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We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Basement Systems dealer in Canon City, Colorado.

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Services we offer in Canon City:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions.
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems.
  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Crawl space sealing with CleanSpace vapor barrier.
  • Concrete lifting and leveling with PolyLEVEL (mudjacking alternative).
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems.
  • Financing Available
  • Written estimates and inspections and fast installation

Peak Structural, Inc. Your local Repair Contractor

Bobby was having trouble with his doorway due to the floor sagging, thus making the door unoperational. After having Peak Structural examine the damages Bobby agreed that installing SmartJacks would be the best solution for his home. After the installation Bobby was able to see immediate results. Now the door is operational and the floors no longer sagging. In the pictures you can see where the SmartJacks were installed.
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Review from Canon City

By Vicky
Canon City, CO
August 11, 2017

By Marty
Canon City, CO
August 10, 2017

By Nelson W.
Canon City, CO
March 21, 2017

By Woodrow S.
Canon City, CO
February 21, 2017
“We are very pleased with the results. Eric Boeding (crew foreman) and crew were very professional and knowledgeable about what they were doing. Excellent communication for scheduling the estimate and actual work to be performed. John Virgadamo was very professional and performed accurate assessment of project needs. Eric Boeding (crew foreman) and crew did a great job! Leveled our driveway without causing additional cracking. Eric Boeding and crew cleaned up every speck of construction debris – even with a strong wind blowing! Left site cleaner than it was originally. We were very pleased. Very good customer service – very professional and knowledgeable sales person – good scheduling process – good communication (quick answers to any questions) – fair pricing.”

Canon City, CO
October 26, 2016
“Customer centric. Great job! Kept me informed. Thorough, walked me through the process. Documented the issues, educated me via video of how the repairs are applied. Answered all of my questions. Professional, on-time, willing to show me what was to be done. Encouraged me to watch, ask questions. The repair is a dusty mess, however the installation crew had the correct equipment to clean it thoroughly. The crew also asked if I was satisfied after they were done.”

By Robert R.
Canon City, CO
September 23, 2016
“He was both a call representative and service person–Did the maintenance and contracted for the additional work needed. He did both well. A significant issue was detected, so I’m glad this was discovered. It was a bigger job than anticipated due to heavy ground water in our area. It was performed well.”

By Brenda H.
Canon City, CO
June 22, 2016

By Robert A.
Canon City, CO
May 16, 2016
“Excellent job. Great crew did the work, very nice and responsive office staff, and sales did an excellent job explaining scope of work and processes. I would defineltly use again when needed.”

By Nelson W.
Canon City, CO
November 23, 2013
“Thank you, Paul, for coming to my rescue! Prior to contacting a foundation repair contractor I hired an engineer to advise me on the best course of action for stabilizing the foundation of my 40 year-old home. The engineer recommended installing helical piers, which due to the size of the equipment needed to install them, must be installed along the exterior walls of the foundation. Although I agreed with the engineer’s recommendation, I was very upset about the impact that the installation of the piers was going to have on the patios, sidewalks, fences, and other outdoor improvements surrounding my house.After accepting the fact that the damage to these improvements was unavoidable, I contacted three contractors for bids to do the work, including Peak Basement Systems. As it turned out, your representative, Mark, was the only one who identified an alternative to having helical piers installed around the outside of the foundation. After inspecting the crawlspace, Mark suggested installing push piers instead of helical piers, which could be installed inside the crawlspace, and thus avoid any collateral damage to the improvements outside of the house. I can’t tell you how excited and relieved I was to hear this news.Of course, I chose your company to do the work, which not only spared me the damages to the outside improvements, but was done at a lower cost than the other contractors’ bids.Thank you again, Paul. I will definitely recommend your company to others. Your men did an excellent job, under difficult circumstances.By the way, the engineer I initially hired to assess the problem was not aware of push pier technology, but after seeing how it is done, is confident that the push piers will work as well as the helical piers for preventing any future settling of the foundation.”

