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Basement waterproofing and crawl space repair contractor in Castle Rock, CO

Do you have a wet basement that you want to transform into a dry, comfortable, usable space? Peak Structural, INC. is your best choice for basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, and more in the Castle Rock, CO area. If your basement is wet, musty, and uncomfortable, the right kind of waterproofing can make all the difference in transforming the space. Whether you’re looking to use your basement for extra storage space, an additional living area, an entertainment room, or any other function, basement waterproofing is an essential step in any home improvement project. Our flooded basement waterproofing solutions will fix up any damage you might have and keep your basement watertight for years to come!

At Peak Structural, INC., we value our customers’ satisfaction above all else. That’s why we only use the best basement waterproofing products in the industry, including first-rate sump pumps and French drain systems. Our extensive basement waterproofing services include:

  • Drainage systems
  • Basement floor tiles
  • Insulated wall panels
  • Self-draining dehumidifiers
  • Wall crack repair
  • Plastic vapor barrier
  • And more!

We also offer high-quality crawl space repair services if you’re interested in crawl space encapsulation or need to repair some water damage. If you’ve noticed uneven floors, drywall cracks, or unpleasant odors in your home, your crawl space may be in need of repair. We use certified CleanSpace vapor barriers for our crawl space sealing, support jacks for stability, thermal insulation, and dehumidifiers to keep your crawl space clean and safe. All of our crawl space encapsulation systems come with a 25-year warranty, so you can be confident in your investment!

Here is another location where the sump pump was installed. The pipes take the water out to a safe drainage location.
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Structural foundation repair and concrete leveling for your Castle Rock, CO home

Foundation problems can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your home, so it’s important to call a professional foundation repair contractor like Peak Structural, INC. if you notice wall or floor cracks, bowing walls, or any other signs of foundation settlement. Our foundation repair experts will fix any foundation problem you might have and help ensure that your home is safe and stable once again. We offer foundation wall stabilization and straightening with wall anchors, wall braces, and foundation and slab piers. Our foundation repair solutions are guaranteed to keep your home secure and grounded in place for the long-term.

Along with our basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, and foundation repair services, Peak Structural, INC. also offers concrete leveling and lifting. Warning signs of sunken concrete include cracked or uneven driveways, sections of cracking concrete slabs, or sinking concrete steps or sidewalks. Our PolyLevel polymer injections will solve all of these problems and more, and will make your home’s surroundings stable and flat again. Concrete leveling will remove the safety hazards of tripping or stepping on unstable ground, so don’t wait to contact Peak Structural, INC. for our concrete leveling and lifting services!

Peak Structural, INC. is here for all of your foundation repair, concrete leveling, crawl space repair, and foundation repair needs in Castle Rock, CO, and nearby. Call us today to get started on your home improvement project and receive a free quote!

Review from Castle Rock

By Jan C.
Castle Rock, CO
June 9, 2017

By Barry M.
Castle Rock, CO
September 21, 2016
“Good tech”

By Jessica Z.
Castle Rock, CO
July 27, 2016
“:I liked that there was no lack of communication.

By Foster H.
Castle Rock, CO
October 8, 2015
“Entire process was professional and non-stressful. Options were explained thoroughly, and work completed as quoted. Excellent job by Chaun and Tim. I found Peak by doing an online search for “foundation repairs” in our area. Read reviews, which were very positive. Checked BBB.”

By Mike S.
Castle Rock, CO
October 5, 2015
We experienced significant settling around the house (new build). While most of the areas did not impact the house itself, the settling under the driveway did become a concern. I made the decision to shore up these areas sooner than later figuring to catch the problem early and avoid the costly repair/replacement should the driveway actual crack and collapse. For this I chose to use Polyjacking (used in cases to fill gaps that open up under the cement much as injection insulation fills all the gaps in the walls of a house). (Note: Mudjacking is the other way, but it is designed to “float” up the collapsed slabs).

Reviewing my options in the Denver area, I was immediately impressed with friendliness and attention paid me by the Peak Structural team when I reached out to them. From the scheduling/contact folks at the office, to Brandon coming out to discuss/analyze/assess the situation in great detail, to finally the actual Installation team Chaun and Tim, everything was handled efficiently, friendly, and professionally. Chaun and Tim were very helpful and informative and worked well together and with me on the project. They took care to setup the injection holes (about 5/8th” diameter) so that the aesthetics of the driveway were minimally impacted.

