storage area. She had previously laid plastic on the floor, but it was not doing as much as she had hoped. Wanting a better and more permanent solution, she contacted Peak Structural for an estimate. A professional design specialist came out to her home to inspect the area and suggested she have the CleanSpace Encapsulation system installed. This product would encapsulate the crawlspace, keeping it clean and dry. Deciding to move forward with the installation, Janet’s crawlspace has become a neat and energy efficient storage area!

Colorado Springs Driveway Leveled

The driveway of Larry’s home in Colorado Springs is completely uneven and has several large cracks. Not liking the appearance and worried about tripping hazards, Larry contacted Peak Structural to schedule a free estimate. One of our expert design specialists was sent out to the home to inspect the area and recommend the best solution. After seeing the driveway, the specialists recommended that the slabs be lifted and level using the PolyLevel Injection. He also suggested that the large cracks be filled with NexusPro. Wanting his driveway leveled and knowing this was the best and most permanent option, Larry moved forward with the installation and is so happy he did!

Wood Window Well Replaced in Colorado Springs

Julian’s home in Colorado Springs, CO had very old, wood window wells around the home. Wood wells are more vulnerable to floods, causing concern for the home owner. Worried that the basement would flood, Julian called Peak Structural for a free estimate. One of the design specialists came out to his home to conduct a thorough inspection of the window wells and provide the best replacement. After the inspection, the specialist suggested the Julian have his window wells replaced with a steel version with both covers and ladders. This will minimize the chance of flooding to almost nothing! Happy with the result, Julian will no longer have to worry about his basement flooding due to his wells! > read more on window wells

WaterGuard Installed in Colorado Springs Basement

Diane’s son lives in a basement bedroom in their Colorado Springs, CO home. In the last major storm, water leaked into his basement bedroom and bathroom. To keep water out of their finished basement forever, Diane decided to schedule an appointment with Peak Structural Inc. During her free appointment, an expert informed her that the water leaked into the basement through the foundation walls due to inconsistent coverage of the waterproofing membrane. He designed an engineer-quality plan to permanently waterproof their home using the WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing System. Diane was thoroughly pleased with the proposal, and decided to continue with the installation. The WaterGuard System captures water seepage through walls and is nearly invisible when installed. The WaterGuard catches water before it reaches the basement floor, then transports it to a sump pump to move it outside. Once it was installed, Diane was comforted knowing that the WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing System would never clog and very happy with how it looked. > see basement waterproofing before & after pictures

Colorado Springs Home Gets New Window Well

Jimmi – a Colorado Springs, CO homeowner – has owned his beautiful home for ten years. Finally fed up with his dirty, rusty window wells, he decided to have experts install new ones to improve his home’s appearance. He browsed online and found Peak Structural Inc. Impressed by their many awards for customer service, Jimmi called to schedule an appointment with an expert design specialist. The expert addressed all of Jimmi’s concerns during the appointment, explaining the exact cost to achieve Jimmi’s goals and how the installation would proceed. Jimmi trusted Peak Structural Inc. to install two window wells on his home. The quick installation and employees’ professionalism made Jimmi happy he chose Peak Structural for his window well installation.
> see window well before & after pictures

PowerBraces Installed in Colorado Springs, CO

Sue owns a lovely home in Colorado Springs. A few years ago, she had a project done by a different structural repair company on her basement walls. There were very large cracks in multiple locations and instead of fixing the issue, they only filled the crack to make it appear better. When the problem came back, Sue went with a professional who would correct the issue permanently. She made an appointment with one of Peak Structural’s expert design specialists for a free estimate. When the specialist completed the evaluation of her walls, he explained that her walls were bowing inward. This was due to the high pressure of the soil coming from the exterior of the home. As the best solution for this issue, the specialist recommended several Powerbraces to be installed. This product would keep the walls from moving and push them back to their original position over time. Happy that her walls will not suffer from any more damage, Sue’s basement walls will crack no more!

PolyLevel Fixes Uneven Driveway in Colorado Springs, CO

Jeff owns a home in Colorado Springs that he’s been renovating. His next step is to fix and level his concrete patio, but for this he needs a professional. After hearing about Peak Structural, he called the office and scheduled a free estimate. An expert design specialist was sent out to conduct an inspection of the home to see what options there were. After the initial evaluation, the expert recommended the PolyLevel injection as the best option to level the concrete slabs. This product lifts the concrete by using polyurethane foam. Polyurethane is injected underneath the slab, where the foam then expands, leveling the driveway or sidewalk. With such an easy and permanent fix, Jeff is so happy to have an even patio again! > read more about PolyLevel

SuperSump Installed in Colorado Springs, CO

Andy has owned his home in Colorado Springs, CO for 12 years. In that time, he has noticed water pools around his front porch after rain and snow. Worried about the potential damage it could cause his home, he called Peak Structural to schedule a free in-depth inspection to address any problems and find the best solution for his needs. The expert design specialist inspected his home and offered a permanent solution to his water problems. The expert suggested that Andy dig a trench drain that runs the water to the SuperSump Premier Sump Pump system. This sump pump system can pump up to 2280 gallons per hour. The SuperSump pumps the discharge water 10 feet away from the home to ensure no water damages reaches the home’s foundation. Andy was very pleased with the friendliness of Peak Structural’s employees and the permanent solution to his water problem. > read more

Basement Flooding Issue Resolved in Colorado Springs, CO

Veronica owns a home in Colorado Springs. She recently noticed a leak coming into her basement from her egress window. After asking around, she decided to book an extensive, complimentary inspection with an expert design specialist from Peak Structural. The expert came out, explained why the problem occurred, and offered a custom solution to prevent any further water damage to her basement. To keep water from flooding her basement, our team installed the WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing System along the perimeter of the basement. This patented system collects all the water off the walls before it reaches the floor and filters out the dirt to prevent clogging. When installed, the WaterGuard system is nearly invisible, so visitors will rarely notice it. She was glad to permanently keep water off her basement floor and protect her valuables from mold and water damage. > read more about the Peak waterproofing system

CleanSpace Encapsulation System in Colorado Springs

One common problem that will occur in a dirt crawlspace is that there is too much humidity which can result in a very unhealthy environment. This is an issue that Mike and Tina realized needed to be resolved. As the homeowners, they decided to get professional help from Peak Structural in order to get the job done as best and efficiently as possible. Design Specialist Justin Castillo was sent to inspect their home and after his evaluation, suggested that the Crawlspace Encapsulation System was the best option. After the customers decided to move forward with the proposed solution, Foreman Stephen Walan and his crew successfully encapsulated their crawlspace in less than two days. Mike and Tina can now rest assured that their crawlspace is now safe and damage free! > read about crawl space encapsulation with Peak

PolyLevel Injection in Colorado Springs, CO

John and Valerie have a lovely home in Colorado Springs. Recently, they noticed some settlement in various locations on the exterior of their home. Recognizing a possible safety hazard, they decided that it was best to seek professional help in order to protect their most valuable investment.  After contacting Peak Structural, Design Specialist John Virgadamo was sent out to assess the situation. John found several uneven concrete slabs that needed to be stabilized. He proposed Polylevel as a solution to the homeowner and the decision was made to do what was necessary to stabilize the concrete. In only three days, Foreman Eric Boeding and his crew were able to successfully meet the expectations of the customer and lift the exterior slabs of the house, restoring the homeowner’s investment. > see before & after concrete repair photos

Waterproofing System Saves Finished Basement in Colorado Springs

Clement is a homeowner in Colorado Springs that contacted Peak Structural in May of 2015. That year the rains had started earlier than usual. Several severe rainstorms wreaked havoc on the basement and it started to flood. The problem was not fixable through DIY methods, and tired of facing the same issue, Clement called Peak Structural to do the job.