News from Canon City

Higher Humidity Present in Canon City Basements

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Higher Humidity Present in Canon City

With the damp May month that we experienced in Canon City, it’s not surprising that we are encountering higher humidity levels in basements throughout the area.

Since air flows upward into the upper levels of your home from the basement, it brings the humidity from the basement with it. The effects on your home can include:
-Dust mites (the number one indoor allergen)
-Sticking (swollen) doors and windows
-Smelly, damp carpets -Buckling hardwood floors
-Condensation/rotting/mold in rafters/attic due to humid air escaping into the attic and condensing against the cooler rafters
-Frost or condensation and mold inside of windows as the cooler temperatures settle in at night
-Increased cooling bills (damp air takes more energy to cool)
-Increased heating bills (damp air takes more energy to heat)
-Mold in subfloors and carpet padding
-Decreased life of roof shingles and sheathing
-Decreased life of paint within and without the house
-Aggravated asthma and allergies The damage to the basement itself is usually easy to spot. You will notice degenerated subfloors, cracked concrete, warped subfloors, and if the laundry facilities are in the basement (like mine are), you will notice that your dryer has a shorter lifespan because it has to work harder to dry clothes.

If your higher humidity is making your basement smelly, contact Peak Basement Systems today! We have over 50 patented products to control basement humidity, including superior dehumidifiers and water drainage systems designed to keep a basement dry, and smelling fresh! Peak proudly serves the greater areas of Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Castle Rock, Fountain, Monument, Trinidad, Woodland Park, La Junta, Elizabeth, Peyton and surrounding areas close by!

Black Forest and Royal Gorge Fires Cause Foundation Damage

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Due to the various wildfires throughout Colorado this year, 3000 plus homeowners and tenants have been displaced. Reports of homes suffering smoke and heat damage are still pouring in as people return to their homes.

Homes in the Evacuated Areas Suffer Foundation Damage

photo by Aaron Henes
Many home foundations were heavily damaged by the intense heat as well as the fire. Peak Basement Systems has received phone calls from local engineers and homeowners with concerns regarding foundations damaged by the fire and the intense heat the fire caused.

Fire fighting efforts saved many homes!
Helicopter water drops to prevent fire loss as well as fire fighters who just refused to quit, saved homes in the path of the Black Forest and Royal Gorge fires, just to name two recent fires.

But because of all this water applied to homes, foundation inspections are necessary as the rebuilding and repairs  gets under way. Each foundation inspection will examine the structural integrity of the foundation that suffered the intense fire and heat.  In the case of the Royal Gorge and Black Forest fires, many of the homes that are still standing have already been cleared and are deemed safe for habitation.

Peak is ready to help!

photo taken by Aaron HenesThere are situations where the efforts to save a home involve the use of a great deal of water applied at high pressure.  This can cause the soil surrounding the foundation to dry rapidly in the fire heat, then swell when water is introduced.  This, in turn, can lead to foundation cracking and movement that might not show up right after the home is saved.

We can work with homeowners to provide free estimates to repair these problems. Peak can utilize existing engineer reports to provide an estimate of the cost of repairs as well as meet onsite with displaced homeowners in our office. Peak is located at 723 S. Sierra Madre St, Colorado Springs 80903.

Many of our own employees were impacted by the recent fires and our earnest desire is to help fire victims back into their homes and restore their peace of mind as quickly as possible.

Peak Basement Systems has been actively serving the Black Forest and Canon City areas for over a decade. As Peak performs foundations inspections, we are acutely aware of the soil conditions and the weather concerns that are unique to the Black Forest and Royal Gorge areas as well as the concerns for the integrity of foundations that encountered the extreme heat and fire damage of the wildfires.

photo taken by Aaron Henes
Common Answers to Homeowners Concerns:

a. Yes, you will need a foundation inspection if you believe your home may have sustained damage from the fire.

b. Yes, you will need a foundation inspection if you notice cracking, settling, bowing, or bending of foundation walls.

c. Yes, you will need a foundation inspection if your structure was destroyed or compromised and you wish to rebuild on your existing foundation.