An interesting idea we worked out together was to reuse the powder from the drilling to create the plugging material for the holes after the injection was done. This created a coloration very similar to the actual driveway so the holes will be almost unnoticeable in time. This approach is an important value based on driveways now being built with all sorts of colors and textures. I highly recommend this company (and the team I worked with) for handling foundation type repairs”

By Marilyn
Castle Rock, CO
February 9, 2015
“very professional.”

Castle Rock Job Stories

Crawlspace encapsulation in Castle Rock, CO

When this Castle Rock homeowner went to pull out his Christmas decorations from his crawlspace, he expected nothing but ornaments and lights. Unfortunately, what he found was mold and mildew from a damp, open crawlspace. That’s when he called Peak Structural for a free estimate.

After Design Specialist Tony Casados evaluated the crawlspace, he recommended the quick and easy installation of CleanSpace. CleanSpace, made with 20mil, 7 layer polyethelyne composition, with polyester cord reinforcement, will not only seal all moisture out of your crawlspace, but will keep more heat in your home.

The installation took only 1 day, and now the homeowner can rest easy knowing he doesn’t have to worry about losing any more decorations to mold and mildew.

Prevent Water Damage in Castle Rock, CO

Mike and Karen E. live in Arizona and were looking to purchase a home in Castle Rock, CO for their daughter, but had some concerns about previous water damage from the floods in September 2013. After doing some research online, Mike and Karen called Peak Basement Systems, who met with the seller of the property and offered a quick, easy solution that would prevent any further water damage for good.

While Mike and Karen were in the Castle Rock area for a short trip to finalize all paperwork on the house, Peak Basement Systems adjusted to meet their tight schedule and installed a IceGuard and a SuperSump sump pump system in 1 day. When these two products work together, they productively and quietly provide a dry basement for years to come.

Mike and Karen have since returned to their home in Arizona, but now have peace of mind that their daughter’s basement is in good hands with Peak Basement Systems.

News from Castle Rock

Peak Structural Partners With Local Non-Profits

Peak Structural strongly believes in the power of community, and what can happen when a group of people comes together for one cause. Recently, the company partnered with Dream Centers, ACE Scholarship, Springs Rescue Mission, and Citizen Soldier Connection to increase awareness for these organizations. Through this partnership Peak Structural is bringing together not only a company, but a community. Customers are given the option to choose one of these nonprofits and a portion of the revenue generated from that customer’s project would be given to that non-profit.

Palmer Lake, CO – June 21, 2016

Peak Structural strongly believes in the power of community, and what can happen when a group of people comes together for one cause. Recently, the company partnered with Dream Centers, ACE Scholarship, Springs Rescue Mission, and Citizen Soldier Connection to increase awareness for these organizations. Through this partnership Peak Structural is bringing together not only a company, but a community. Customers are given the option to choose one of these nonprofits and a portion of the revenue generated from that customer’s project would be given to that non-profit.

When we asked Paul Sutton, the owner, what inspired him to take this initiative he said, “Non-profits work every day to make our community stronger by uplifting those in need. Whether that be our single mothers, students, homeless, military folks, or just someone in need, these organizations capture the essence of community and most importantly, reflect what our community represents: compassion & will power. Compassion to see the pains and needs of other as our own, and will power to make a difference. The decision is our own; what difference will we make? This idea is our, Peak Structural’s, way of bringing the community together to make a difference.” Alongside this donation program, Peak Structural employees have volunteered their time to clean up trails and parks as part of this new initiative. Last month, a group partook in the America the Beautiful Park Clean-up sponsored by UpaDowna.

About Peak Structural

Peak Structural Inc. is basement/crawl space waterproofing and foundation repair company for homeowners in Castle Rock, Pueblo, Limon, Colorado Springs, Fountain, Denver, Thorton, and Boulder, CO. Peak Structural, INC. takes pride in the education they provide people about how and why structural damage, wet basements, and moist crawl spaces occur in homes and businesses. We strive to solve basement, crawlspace, and foundation problems by providing permanent and effective solutions.


Peak Structural Hosting Ribbon Cutting At New Location In July

Colorado Springs, CO – June 2016 – July 15th Peak Structural will be celebrating the move to its new location in Palmer Lake. The owners would like to share the success of the company by inviting community members and businesses to a festive afternoon of networking and celebrations. This new building is a great achievement for everyone in the company that has put in phenomenal efforts to make this possible.