A design specialist was sent out to inspect the property and damages, and soon after the installation team was working their magic. Peak Structural installed a complete waterproofing system including WaterGuard, a SuperSump, a Triple Safe Sump, and IceGuard. Together these products were able to fix the problem permanently. As a member of the Peak Care Club, Clement has Peak Structural’s service technicians visit the property every year, and it’s reported the home has not had any water intrusion issues.

Leaning Chimney Fixed in Colorado Springs, CO

Norman and Pat in Colorado Springs noticed that their chimney was leaning and pulling away from their house. They became concerned with what they were seeing and called Peak Structural to come out and look at what was happening and provide them with an estimate for what it was going to cost to have this fixed.

Peak Structural Design Specialist, Isaac, went out and did a thorough inspection of what was happening with Norman and Pat’s chimney. Isaac provided them with an estimate to have push piers installed to help fix this problem.

The Peak Structural Crew reached Norman and Pat’s house and began excavating for the push piers to be inserted. Once the holes were dug Push Piers were installed to straighten and lift the leaning chimney. Once the piers were put into place they saw the leaning chimney straighten out and meet back with the house. > read more about push piers

Stopping and Preventing Water Issues in a crawlspace in Colorado Springs, CO

Jim has a house in Colorado Springs that was getting water into the crawlspace. He knew that if he didn’t not get the issue looked at and resolved, the issue would simple become worse. He called Peak Structural and set an appointment to have a Design Specialist to come out and inspect what was happening in his crawl space.

The best solution for Jim’s issue included 3 sump pumps to make sure the water was drained from the crawlspace and a complete encapsulation so the crawlspace would remain sealed and dry.

The Peak Structural Crew began by draining out the existing water and once it was dry and the wet dirt was replaced, the encapsulation process began. Once the encapsulation was done and the WaterGuard drainage system was installed, the sump pumps were added.

Jim is thrilled with the work and now can rest easy knowing that his crawlspace is clean and dry and ready for whatever the whether forecast is.

Jim writes, “The crew was excellent. They showed up as advertised and completed the project on time. They took minimum breaks, explained what they were doing, answered questions and were extremely courteous and professional.”

Straight and Strong Beams in Colorado Springs, CO

Kerry C. is a property manager and has multiple properties that she is running. Kerry discovered that two of her properties had beams bowing in the crawlspace she called Peak Structural. We set an appointment for one of our Design Specialists to go out and take a look at both properties on the same day and provided her with an estimate for each. Kerry decided that this issue needed to be fixed before it became any worse.

The next step was to get the Peak Structural Crew out and fix both buildings’ beams in the crawlspaces. Peak Structural worked with Kerry and found days that would work best for her. The team spent 2 days out at both properties had within those two days SmartJacks and new beams were put into both crawlspaces. Now Kerry can continue to run her properties knowing that the once bowing beams in two of her properties are now new, straight, and supported.


1896 Victorian Home foundation made stronger in Colorado Springs

Cynthia lives in a beautiful Victorian home that was built in 1896 located in Colorado Springs. With the house being over a hundred years old, Cynthia began to notice her cellar walls were bowing and during heavy rains there would be water that found its way into this cellar. Cynthia called Peak Structural and we were able to get someone out to give her a no cost estimate on what it would take to repair the foundation on such an old home. Once the estimate was provided, Cynthia moved forward with the project. Our Peak Structural Crew arrived on site and began digging and preparing to install wall anchors. Once the holes on the exterior home were dug and the cellar was prepared the crew began their work. Geo-Lock Anchors were installed into the 100 year old home and in order to prevent from the walls from deteriorating more than they already were shotcrete was placed on the walls and then smoothed out. Now Cynthia can rest easy knowing that her Victorian styled house that is more than 100 years old is safe and secure. Cynthia was extremely impressed with Peak Structural and the work that was done in her home.

In a review she wrote, “…The finished results were even better than I had expected. The extra finishing touches on the concrete were a pleasant surprise especially since this wall is in an unfinished cellar that no one sees. The project crews were pleasant and prompt, and showed commitment to doing their jobs accurately. I would definitely consider Peak Structural for future projects.”



Waterproofing a leaking basement in Colorado Springs

Mike had water coming in through his basement walls and floors. He needed someone to come out and prevent this from happening before the snow began to melt and make things worse. He called Peak Structural and our team went out to meet with Mike and provide him with his no cost estimate. Once Mike received his written estimate, he agreed to proceed with the work. Nathan and his team went out and began waterproofing Mike’s basement. They also replaced the window wells. Mike was very pleased with the work that was done by Nathan and his crew and can now rest easy knowing his basement is dry and warm.

Tripping Hazards around House fixed in South Colorado Springs

The biggest issue with slab repair, is that the reason for the cracking and settlement just is not being addressed. It’s the soil movement beneath the slab that’s cause the damage. Methods such as Mudjacking & total concrete replacement address the slab itself, but aren’t doing anything about the dirt.

Homeowner Jack P had had enough of the ugly, cracked sidewalk in front of his house. But more importantly, the slabs were sinking in different directions causing tripping hazards all over the place. And when the safety of grandchildren becomes an issue, something must be done. Jack decided to tear it all out and pour a brand spanking new sidewalk leading up to this front porch.

Well, it looked great…..but not for long. Finishing up the work right before rainy season left plenty of room for soil movement. And that’s just what happened. His beautiful new, level sidewalk turned into a beautiful new, tripping hazard once again.

So Jack called Peak Structural out to fix the underlying issue. The soil. Design Specialist, John Virgadamo, prescribed PolyLEVEL to Jack’s sinking sidewalk. The Polyurethane Injection not only will lift the sidewalk slabs right back to a level position, but compacts and waterproofs the soil underneath the slab, so it doesn’t react to different moisture levels throughout the seasons.

Jack is pleased with his stabilized sidewalk, and even happier that it comes with a nationally backed, transferable warranty.


Wall Failure Stopped in Colorado Springs, CO

Foundation Wall failure sometimes isn’t as easy to fix as you might think. Band-Aid solutions that a handyman may prescribe, just won’t cut it. If you’re not addressing the REASON for you problem, you’ll experience the same issues time and time again. There can be many moving parts to “why” a wall is failing.

That is just what Manon Kregor experienced in his home. The hydrostatic pressure (lateral force of expansive soil) on the outside of the foundation was so strong that the wall began to bow. This created long, horizontal cracks on the interior of the wall, allowing water to push its way through and into the basement. But where there’s a way in, water fill find it. Not only was moisture present in the wall cracks, but substantial seepage at the floorjoint of the wall, and through the wall itself!

Peak Structural Design Specialist Peter Crain identified each of the issues, and installed a number of products. The FSI Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System, The WaterGuard Piping System, an Epoxy Injection of the cracks, and our CleanSpace Wall liner.

All of these patented products work to stabilize the bowing wall, collect water intrusion from the floor joints BEFORE it floods the basement, seal the crack in the wall from air and moisture, and to guide any water making its way through the wall.