For Foundation Repair Estimates
Contact Peak Basement Systems at  1-719-260-7070 or go to Like us at or connect with us on twitter: #PeakStructural

As homeowners return and survey the damages cause by their fires, the BIG question is: How  will we all recover as a community, a homeowner, a family?
Healing and restoration begins with a strong, sure foundation upon which to rebuild a better tomorrow! Peak Basement Systems pledges to be here for our Black Forest and Royal Gorge communities, for each and every homeowner. If you live in the greater areas of Castle Rock, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Trinidad, Monument, Fountain, La Junta, Elizabeth , Peyton, Woodland Park, connect with us today for a free foundation evaluation.

Work Requests Canon City

in Canon City

Recently purchased this home. I don’t really understand how a crawl space should work (moved here from Wisconsin) but when I went down there to close the vents, I found no vapor barrier on the ground and the ground was actually muddy in places in mid-basement. Also, the insulation around the exterior was incomplete and what was there, seemed poorly placed. So I have a moisture issue, lack of insulation and also a slight radon issue. I believe all can be resolved without too much problem.

Rudd Ave in Canon City

Just bought this 60 year old house in Canon city and need to know what it will cost for foundation repair.

Fairview Ave, in Canon City

Patio slants toward house and water collects in corner. Patio is about 24 feet long and 13 wide.

in Canon City

We need to lift & repair front porch foundation. We need main support Beam running center under house lifted & levelled.

Foothills Drive in Canon City

Driveway pad needs to be leveled

in Canon City

I am a real estate agent and my Buyer has this property under contract. However the inspection showed water in the crawl space and very wet stucco. The sellers said it is due to all the rain we have had lately, but we are afraid that too much water is draining into the yrd and the crawl space. Just want to see if there is any damage that the buyer should be aware of. How long would it take to have you come down here?

Wild Rose in Canon City

I’m a real estate agent and need a quote please

Juniper in Canon City

I’m a realtor who will be representing the owner of this home. We would like an estimate on the foundation repair.

Canon Ridge Trail in Canon City

2 yr old home. foundation wall seems to be being pushed in and we are seeing drywall cracks.

Harrison Ave, in Canon City

Pike Ave in Canon City

Requesting quote for foundation repair, slanting floor. Referred by Home Advisors. Appointment set.

Macon Street in Canon City

We are wanting to schedule an appointment to have the foundation on our house inspected, we have been having water leaking in through the foundation walls.

Floral Ave in Canon City

I would like to have my foundation checked out and an estimate to jack up the floor where it’s sagging in the living room and dining room. I would just like to know it’s safe and stop further settling.

Kentucky St in Canon City

Crawl space encapsulation with perimeter drain and sump pump.

Oak Ave. in Canon City

We recently purchased our house and now we are noticing several cracks in the walls above the door frames as well as buckling. The previous owners has all new crawl space supports w/ new jacks put in. We are not sure if our house needs leveling?? Thank you, Jc and Gwen

College in Canon City

Our 1913 house is settling and causing interior cracks to grow. We have long range plans of preparing our house to sell, so we want to stop any more damage

Tallahassee Lane in Canon City

Crumbling sections of driveway

Red Canyon Road in Canon City

Foundation wall bowed in full basement with walk out Retaining wall shifted NE corner settled Would like estimate on repair if needed

Copper Canyon Rd in Canon City

We are turning a detached garage into a guest cottage. Fremont County requires us to insulate the slab in order to meet code. The slab is 18 inches thick and requires a total of 27 inch insulation ( 18″ horizontally and 9″ vertically to the slab). The building is roughly 30 x 35′.

Cherry St in Canon City

Concrete Driveway/sidewalks lift, level and repair.

Chantilly Place in Canon City

High water table in the surrounding area. need to correct the problem before we sell our house.

WILD ROSE CT in Canon City

Our front porch has sunk about 3″ over the last 10 years. There seems to be no damage to the house. It has sunk somewhat evenly.