Palmer Lake, CO – June 17, 2016

Colorado Springs, CO – June 2016 – July 15th Peak Structural will be celebrating the move to its new location in Palmer Lake. The owners would like to share the success of the company by inviting community members and businesses to a festive afternoon of networking and celebrations. This new building is a great achievement for everyone in the company that has put in phenomenal efforts to make this possible.

Kurtis Kammerer, Director of Sales and Development at Foundation SupportWorks, will be giving a keynote speech. Foundation SupportWorks is an international organization and leader in structural products. Regional Business Alliance and Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce will both be present to make this afternoon even more eventful. Peak Structural would like to invite all who can attend to the ribbon cutting. The celebration will be from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the new location; 707 County Line Road in Palmer Lake.

About Peak Structural

Peak Structural Inc. is basement/crawl space waterproofing and foundation repair company for homeowners in Castle Rock, Pueblo, Limon, Colorado Springs, Fountain, Denver, Thorton, and Boulder, CO. Peak Structural, INC. takes pride in the education they provide people about how and why structural damage, wet basements, and moist crawl spaces occur in homes and businesses. We strive to solve basement, crawlspace, and foundation problems by providing permanent and effective solutions.


Peak Basement Systems Is Top Choice in Foundation Repair

Peak Basement Systems finds that it is the most selected foundation repair contractor in their service area.

Palmer Lake, CO – March 13, 2013

Peak Basement Systems has learned that it is the contractor selected most often for foundation repair projects in the area. According to the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (PPRBD), out of eleven licensed providers on record, Peak Basement Systems has performed the most permitted foundation repair work, a full 48% by dollar value and 83% by number of permits issued.

Of this market dominance, owner Paul Sutton has commented “We are honored to be the foundation repair company of choice in the Pikes Peak Region. It is a privilege to serve our community with integrity, timeliness, and quality products.”

PPRBD is the licensing entity which covers the Southern Colorado region where Peak Basements serves customers. Paul Sutton and his team therefore encourage clients to verify the standing of any contractor with the Department prior to signing a repair contract. Permit records and research are readily available on the PPRBD website.

Peak Basement Systems offers foundation repair for both residential and commercial customers including foundation wall stabilization and straightening, foundation settlement repair, and pier systems. As a member of Foundation Supportworks, Inc., an international network of qualified structural repair contractors, Peak Basement relies on carefully designed, tested, and patented solutions to repair foundations of all types.

Peak Basement Systems also offers basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, sump pump installation, and drain systems. Their service area covers greater Colorado Springs, including Pueblo, Alamosa, Rocky Ford, Castle Rock, and surrounding communities. For a complete list of their service area and to sign up for a free estimate, please visit their website.


Work Requests Castle Rock

Summer Mist Circle in Castle Rock

Front porch is cracking and sinking. Gap getting bigger between house and concrete patio.

Upton Court in Castle Rock

Crawl space on a new home.

Baguette Drive in Castle Rock

My driveway has settled, a little at a time over the last 6 years and the sidewalk from my driveway to my front door has settled even worst just this last year. My home was built in 2005. I don’t want this to continue to get worse.

Mango Drive in Castle Rock

Sir, I want to get my front step that is sinking redone its roughly 3×3 concrete that is sinking attached to main front porch. Also not sure if you do it but my foundation has some spots where it is flaking would like a quote to see how much it would be to clean the foundation up. Kyle

Douglas Fir Ave in Castle Rock

Need a combination of concrete lifting & replacing (need 4 concrete steps replaced)

Las Lunas St in Castle Rock

Prior to my owning this property the soil was back filled at least 12″ above the top of my foundation covering the stucco siding. I don’t see any way the grade could be lowered now and am looking for possible fixes. Thanks.

Shadow Ridge Ct. in Castle Rock

Cracks in concrete floors, some doors are no longer square, suspect upheaval

Whispering Oak Dr in Castle Rock

Uneven concrete on driveway and front walk

E Aspen Avenue in Castle Rock

Bluesky Dr. in Castle Rock

Looking for a quote to seal/clean crawl space before I put in a basement

E Courtney Ave in Castle Rock

We have a crack in the drywall above our entry door and this causes the door to stick a little bit.

E. Burlington Dr. in Castle Rock

Basement with structural wood floor is very cold in winter months and we would like an estimate for insulation and insection of the grading in the crawlspace there. Vapor barrier was compromised by flooding due to a faulty sump pump. We would also like a proposal to lift sunken garage floor causing negative drainage to front of garage.