Manon now has a fully waterproofed basement with no future risk of bowing wall. > read more about wall failure


Window Wells aiding the problem in Colorado Springs, Co

Windows are great for providing egress to a basement, as well as filling it up with natural light. But what happens when your window wells begin to fill up with water from rain or snow? You get a free aquarium, that’s what. An aquarium that can’t wait to leak into your basement.

Lynn in Colorado Springs, Co not only had water seepage from the floor flooding her basement, but her wells were filling up and spilling over the sill into the basement.

Peak Structural’s, Isaac Vigil, (Systems Design Specialist), diagnosed the problem and designed the WaterGuard Waterproofing system in her basement. While the WaterGuard collects water attempting to enter at the floor, it won’t help with the window well filling up. The Basement Systems WellDuct is a great solution. The WellDuct is a drain placed at the bottom of the well, with piping carrying the water through the foundation wall to the interior WellDuct. The water will then fall down the wall and into the WaterGuard where our state of the art Sump Pump systems do the rest.

Lynn can now rest easy when it rains, knowing that her Window Wells are protected.


Waterproofed Stone & Brick Foundation in Colorado Springs, CO

The majority of the time, when basements are flooded with water, the seepage occurs on the floor where the foundation wall meets the slab. However, because concrete is porous, hydrostatic pressure on the outside of the wall, can force water not only through the floor joints, but can actually course water THROUGH the wall itself!

That’s just what Helen, in Monument, CO experienced with her basement. An old stone & mortar foundation, Helen had water appearing on the face of her foundation wall and cascading down the interior right into the basement.

She then called Peak Structural out for an inspection, and Systems Design Specialist Brandon Armstrong stopped her problem. Brandon called for WaterGuard to be installed along the perimeter, and the Basement Systems Cleanspace Wall Liner along all leaking parts of the foundation. This ensures that any moisture/water that makes its way into the basement, will be guided down the wall, right into your interior piping system. This water is then sent away by a Sump Pump.

Helen can now rest easy knowing that any way water tries to flood her basement, she’s covered on all ends.


Broadmoor Home Gets a Permanently Waterproofed Basement

It’s not often your home is really put to the test, but in the Spring of 2015, many homeowners got the chance. With this region of Colorado seeing more rain than ever before, water was a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, this means water intrusion.

And that’s just what Jim experienced with his beautiful basement in the Broadmoor area. Water entering from nearly every wall of the house, and a soggy, muddy crawlspace to top it off. Design Specialist Pete Lobo of Peak Structural prescribed a full perimeter repair plan to ensure this finished living space stays dry, and stays dry ALL the time.

Pete proposed the Basement Systems’ WaterGuard Drainage System, coupled with the best Sump Pump system on the market — The TripleSafe Sump Pump. With large basements such as this, one must have a pump that can withstand large volumes of water. And since the WaterGuard channels water from along the entire perimeter, common pumps purchased at hardware stores just won’t cut it.

Additionally, Jim decided that it was time to kiss his muddy, yucky crawlspace goodbye. Peak installed the CleanSpace Encapsulation system, isolating the crawlspace away from the dirt, mud, and cold foundation walls. The result will be a dry, clean crawlspace that can be used for storage.

Now, Jim can make repairs to his basement knowing that water intrusion is a thing of the past. > read more about CleanSpace


PolyLevel Rescued Colorado Springs Driveway

For years, Jeff had put up with an uneven driveway slab and settling garage concrete slabs. At first, it wasn’t so bad. But over time, Where the driveway meets the garage just sunk lower and LOWER. By the time Peak Structural made it out, the lip was about a 2.5″. Not only is this a tripping hazard and unpleasant to look at, but a driver must apply the gas pedal just to climb over the hump and into the garage to park. Additionally, the weight of the vehicles inside the garage began causing the slabs to sink.

Design Specialist John VirgaDamo prescribed the Basement Systems PolyLEVEL system. Chaun Diblasi and his crew swung in, and popped Jeff’s slab right back into position.

Now, thanks to Peak, Jeff can idle right into his garage.

Water Intrusion in basement Stopped in Colorado Springs

Melissa and Thomas contacted Peak Structural for an estimate to stop water from entering their basement every time it rains.

Peak’s Design Specialist, Matt Marine, expertly assessed the problem for them on-site, and found the best solution to their problem to be the WaterGuard Interior Drainage System.

Crew foreman, Taylor Kirby, and his team Joe and Cameron performed the installation. Melissa and Thomas were very excited with the completed work, and couldn’t say enough about the professionalism and cleanliness of the crew members. Melissa said they did an awesome job with her basement, and she and her husband will be referring everyone they can to Peak Structural in the future!

Thank you, Melissa and Thomas for the high remarks! We hope you enjoy your dry basement for years to come!


Flooding Basement in Colorado Springs, CO

Susan R. of Colorado Springs, CO was searching online for a solution to constant water getting into her basement due to relentless rain when she came across Peak Structural. After some due diligence reference checking, Susan contacted us for help.

Design Specialist Isaac Vigil visited Susan, and took his time assessing the issue both inside and outside the home. He explained everything to Susan, making sure she understood everything that was going on, and proposed a waterproofing system tailored to her specific needs.

Crew foreman Taylor Kirby, and his team Joe and Phillip installed a WaterGuard System for Susan’s basement. They were very professional during the entire process, stopping every so often to answer Susan’s questions, and explaining how it worked. After the installation was complete, the system was tested, and Susan was extremely happy to have a safe and dry basement once again.

Thank you for being such a great customer, Susan, we’re happy you don’t have to worry about your basement flooding ever again!


Foundation Settling Fixed in North Colorado Springs, CO

Connie H. had some settling in her front porch patio, and contacted Peak Structural for a permanent solution to her problem. When Connie called in to the office, she was able to set an appointment for 3 days later to have a free estimate performed at her home by Design Specialist Matt Marine.

Upon inspection, Matt was able to determine that the proper solution to Connie’s problem would be with two 3-inch Helical Piers, and two Angle Irons, used to raise the patio back to its proper placing.

Crew foreman Will Campbell and his team Aaron and Zach completed Connie’s project for her, and gave her the assurance she needed that there would be no more settling in this area. Connie was extremely pleased with not only the job that was done, but the attention paid to her by all parties involved, from the office staff, to the Design Specialist, and especially the installation crew. Great job, guys!

Connie has said that she would highly recommend Peak Structural to anyone looking for structural repairs in the future. Thank you, Connie!


Finished Basement Waterproofed in Colorado Springs

When Laura and Nick M. remodeled and finished their basement, they were ecstatic with their new space, until a bad rain storm came in and flooded the area. That was when they called Peak Structural for help.

When system design specialist, Ross Schaulis, arrived at the home, he saw something that was all to common; a beautifully finished basement ruined by water damage. Ross proposed a full perimeter Waterguard system, which includes a Triple Safe Sump Pump.

The Waterguard system works in two parts: when water enters the basement along the wall, the water is carried to the core of the system, the Triple Safe Sump Pump. From there, the water is pumped out of the basement and away from the foundation outside.

Nick and Laura were thrilled with this solution, and can now refinish their basement knowing they will never have to worry about water damage again.