Brooke Ct in Canon City

Standing water in crawl space after rain.

Elm Ave in Canon City

Our home is 112 years old. We have a stone foundation. In the basement we have grout coming out throughout. On the outside we have some issues as well. We would appreciate your company having a look to see what must be done. Thank you

in Canon City

Very old foundation with cracks, sagging and flood damage.

in Canon City

Crawl space needs be better it old home built1960 and slowly fixing it up and first on menu is foundation and then won’t to build onto house thanks

Dahlia Pl in Canon City

Water seeping into crawlspace and concrete footers are deteriorating.

N Raynolds Ave in Canon City

Inner wall appears to be sinking. cracks in ceiling seem to be spreading.

Wild Rose in Canon City

Foundation sinking and so is others in the neighborhood

FOREST LN in Canon City

Home shows settling and cracking in a couple of corners. Our company repairs foreclosures & FHA requires a foundation specialist to look over the problem & give a recommendation for fix & price for the repair.

College Ave in Canon City

Slab Addition is unlevel due to improper drainage.

Forest in Canon City

We are looking to buy a home that has obvious foundation concerns. Before I move forward with the purchase I would like to know what I’m getting into in regards to repairs, cost, time-frame, and necessity/urgency in regards to the repairs.

Harrison AVe in Canon City

East side of house has about an 18 ft section that has settled about 2 inches. this is a stone foundation home, 2 story brick with stucco. Looks like some work was tried in the past.

in Canon City

The outside of the foundation of my house, built in 1904, appears to me to be Sandstone. It was painted by the previous owner. We have noticed that it is beginning to deteriorate, turn to sand. The foundation does not seem to be in danger of failing at the time but certainly will get to that point if not corrected.

Kendallwood Dr. in Canon City

I have a drywall crack that opens in the winter and closes in the summer. Also some doors that shut in summer but not in winter. The house is fairly new, fifteen years old, and the concrete foundation seems to be in great shape. It does have jacks that run all the way down the middle of the house and I believe these need to be adjusted. Is this a service you provide?

in Canon City

We have a 60 year old slab with 16-in. stem walls that is cracking across the center of the slab, causing the walls to separate from the slab. The movement has gotten worse recently, and we would like to stop the movement.

in Canon City

We had a problem with rodents getting into the crawl space, and have had Orkin treating that problem. However, they have chewed parts of our moisture barrier and nested behind it in places. We need the old barrier removed and a new one installed. The floor is dirt/gravel with no barrier.

Greenwood Ave in Canon City

The house, built in 1898, 1.5 story red brick on a sandstone block foundation. The foundation is estimated at 22 inches below grade, soil is clay. The SW corner bulges approx 1 inch to the west. There is lateral spreading under the windows on the west and north side. Some settling on the NW & NE corners. The wood (inside structure) sits on mortared rock rubble and floors span approx 13 on 2 x 8 floor joists – need to be re-supported. Underside of house is 90% crawlspace (2.5 to 3 feet in ht). We would like to get the worst sections raised (if possible) leveled, and or stablized.

Tunnel Drive in Canon City

My basement floods in spring when the irrigation system turns on. this year is has lasted over a week and we have to pump it out 3x daily. We have a small basement, the rest of the house is on a concrete slab. I would love to get your opinion and an estimate. I live in Canon CIty, 25 minutes from Colorado Springs.

Wild Rose Dr in Canon City

The home was built on expanding soil and the foundation has moved the home was suppose to be purchased by a salvage company and that deal has fallen through. There are a couple of us with the problem.

Testimonials Canon City

“Pleased with the work your men did! They took the time to explain what and how they were doing the project.” 
Testimonial by Mike & Barb G. from Canon City, CO
“Peak Basement Systems was the best company I looked at. The crew guys did a great job and they were professional!” 
Testimonial by Bill H. from Canon City, CO
“Thank you, Paul, for coming to my rescue!”
Testimonial by Nelson W. from Canon City, CO