Springbriar Drive in Castle Rock

Estimate for sinking concrete slab. Referred by flyer Appointment set

Castle Butte Drive in Castle Rock

Help!! We had a big stamped concrete patio poured earlier this year and it is already dropping. Of course the original contractor won’t return the call. It’s pulling away from the house and dropping on the sloped side. They didn’t compact the dirt as I told them to. Surprise surprise!

Brookshier Court in Castle Rock

Estimate for the sinking concrete slab in the basement. Has a crawlspace Referred by google search Appointment set.

Tangleoak Ln in Castle Rock

Porch landing driveway garage

Lucas H. Castle Rock, CO

Voicemail-Customer would like estimate for foundation inspection , thinks house is settling to much siding is separating.

No Name R. Castle Rock, CO

Requesting estimate on repairing possible sink hole effecting driveway and foundation Office is booking too far out. Customer will call back to schedule. Phone number from caller ID

Steve L. Castle Rock, CO

Voice Message, estimate for pouring concrete in foundation.

Fallon Circle in Castle Rock

New client, referred by google search, needs his window wells repaired. Appointment set.

N Quicksilver Ave in Castle Rock

I have continues moisture in my crawlspace and need it fixed.

E Kensington Ave in Castle Rock

Front porch is sagging and in need of a lift. Approx. sunken 1/2 to 3/4 in. Possibly driveway as well.

Kahala Circle in Castle Rock

Patio in back yard has settled to the point that we are concerned about it causing problems with the foundation.

Wolfensberger Court in Castle Rock

We have three areas along one side of the foundation the leaks high volume of water when we have a deluge type rain. We have had at least one incident in each of the last 3 summers since we’ve owned the property.

Daniel’s Peak Drive in Castle Rock

We are buying a house in Castle Rock North that an inspection has raised some concerns related to possible water damage. We would like an assessment by your company to determine if there are water-related issues we should be aware of and if so, what the remediation to fix would be.

Purple Sage Loop in Castle Rock

Might have water under our basement

Zion Court in Castle Rock

Would like for you to inspect a crack in the foundation wall.

Quail Ln in Castle Rock

Basement had flooding during storm. Need to trench basement and install sump pump before we can finish our basement.

Peninsula Circle in Castle Rock

Cracked and sunk portion of slab on 3 car garage. (Approximately 20% of garage floor)

Rough Court in Castle Rock

We need to see if you can lift a step in front of our house.

Addenbrooke Loop in Castle Rock

We are getting ready to finish our walkout basement and want to ensure the crawlspace/subfloor is insulated and ventilated properly.

Pecos Trail in Castle Rock

Existing barrier is unsealed black plastic the floor has a low spot and it is not sealed to the foundation approx. 800 sq. ft.

Forest Ridge Circle in Castle Rock

The soil in our crawl space is damp and we are getting a musty smell in the house.

Coker Ave in Castle Rock

We need an estimate on raising a concrete sidewalk with polylevel.

Appleby Place in Castle Rock

Interested in learning more about encapsulation of our crawl space. No real problems at present time. Would like to clean up CS and use for storage.

Sun Valley Ct in Castle Rock

I believe I have moisture wicking into my crawl space from the outside. The moisture shows up as a small spot in late winter and grows during the summer and dries out in the fall. Then the process begins again. I’d like to dry out the crawl space. Thank you.

Hillside Dr in Castle Rock

I have a crack in my foundation in my laundry room. There is a leak in my garage.

Pinyon Drive in Castle Rock

We are in need of a vapor barrier and proper insulation in our crawl space.

Bulrush Dr in Castle Rock

No incoming water to sump pump, yet our basement leaked

Amber Ridge Dr in Castle Rock

We have two areas in the basement where water is entering.

Las Lunas Street in Castle Rock

Due to excessive moisture this spring our 45 year old house basement is currently leaking between the wall and the floor on the south side of house. Is there a way to stop it while still wet/flowing.

in Castle Rock

We own a older home built in the 1950s and during heavy rain events we have water intruding into the basement

Memmen Drive in Castle Rock

Need someone to take a look at my water leak in my basement,

Gould Circle in Castle Rock

We have water entrainment in a basement room. The sump is working and the rest of the basement is dry. It is a walk out basement. what are your charges to fix such a problem. Thanks, Mike

N. Holcomb Street in Castle Rock

My basement leaks from the floor and the wall seam at the floor when the ground gets saturated from so much rain. I need a sump pump

Saddleback Dr in Castle Rock

Bad seepage in basement during last rainfall. Interested in ideas and plan to stop any further water problems

Quail Lane in Castle Rock

Interested in quote for basement trench/sump pit.