PowerBrace System Straightens Colorado Springs Bowing Wall

When Brent R. began noticing his basement wall bowing inward, he decided to call Peak Structural. Systems Design Specialist Tony Casados came out to evaluate the home, and saw exactly what Brent was worried about; a severely bowed wall.

Brent was sure that he would have to tear his house up and spend a fortune to replace the entire wall, until Tony showed him the Foundation Supportworks PowerBrace System. The heavy duty, zinc plated steel beams are cut to fit your basement wall, after which the top of the beam is secured to the floor joists and the bottom of the beam is anchored to the concrete floor. The installation was fast, taking only one day to install 6 PowerBraces throughout Brent’s basement, and the beams can be tightened periodically to help straighten the wall over time.

Brent can now rest easy knowing that he stopped his bowing walls will now begin to straighten and will not be causing more severe damage to the rest of the home over time.


Cracked walls in Colorado Springs, CO

David G. had growing cracks in multiple rooms of his house for years. One day, he decided enough was enough and called Peak Basement Systems for a free estimate to address his concerns. Peak came out the following Monday and diagnosed the root of the problem-a sinking and settling foundation. David put Peak to work shortly thereafter.

Utilizing 16 Foundation Supportworks Geo-Lock wall anchors, the crew finished work in a mere two days. Made of galvanized steel, Geo-Lock wall anchors begin installation with a plate that is secured to the failing wall, while connecting steel tie backs are pushed 12 feet into the earth, connecting to an anchor that secures the wall for years to come. Wall anchors can be tightened by the homeowner and are accompanied with a lifetime warranty through Peak.

David and his family can now rest easy knowing that their walls are secured for good.

Smartjack System saves this sagging floor in Colorado Springs, CO

Scott D. had growing concerns about the continually sagging floors in his home, along with the creaking noises and feeling of instability that accompanied the issue. Realizing ignoring the problem would only make it worse, Scott called Peak Basement Systems to conduct his free estimate.

Design Specialist Robert Scarola evaluated the condition of the sagging floors, and recommended that Scott install four strategically placed SmartJacks to resolve the issue. Scott was thrilled by the solution Robert suggested, and even more ecstatic that he could pick the installation date right at his kitchen table. SmartJacks, made of galvanized steel and designed for easy installation, are attached to the floor joist in the crawl space, which boosts and stabilizes the floors above.

The installation of SmartJacks in this Colorado Springs home took just one day, and Scott was pleased to walk on a level floor once again.


News from Colorado Springs


Paul Sutton’s Peak Structural, Inc., a leading home repair service provider in Colorado, is proud to be awarded the Excellence in Customer Service Award from the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado for the third consecutive year. Peak Structural was among the nine EICS winners recognized at the 23rd Annual A Night of Excellence Awards Gala held Thursday, September 28, 2017 at City Auditorium.

Palmer Lake, CO, October 3, 2017 – Paul Sutton’s Peak Structural, Inc., a leading home repair service provider in Colorado, is proud to be awarded the Excellence in Customer Service Award from the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado for the third consecutive year. Peak Structural was among the nine EICS winners recognized at the 23rd Annual A Night of Excellence Awards Gala held Thursday, September 28, 2017 at City Auditorium.
“We are honored to be nominated and to receive this prestigious award from the BBB, recognizing our commitment to providing remarkable customer service,” said Paul Sutton, Owner of Peak Structural, Inc. at the BBB A Night of Excellence Awards Gala. “Thank you so much for this award tonight and from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us another year to serve the community that we live in and love.”
The BBB of Southern Colorado has recognized Southern Colorado businesses for superior customer service since 1995. Businesses that espouse the best practices in customer service ultimately make our community a better place to live. The Excellence in Customer Service Award has never been awarded to the same company for three consecutive years.
Peak Structural, Inc. provides exceptional structural, basement, concrete, and crawl space repair services to homeowners throughout the Pikes Peak region and greater Colorado Springs. With a mission to consistently deliver remarkable experiences, Peak strives to solve any basement, crawlspace, and foundation problem by providing permanent and effective solutions.

Paul and Lisa Sutton Receiving BBB EICS Award for Third Consecutive YearManagement team dressed in Hollywood vintage attire at BBB Awards Gala September 28, 2017.Peak Structural, Inc. management team celebrating receiving the BBB Excellence in Customer Service Award for the third consecutive year.Paul and Lisa Sutton, Owners of Peak Structural, Inc. accepting their third Excellence in Customer Service Award from the BBB of Southern Colorado

> read more news

Work Requests Colorado Springs

Grosbeak Pt in Colorado Springs

Greetings. Recently purchase a house and the home inspection report indicated problems (gaps) in the vapor barrier. Need to get an idea of what we’re looking at to rectify this; whether the missing sections can be fixed/replaced or if the entire vapor barrier needs attention. I would like to get the repair done before the cold weather arrives.

Brown Valley Ln in Colorado Springs

I have a raised ranch built in 1973, there are a couple cracks in the foundation coming from a window and I am wanting to begin looking at remodeling the house and want to get an assessment on the condition of the foundation to see what concerns might need to be addressed with those cracks or otherwise before I decide what I can or will be doing

W Bijou St in Colorado Springs

Cracked, settling concrete foundation. House was built in 1904, due to high clay content in soil the foundation shifts and moves with the seasons and weather. We have several large cracks in the foundation around the house. Our crawlspace flooded in the spring of 2016 with all the heavy ongoing rains. We have had a sump pump installed. I would like to schedule an appointment for someone to come out and inspect the house and give us options/estimates for what can be done to repair the foundation.

Mercury Dr. in Colorado Springs

I rent this home. The landlord lives in California. It is a rancher above a 3+ foot crawl space. There is a crack in the concrete foundation on the east side. The owner has asked me to get it checked out.

Escapardo Way in Colorado Springs

Basement gets water in one room when we have heavy rain. Looking to sell the house and need to see what is needed to fix the problem.

Case Studies Colorado Springs

Case Studies: Colorado Springs Driveway Repaired

Friday, May 12th, 2017 by Bethany Wolfer 
Due to settling slabs, the gaps in the driveway have grown larger
Very small holes, about 5/8″, are drilled strategically into the concrete. This is where the polyurethane foam is injected to stabilize the slab.
The holes from the Polylevel Injection have been filled and the cracks have been sealed, providing a nice, finished driveway.


Aaron and Wendy own a home in Colorado Springs. They had noticed that over the years, the cracks between concrete slabs on their driveway and patio were growing larger. Wanting to find out the cause and repair it permanently, they decided to talk to a professional. After contacting Peak Structural and Scheduling a free estimate, an expert design specialist was sent to their home for an evaluation. Once the specialist could see the area, he was able to diagnose the issue and recommend the best solution. The expert sat down with Aaron and Wendy and explained that their concrete slabs were settling, creating an uneven surface and larger gaps between each slab.


As the best and most permanent solution, the expert recommended that Aaron and Wendy go with the PolyLevel Injection along with NexusPro. Polylevel is high-density foam that expands once injected beneath the slab. Expansion creates a lift and can re-level an entire driveway. Not only this, but Polylevel will also permanently stabilize the slabs! After the concrete is lifted, the cracks can be sealed with NexusPro. After talking to the design specialist and hearing the great benefits of Polylevel and Nexuspro, Aaron and Wendy decided to move forward and are very happy they did!

Case Studies: Waterproofing System Installed in Colorado Springs Basement

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 by Bethany Wolfer


Cindy owns a home in Colorado Springs. Her home has an unfinished basement that Cindy had recently decided to remodel and make into a livable space. Unfortunately, the basement has been flooding for the past couple years and she could not move forward with her project until she had the flooding issue resolved.

There are all different types of basements with various kinds of soil. It’s the water in the soil that causes the flooding in so many homes. The water enters the basement through cracks, walls, floors, and joints between them. These issues have been happening for a very long time and now there’s a perfect solution!

Wanting to prevent any more damage and prevent any future flooding, Cindy contacted Peak Structural for a free estimate. One of our expert design specialists was sent out to the home to conduct a thorough inspection of the problem area. After the evaluation, the specialist recommended that Cindy have the WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing System installed along with our Single Pack pump.


After having the opportunity to learn more about the suggested products, Cindy wanted to move forward the installation. The WaterGuard is a piping system that is specifically engineered to not clog while moving the water to the pump. The pump then moves the water out of the basement to the exterior of the home, solving the flooding issue.

The Waterguard has many benefits and offers many design features that will help keep the basement dry. This includes the special wall flange that is part of the Waterguards design. This flange creates a space between the wall and floor to allow any seepage from the wall into the pipes.

With so many designs to keep the  basement dry and the water pumping out of the basement, Cindy will not have to worry about anymore floods in her basement!

Testimonials Colorado Springs

The crew was very unobtrusive, kept a clean work area! Excellent clean up, excellent job!
Tom R. from Colorado Springs, CO
Your crew certainly did a fine job and each made every effort to keep from tracking dirt from the work area through the house.
Mr. and Mrs. H. from Colorado Springs, CO
I appreciated the punctuality and professionalism. I was surprised how nice you left the house.
Testimonial by Linda L. from Colorado Springs, CO
Your crew was very business-like and worked hard! They did their job very well!
James H. of Colorado Springs, CO
The crew was courteous and professional–they wasted no time, came to do the job and finished it quickly. Your cleanup was very good!
Max B. of Colorado Springs, CO
The crawlspace encapsulation lives up to its promises.  The house seems warmer and more cozy, with a noticeable drop in gas used to heat the first month.  Also, the musty smell is gone.  I especially appreciate the handling of the fresh air duct to the furnace at no additional cost, which was not in the written estimate.
Doyle D. of Colorado Springs, CO
Jack McGuire was very professional, absolutely stress free and made the experience very enjoyable.  The staff and crew, especially Gary, John, and Jack were awesome!  I love my new crawlspace! I’m glad I got this done before future problems–I recommend that anyone with a dirt crawlspace do this using Peak Basement Systems.
Matthew C. of Colorado Springs, CO
Thank you all very much!  It was my pleasure to meet everyone from Peak Basement Systems.  Gary, the foreman, and his crew were very friendly each day on the job and answered all my questions and explained their work. Thank you for your concern and work on my foundation damage.
Jane H. of Colorado Springs, CO

Jack was very reassuring–Peak Basement Systems had more concrete credentials than anyone else! Overall, we are pleased with the work. We would use you guys again!