Dawson Drive in Castle Rock

Basement flooding from drainage issues.

Overlook Road in Castle Rock

Water is leaking in to crawlspace and I can see under foundation wall

Sunridge Terrace Drive in Castle Rock

Existing retaining wall is seperating.

Morningview Tr in Castle Rock

I have a 7600 square foot custom house and 42’x50′ barn that I need waterproofing. Can you have someone call me to discuss a bid?

Springmeadow Lane in Castle Rock

Limestone brick retaining walls are in the front and back of our new home. Several area have become less stable and I would like to prevent major repairs or rebuilding. I would like an estimate to see what could be done to improve the look and stability.

Dawson Butte Way in Castle Rock

I need to replace the existing liner/barrier in the crawl space of my townhouse. There are no moisture issues, just need a new liner installed.

Deer Watch Drive in Castle Rock

Vapor barrier in Crawlspace needs to be replaced. (Inspection issue selling home) Mechanically fastened to foundation walls. approx size 20 feet by 40 feet. Thanks sue

Lewis St. in Castle Rock

100 yr old house. Crack wall & heaving wall.

Nightfire Circle in Castle Rock

Had basement floor leveled. Now my basement is getting water around one of the slabs that was leveled.

Soaring Eagle Ct in Castle Rock

With all the recent rain in Castle Rock we have had some water come in our finished basement. Considering having a sump pump installed. Would like an estimate for installing. I believe we already have the sump pump drainage tube but this also has the radon mitigation system so can not tell exactly how things are set up. So would like an estimate and if it will resolve the problem.

Kryptonite Lane in Castle Rock

I have a rental property in Parker that does not have a sump pump. The current massive amounts of rain has caused water to come up from the bottom of the window well and into the basement window.

Robindale Way in Castle Rock

I need my dirt crawl space encapsulated.

Pinyon Dr in Castle Rock

Need a quote to have vapor barrier installed in crawl space.

Apache Creek Rd in Castle Rock

Musty smell in crawl space/basement. Trying to sell home

Grey Ct in Castle Rock

Crawl space insulation, plus making it proper storage

Masters Pt Dr in Castle Rock

Our current crawl space is insulated with batt insulation that is worn out and falling down. We need an estimate on fixing this space. Thank you.

Sunridge Terrace Dr in Castle Rock

I would like to get a quote to repair a leak in our basement. It is currently seeping in, so to see the actual issue, the sooner the better. If that is not a concern than any day would be fine.

West Valley Vista Drive in Castle Rock

We have a separate detached garage that has a sizable leak in one corner and I am looking into options to fix. Thanks

Spruce Ave. in Castle Rock

I would like to have my crawl space looked at for the liner to be installed as well as a subpump.

Cobalt Ct in Castle Rock

We noticed tonight that we’ve got something like a small sink hole next to our foundation. We figure it happened last Friday when we had really heavy rain. It’s by the crawl space, on the far side. We couldn’t see damage or water, but didn’t crawl back there. Obviously, we want to get it repaired before any serious damage can occur. Thank you.

Oakwood Dr. in Castle Rock

Our basement is damp and we will be needing some repair for moisture damage. Possible french drain and sump pump instalation.

Industrial Way in Castle Rock

Commercial property with foundation leak into one unit. Would like estimate on repairs.

Miners Candle Pl in Castle Rock

My wife and I live in a 3 bedroom home in Castle Rock. The home was built by Richmond and when built did not have a basement put in only a crawl space. The crawl space is about 3’to 4′ in areas. Does your company convert crawl spaces into basements? What is the average cost per square ft?

Dinosaur St in Castle Rock

Would like an estimate on window well covers. Can you come out and show your products.

Case Studies Castle Rock

Case Study: Raising a Basement Concrete Slab in Castle Rock, CO

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017


In the three years this Castle Rock, CO homeowner has had her home, she has seen tremendous damage to her basement floor. Large cracks had spread across the length of her basement and the nails on the framing of her floating floors started to stick out further and further: her concrete slab had sunk over the past three years. She knew she had to fix her sinking slab before finishing her basement to add another bedroom.