Angelita P. of Colorado Springs, CO
Dear Paul, From the initial estimate through project completion Peak Basement Systems was a pleasure to work with. You arrived on time for each appointment and did everything you said you would do. The quality of the work was high and well worth investment. Thanks for a quality job! Paul, My daughter Lauren also wanted to express her thanks (she’s begging me to let her ) so I’m turning the computer over to her: Jacking the house was not a ball, especially because my room was in the basement!!!! All the furniture was in my room, so I was sharing a room with my brother!!!! When I saw Peak Basement Systems, I knew they were the one! When the men came to jack the house, they worked fast and in snow and cold. I was able to see the way they worked the machines, it was really interesting. When they were done I couldn’t believe it!
Lauren and Mitchell M. of Colorado Springs, CO
I’ve used Peak in the past and the staff is great! I love the customer service, professionalism, and their speed at assessing the problem. The cleanup was spot on and I’m pleased with the work that was finished! I will use Peak Basement Systems again in the future! I love the customer service, professionalism, and their speed at assessing the problem.
Mel W. of Colorado Springs, CO
Peak was great! I didn’t look anywhere else! We will be calling you again for any other work that we need and I will tell our friends about you.
Ashley H. of Colorado Springs, CO
It was great, Peak did work on my neighbor and I at the same time! The guys on the crew gave me reassurance and made the process painless!
Joe J. of Colorado Springs, CO
I chose Peak because of the warranty! The fact that it was free to transfer was wonderful.
Susan S. of Colorado Springs, CO
I had sister walls and a new wall installed. The whole project was great! I loved the work, the clean up and the professionalism of the office.
Frank S. of Colorado Springs, CO
I found Peak on the Better Business Directory and looked them up because of their rating. After the appointment, I selected Peak because of experience and expertise with our type problem.
Tom M. of Colorado Springs, CO
Tom was professional and his presentation was helpful and stress free.
Roger R. of Colorado Springs , CO
My engineer recommended Peak as the best company for my project. I was extremely pleased and have referred you to other people for their structural work! My neighbors, too!
Al W. of Colorado Springs, CO
We chose Peak because of a recommendation from a neighbor. Your foreman, Joe, was great to work with! The project went well and we’re waiting for our next door neighbor to give you a call!
Robert a. of Colorado Springs, CO
We heard about the company from Aaron, your Investor and Realtor Specialist. He walked with us through our first investment home purchase–we got a great deal because the property was distressed. Here’s where Peak came in! We needed a foundation fix and got it done right. We chose Peak for the project because of the price and warranty.
Casey B. of Colorado Springs, CO
Peak was great to work with! The crew is great! We were very pleased, the house is very level.
Mary W. of Colorado Springs, CO
I selected Peak because of the customer service, knowledge, was able to get out there quickly to diagnose problem. I have used Peak in the past, I will use Peak again in the future.
Melanie W. of Colorado Springs, CO
I chose Peak because I believed in their ability. The crews were great and they were great at cleanup.
Mark J. of Central Colorado Springs, CO
I chose Peak Basement Systems because I had humidity issues and felt no one else could fix them.
Bonnie T. of Colorado Springs, CO
The foreman, Chris, should get a raise.  Impressive work ethic displayed by all of the workers on site.  Completion was timely.
Julie G. of Central Colorado Springs, CO
I didn’t bother looking anywhere else, I already knew Jack and the product. Jack was very professional.
Jeffrey K. of Colorado Springs, CO
Client needed a professional opinion regarding a DR Horton unfinished basement. Peak Basement Systems was there the next day. Jack McGuire answered all of the questions and the client is moving forward. Thank you very much Cassi, Jennifer and Jack for the fantastic service you provided!
Vicki M. of Colorado Springs, CO
Peak gave us a very good and very positive experience!
Scott a. of Colorado Springs, CO
Peak came highly recommended by our structural engineer. After meeting with your rep, we were more comfortable with Peak than any other company and we were certain the work would be better. Your price and scope of work was better than the rest!
Chris H. of Colorado Spring, CO
We found Peak through a postcard from a few years ago and our foundation issues finally got to the point where we really needed to do something quickly. Your estimator, Aaron Moore, was fabulous! He was spot on in his proposal and really worked hard to get us the best solution. I was shocked when the crew lifted my house and the big crack that I was worried about was closed completely!!
Mrs. B. of Colorado Springs, CO
I absolutely love Aaron Moore, your system design specialist. Your customer service and pricing is awesome, your cleanup is excellent, your crews professional. I always call you guys and you always respond quickly. I wouldn’t take my business anywhere else!!
Lynda of Colorado Springs, CO
I decided to use Peak Basement Systems because of the level of professionalism that they demonstrated in all that they do.  Their Systems Specialist was helpful and knowledgeable. Joe and the crew did a great job and always kept me in the loop with progress reports! They left my home in better condition than they found it!!
Raf M. of Colorado Springs, CO
I met with your Design Specialist, Aaron Moore, at a foreclosed home.  His proposed project was priced just right and he really knew what he was doing. Everything was done just the way we planned it.
Mike of Colorado Springs, CO
From your Call Center person, Jen, to your crew, everyone was great! Your Systems Design Specialists are friendly and to the point. I’m very pleased with the work that was completed!
I would definitely recommend Peak Basement Systems!! I am very satisfied with the work that you guys did and you were the only company that had what I wanted!
Barry A. of Colorado Springs, CO
I was referred to Peak by the Mine Subsidence Information Center to fix my subsidence issues. The referral from these experts made my decision to work with you a no-brainer !
Jim D. of Colorado Springs, CO
Peak Basement Systems’ suggested repairs were right on target with the recommendations made by our engineer! That level of expertise is priceless! My friend’s recommendation to use you guys was a great idea!
Amelia T. of Colorado Springs, CO
VERY quiet work. I even had a nap while they worked. The guys were great and informative as to what was going on. I would recommend this crew and company to my friends in a heartbeat.
J R. of Colorado Springs, CO
Your firm recently completed installing helical and resistance piers on several homes in our townhome community.  From the first contact with your salesman, Aaron to the crews on site it was a first class operation.  Your crew was respectful of our homeowners and our property, keeping the jobsites clean and contained. Thank you for a job well done. Sonnet Springs HOA Board
Sonnet S. of Colorado Springs, CO
I chose Peak because you had the most available products and options to design a system for my project. I received several recommendations for Peak from my neighbors, so I knew I was in good hands.
Cyndie of Colorado Springs, CO
I chose Peak to replace my old, icky sump pumps and make discharge lines for the new ones because of your A+ rating with the BBB. Your service and cleanup were top of the line, just like your products!
Charlotte of Colorado Springs, CO
Peak installed wall plates on my foundation walls between the garage and my house to unify the wall. The garage was literally falling off the house! A neighbor, who had their foundation repaired with Peak, recommended we call Peak Structural to have it evaluated and repaired. My husband met with the System Design Specialist and decided on the course of action and I was the one who interacted with the crews at my house. Your crew members were really nice and friendly! Clean up was great!
Mary Y. of Colorado Springs, CO
I was referred to Peak Basement Systems after a Residential Structural Engineer here locally said that we had drainage issues that caused our posts and pads to fail. Everything went really smoothly! No more squeaky, dipping floors! The whole house stopped making that “settling” noise at night.
Alexi S. of Colorado Springs, CO
Peak came out to our townhouse development to work on severals of the homes in our area after construction flaws were discovered. Your staff was very professional and helped each of us with individually scoped projects. My house needed the least amount of work from settling, but it was still large to me and you guys understood that. In fact, I showed up really early to your office to drop of one of my payments on my way to work and your crews were nice and helpful–just like when they are in the neighborhood. It let me know that you really have good guys, not just people pretending to be good. Thanks!
L. N. of Colorado Springs, CO
Peak was the only company in town who was willing to work on my home! My basement floods seasonally and I was tired of cleaning it up all the time. I’m very pleased with Peak and the system that you installed!
Brandon M. of Colorado Springs, CO
The crew just finished final cleanup and are headed out–I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great job! Kudos on clean up, guys!
Amy K. of Colorado Springs, CO
Thank you, everyone! Tom has just finished his inspection. You folks are incredible communicators, and it’s very much appreciated!
Rob of Colorado Springs, CO
I heard about Peak Basement Systems from a friend who had their house done by you all.  You guys did a great job!  Your staff was always prompt and I’m very pleased with how you did the work.
Carl H. of Colorado Springs, CO
We hired a mudjacker to even out our garage slab and he noticed that our home settled.  We were really nervous, but he said to call you folks at Peak and you’d take care of us.  Jack, our design specialist, was great. He was real patient and listened to all our concerns. The work you’d done in our neighborhood was excellent and the crew took care of us with the same great work. Cleanup was excellent, too.
Mr. a. of Colorado Springs, CO
Thank you, Peak, for helping me. Your staff was very kind. I had two companies come out to do estimates and I chose Peak because the other company wouldn’t produce a written guarantee prior to me signing the contract and your presentation was much more thorough.
Mary G. of Colorado Springs, CO
Dear Peak, Your staff was very informative and helpful throughout our repair process. I appreciated your savings program and the overall design of your chimney bracket solution. Your crew arrived on time and was very helpful in explaining exactly what the procedures would be and how the repair would take place. The cleanup was excellent and all that I had to do was a little caulking. I’m real happy with the work. Thank you!
Tom M. of Colorado Springs, CO
I’m very satisfied with the workmanship! The Crew did a GREAT job and made very little mess!
Ronald J. of Colorado Springs, CO
Peak Basement Systems installed piers in my home about a month ago. The whole process was nice. Aaron Moore was very helpful and polite and kept me in the loop from the beginning. Chris and Mike were my installation team and they sure knew what they were doing! They put the piers in and then put everything back the way it was!  I even gave my Foundation Repair Science book to my next door neighbor, since they are having the same problems I was.
Flora of Colorado Springs, CO
Peak Basement Systems, I just wanted to drop you a note that I really appreciated the fine job you did on installation and cleanup of my CleanSpace system.  I found your staff and crew to be nice and professional! Thanks, Jordyn
Jordyn of Colorado Springs, CO
Both my Engineer and my Real Estate Agent said that you guys were the professionals of choice in town and they were right!  You came highly recommended both by professionals in various fields and by institutions like the BBB and Regional Building.  I am really happy with the project and how it turned out. It’s nice to move into a home that I know is stable!
RS of Colorado Springs, CO
I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the exceptional cleanup, courtesy, and professionalism of the Peak staff. Jack was great, very professional. I only got one estimate–for you–because I felt that Jack was honest with me.
Jo A. of Colorado Springs, CO
I just got finished with meeting with your specialist, Tom. You guys are the only company in town that addresses the problem I have! Thank you for getting me an estimate right away and for having a solution to my problem.
Brian of Colorado Springs, CO
Thanks for coming out and gathering the data for your evaluation of our problem. I’m going to try to cut the walls and email the pictures this weekend. If you need more pictures, just let me know and I’ll make more cuts and take more pictures. The books that Peak Basement Systems sends out are extremely informative and are well worth the expense in my opinion. It makes it so much easier to understand the concepts when you’ve read those books. The last thing I want to comment on is how impressed I was with the person who answers your phone. I’m 60 so I’ve talked to about a million “first responders” in my life. Colleen is far and away the best. Certainly she was helpful and courteous, but she went far beyond that – she cared. I, too, own a business and I have a wonderful “first responder”. However, if mine quits I may come looking for her replacement at Peak Basement Systems. Fair warning. Greg
Greg of Colorado Springs, CO
I was referred to Peak Basement Systems by a friend. When I checked you out at the BBB, I was very pleased with your reputation in the community.  The office staff was great! I liked the crew and the whole project was very good! I’m absolutely going to refer people to Peak Basement Systems!
Mirriam of Colorado Springs, CO
We’ve worked with Aaron Moore and Peak Basement Systems more than once.  Our investor group refers you with high marks!  Aaron is knowledgeable and helpful and that, coupled with your reputation for quality, we’re always happy to say, “Just call Peak Basement Systems”. Great job again! Crews and clean up were great like usual! Thanks!
Bonnie of Colorado Springs, CO
I am very satisfied with the workmanship on my project.  The crew did a great job and made very little mess.
Rommel of Colorado Springs, CO
A Construction Defect Attorney recommended Peak Basement Systems to do the repair work on these residences. Here’s what lead me to choose Peak Basement Systems for this project: 1. the knowledge and presentation of expertise and 2.  the total package–confidence in knowing this would be handled from beginning to end and I would not have to do anything. The crew was very professional and kind including the morning I came by early and unannounced to drop off a check. In fact, they kept the job site very clean all of the time. Other than finding 3 small pieces of red tape on the ground, the job site was immaculate! I cannot tell you what a positive experience it was from setting up the appointment through completion.  I work for a firm that is very heavy on customer service, you can’t make it without that, and you guys are great! You can use me as a reference any day!
Lynn of Colorado Springs, CO
I got your name from a local mudjacker who said that I was experiencing a foundation problem, not something that could be solved with leveling injections. My Design Specialist, was very helpful and patient with me.  The system the design specialist designed was logical and reasonable for what we needed.  Honestly, I expected more mess and damage to the front porch, which was piered. I’m glad the work was so unobtrusive!
Nancey of Colorado Springs, CO
My son, who is a commercial Realtor, recommended Peak Basement Systems.  The Systems Design Specialist was as professional and thorough as my son said he would be. The project went smoothly and the cleanup was very nice!  We would certainly recommend Peak Basement Systems! Everyone was very efficient and professional!
Mary L. of Colorado Springs, CO
We met our Systems Design Specialist, Aaron Moore, at the Home Show.  His professionalism lead us to move forward with a custom foundation repair project with Peak Basement Systems. The crew was great and the cleanup was outstanding!  Thanks, guys!
Kate of Colorado Springs, CO
Peak was recommended to me by Mark McCafferty of Criterium Engineering.  He said that you guys would do an excellent piering installation for us and you did!
John of Colorado Springs, CO
I heard about Peak Basement Systems from Crackerjack Mudjacking.  They said I needed a permenant solution to my settling problem.  I only got one bid, which was from your company, and I felt that the expert power I needed was there. Thank you for a great project!
Geraldine of Colorado Springs, CO
I looked up Peak Basement Systems online and in phonebook. I found positive evidence of good business practices and reputation and experience. You offered a fair price as well. The crew was professional to me and my wife.  The clean up was pretty good, but the equipment left tracks in my lawn after it rained and in the area between my yard and the neighbor’s. I called the foreman and he offered to fill the tracks in with top soil and grass seed, but I decided to handle that myself–it was good advice and it worked well!  I am very satisfied and I’d recommend Peak Basement Systems to anyone!
Pete of Colorado Springs, CO
Tom Henes was great! He really explained our options and provided expert advice. I better about our settling problems and possible solutions after talking to him! The crew was extremely professional–they cleaned up and explained everything that they were doing. We would definitely recommend Peak Structural to friends and family! Tyler and Scotti
Tyler of Colorado Springs, CO
I wanted to thank you and Jack for arranging for an appointment so quickly after we spoke for him to take a look at my house… will you please pass along my thanks to Jack for his time and information! I hope to be back in touch with Jack once I have more information from my insurance company. Thank you again for your time and efforts! Best, Rachel
Rachel of Colorado Springs, CO
Thank you Joyce!  I appreciate your excellent communication in getting my clients served!   Regards, Doug Neefe, CML
Doug of Colorado Springs, CO
Two things made me choose Peak Basement Systems: 1. Peak Structural agreed with one other company about the repairs needed, but the cost was much better 2.  My specialist was very informative and answered all my questions. The crew and office staff were both friendly and did a good job taking care of me.  I’m very happy–thank you!
Roberta W. of Colorado Springs, CO
Aaron came to my house to check it out. I must say Aaron is a professional, sociable and it made things go great. You’re lucky to have an employee like him.
Verna G. of Colorado Springs, CO
We selected Peak Basement Systems because of your superior BBB rating and the timeliness of the proposal–the Design Specialist got it to us really quickly!
Kris B. of Colorado Springs, CO
My Realtor, Cole Underwood, recommended Peak Basement Systems for my CleanSpace Installation.  I was really impressed that you worked so seamlessly with both sides of my transaction.  This project was all arranged through the seller and realtors prior to me moving in to the home after closing!
Pam K. of Colorado Springs, CO
I looked you up in the Yellow Pages. The office staff was very courteous. Our system design specialist, was very up-front, honest, and thorough. We felt comfortable with him right away. We selected Peak Basement Systems because we were impressed with the patented and guaranteed design. It was the least invasive method and being able to hide the drains was a plus. Chris Como and his crew were the ultimate in professional. Cleanup was excellent. All I had to do was seal and paint the floor and dust. VERY clean. Since then, it has rained very hard several times since the installation and we are very pleased with our dry window well. I wish we would have known about this much sooner!
Don and Lynda K. of Colorado Springs, CO