She decided to call Peak Structural after hearing their advertisement on 99.9 FM. Peak Structural scheduled her a free appointment with an expert design specialist. The expert arrived promptly for their meeting, and they discussed her issues and goals for the project. During his inspection, he noted that the back half of her concrete slab had sunk one inch.


Due to the expansive soil in and around her home, with precipitation and temperature changes the soil compressed and expanded over time, creating paths for water to erode the soil under her concrete slab. When the soil under the back side of her home compressed under the weight of the slab, the slab cracked. He explained that our PolyLevel foam could lift the slab and offer a waterproof, permanent solution to her sinking slab. The PolyLevel foam solution is much quicker and cheaper than replacing the old slab, and the lightweight foam keeps it from sinking further unlike mudjacking which adds large amounts of heavy mud which the expansive soil underneath is likely incapable of supporting.

She decided to proceed with the repair using the PolyLevel solution. The Peak Structural production crew showed up at 8:30 AM. They drilled small, 5/8 inch holes in the concrete slab and slowly injected the PolyLevel foam under her concrete slab, lifting her slab one inch back to level. The homeowner was very pleased that her basement was level and permanently secured in only one day. With her slab permanently stabilized, she can finish her basement and enjoy the extra bedroom in her home.

Large Crack in Basement Concrete Slab.
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Case Study: New Sump Pump Saves Basement in Castle Rock, CO

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015


While searching for someone to install a new sump pump in her basement, this Castle Rock homeowner thoroughly researched a company she had met at a local home show. Satisfied with her findings, she scheduled an appointment and awaited an estimate. The day came for the sales person to come out and inspect her basement, when she received a phone call stating that her home was out of the company’s territory and would not be able to help her with her concerns. Extremely frustrated, she began a new search for a local company to resolve her basement water woes. That was when she found Peak Structural.

After reading countless reviews and testimonials, she scheduled an appointment with Design Specialist Tony Casados, who provided her with an estimate to replace her sump pump. She was thrilled with the time and care Tony took to explain his findings, and was able to schedule the installation with him from her kitchen table.


The following week, foreman Chaun Diblasi and technician Danny Sudbrack arrived at her home and ensured that she had no further questions about her project before installing a SuperSump sump pump and an UltraSump battery back-up sump pump system. These two products work together to create a fail-safe waterproofing system, designed for worst case water intrusion scenarios. The SuperSump sump pump works relentlessly to pump out any water that enters the sump pit, while the UltraSump battery back-up sump pump acts only when the SuperSump is at capacity or if there is no power, saving this homeowner from any future water worries.

After the installation was complete, Chaun walked the homeowner through the system’s process, and ran a flood test, which includes pouring more water than the SuperSumps capacity to ensure the UltraSump turns on as a back-up, as well as disconnecting the power to the SuperSump and pouring additional water into the pit to test the UltraSump battery back-up. The homeowner was ecstatic about her new sump pumps, and will no longer have to worry about water intrusion, no matter the season or availability of power.

The SuperSump sump pump and UltraSump battery back-up system shown here
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Testimonials Castle Rock

“It was so encouraging to meet a professional like Mark!! He was so helpful.”
Janet C. of Castle Rock, CO
“Very satisfied. Friendly people. Really efficient. Cleaned up well…job site. Explained everything well.”
Ron C. of Castle Rock, CO
“Prior to having my own water intrusion problems, I hadn’t really thought about or looked for a waterproofing company.  When I started looking, I found Peak Structural many places and decided to have you out.  The office staff was helpful.  The Specialist who saw me was very knowledgeable.”

Kim M. of Castle Rock, CO

“David did an awesome job of installing our new sealed sump pump in our home. They were very customer oriented and worked us into their schedule, as we came from out of state to the house, during the time the job was done. We would highly recommend this company.”
Karen E. of Castle Rock, CO
“No estimate needed, but Ken was very professional and reassuring given our concerns over our new construction. Will recommend your company wholeheartedly as needed. Thanks again!”
Deborah W. of Castle Rock, CO
“Chaun and Danny were very professional and courteous. They are a credit to your company.”
Frances and Barbara C. of Castle Rock, CO
“Marti provided very important information and did a complete evaluation of our needs. We will receive a written estimate when she can also speak to my husband. Thank you Marti!”
Karen B. of Castle Rock, CO