We heard about your company through BBB and research on the internet. Your office staff was very polite and always returned our phone calls. Aaron, our professional estimator, was very helpful in answering our questions, very knowledgeable, and polite. We selected Peak Basement Systems due to their high rating w/ BBB and private reviews from customers we read. The crew was absolutely professional and courteous. Took extra care in all aspects. Preston and his crew were top notch. Very impressed with his knowledge and the way he ran his crew. We had very specific needs as to the amount of airborn dust & mold problems do to health problems that would arise if the dust became excessive and we had expensive art in the house that could of been damaged. He took care of our concerns and paid extra attention to our needs. We really have nothing bad to report. He made a bad situation almost pleasant. I am confident he could not have done anything to make more of the situation.  Lastly, we appreciate your straight forwardness and no nonsense estimate. Honest, great job! Aaron, Preston, and his crew – Hats off to you! Excellent service.
Caroline H. of Colorado Springs, CO
We heard about Peak Basement Systems due to an engineer. The office staff was high professional, very courteous and helpful. We initially selected Peak Basement Systems over other companies due to their initial customer service and response. The crew had great communication and we really appreciated the updates.
Gary & Renee A. of Colorado Springs, CO
I heard about Peak from a neighbor that had a job done. I chose Peak Basement Systems because I don’t shop around and after the first visit, I didn’t need another bid or estimate visit.
Norm S. of Colorado Springs, CO
I heard about Peak Basement Systems through Alan Lovitt my realtor. I didn’t need to look at other companies because I trusted Peak’s reputation, Alan, and ENT. We are very pleased with the outcome in our crawl space. I have shown it to several people. Really good job.
Cyrus and Jean C. of Colorado Springs, CO
We heard about Peak through our home and garden show. The estimator was very professional and the presentation was convincing.
Robert and Melody C. of Colorado Springs, CO
We heard about Peak Basement Systems through the Better Business Bureau. Everyone was very nice. Our estimator was great. He answered all of my questions and made me feel relaxed about the situation. We picked Peak Basement Systems because of the great reviews and kindness on the phone. The crew was wonderful. I will refer Peak Company to anyone I hear that may have a problem. Great experience! Thank you!
Michelle S. of Colorado Springs, CO
I heard about Peak Basement Systems because of my neighbor. They worked in the crawl space and I never saw a problem. I am a widow and needed this problem taken care of and after talking with representative decided they were able to perform the job.
Gladys C. of Colorado Springs, CO
We heard about Peak through our dad who found you on the web. Peter was awesome. He gave us hope and confidence our problem would be fixed. We picked Peak because they were the ONLY ones who said they could help and because of the quality of the product and service. Their excellent work allowed us to sell our home 36 hours after listing, for full price. Thank you all SO Much!
David and Joni of Colorado Springs, CO
I heard about your company through my realtor. I selected Peak because of my realtor’s past experience with your firm. Your company was knowledgeable as well.
Susan N. of Colorado Springs, CO
The staff and estimator at Peak did excellent work!
Carol S. of Colorado Springs, CO
Our Realtor, Alan Lovitt, told us about Cleanspace.  As soon as we found Peak Basement Systems, we didn’t even look at other companies, we just trusted your representatives.  The crew was courteous and professional–as good a job as they did, they simply had to be!  We are very pleased with the outcome in our crawlspace.  I have shown it to several people–really good job!
Cyrus C. of Colorado Springs, CO
I have worked with Peak Basement Systems in the past as a Realtor here in Colorado Springs and have always been happy with your service.  Recently, while representing a buyer purchasing a home, we discovered a permit was missing for some structural work that had been done on the home.  Paul Sutton of Peak Basement Systems not only called and e-mailed the parties to take accountability for the glitch, but followed up quickly and resolved the error, then notified all parties with the results.    This accountability is the cornerstone of quality customer service and assures that I will continue to recommend Peak Basement Systems with confidence!   Sincerely,   Ron Johnson Remax Properties Inc. 719-499-6607
Ron J. of Colorado Springs, CO
Peak basement systems has always been there for me when I needed an opinion on a settling problem.  They are very knowledgeable and have wonderful customer service.   Aaron was able to explain how the house had settled and give his professional opinion on the home. I would work with them anytime. Thank you Cheri Lesiak Keller Williams Partners 719-209-5439
Cheri L. of Colorado Springs, CO
Due to the snow, the crew wasn’t able to completely finish cleanup, but they came back as promised after things dried out and did a great job!
Paul and Janet C. of Colorado Springs, CO
We were referred to Peak Basement Systems from our structural engineer, Mark McCaferty. Mark definitely sent us in the right direction! The overall service from setting up the appointment, to the design specialist coming out to give us our estimate for repairs, and the crew coming out and completing the job were all excellent! We decided to go with Peak Basement Systems not just because of the guarantee but because of the design specialist, he was amazing!  We went 100% on trusting the design specialist on his word, he just blew us away! We would recommend Peak Basement Systems to anyone who is the market looking to have their foundation concerns address and fixed accurately and properly!
Phil and Mary W. of Colorado Springs, CO
We decided to go with Peak Basement Systems from the glowing referral we had gotten from our Re/Max realtor Jean Yost. And we are sure glad we did. Peak Basement Systems took care of us in every aspect. Not only was the office staff courteous and professional but the crew was amazing also. If you have having foundation concerns Peak Basement Systems is the place to go!!!
Larry and Lorraine S. of Colorado Springs, CO
Thank you for the excellent work. We appreciate the professionalism. We are very satisfied with Peak Basement, the service was excellent and everyone was very professional. Thank you for you good work.
Mittie P. of Colorado Springs, CO
Class act. Both the estimator and technician performing the work were very professional. Somebody did a great job hiring these two.
Michael C. of Colorado Springs, CO
I just want to let you all know how helpful and wonderful everyone was. I appreciate your help. You all are amazing. Thank you so much Natalie
Natalie F. of Colorado Springs, CO
Aaron was on time and very informative. He answered our questions and gave us good information on what we asked about. Thankfully for us our concerns are not structural and are more cosmetic for us to take care of. Thank you!
Kathy D. of Colorado Springs, CO
Aaron was extremely professional and thorough. No work was needed we didn’t get an estimate.
Edward J. of Colorado Springs, CO
Your company was one of three from whom I solicited bids. Mark was the only one who took the time to do elevation measurements. The others based their information on the engineering report from the insurance company.
Stephen B. of Colorado Springs, CO
Mark was amazing – – not just coming from one angle but from many, and he was so helpful on all levels. We will recommend you anywhere/everywhere 😉
Sallie R. of Colorado Springs, CO
Everything was in good shape, and there was nothing to estimate. We appreciated the workman’s honesty and openness!
Amy P. of Colorado Springs, CO
Charlie and Tulio were both knowledgeable and professional.
Aaron G. of Colorado Springs, CO
Isaac was great. I couldn’t ask for any better person to explain your product to me.
Margaret M. of Colorado Springs, CO
If we move ahead with the purchase, we will be calling to have the owrk done. Isaac did a great job. We have also passed along the extimate to the sellers and their real estate agent.
Dave V. of Colorado Springs, CO
Tony was very accommodating and a pleasure to work with
Mike F. of Colorado Springs, CO
Charlie was on time and accommodating of our schedule. He was knowledgeable and thorough in explaining the system and answering questions.
Tim N. of Colorado Springs, CO
Mark was very professional and helpful and we appreciate the time he took to help us.
Allison G. of Colorado Springs, CO
Isaac was timely, very professional, thorough, and personable. Thank you for sending him.
Juanita M. of Colorado Springs, CO
Mark did a wonderful job exploring the problem, listening to my concerns and helping to trouble shoot and problem solve – THANK YOU MARK!!
John H. of Colorado Springs, CO
It’s a pretty big step, so we are still thinking about it. The proposal is just what we needed. Cameron did a very good job explaining the plan. We have not talked with anyone else. We will stay in touch
James C. of Colorado Springs, CO
Isaac was right on time, courteous and professional. I don’t need anything done yet, but he showed me what to watch for and some steps I should take to protect my warranty.
Florence L. of Colorado Springs, CO
It was determined that a different course of action should be tried before using your companies services, which we greatly appreciated!
Karen and Phil F. of Colorado Springs, CO
I found the estimators to be very honest. They went so far as to instruct me on how I could do the job myself and save money. How refreshing to find a company that looks out for it’s customers.
Rickey and Teresa of Colorado Springs, CO
Eric was great. He explained everything and showed us what we were unsure of. He was very patient with all our questions and answered them very clearly so we understood the different processes and costs involved.
Helen B. of Colorado Springs, CO
We were both very pleased with our experience. Tony did a great job.
Dean and Kathy W. of Colorado Springs, CO
Tulio was super and provided super advice, even when it was not something your company could help with. If I ever need foundation work, I’ll call/recommend you.
Dallas S. of Colorado Springs, CO
Excellent. It turned out that this was not the type of work you do, but he gave me a recommendation of someone. Thanks.
Dave C. of Colorado Springs, CO
We did find the presentation very enlightening.. Very much appreciate your help..
Steven and Janette W. of Colorado Springs, CO