Benefits OF Peak Care Club

A Lifetime of Protection, Savings & Service

At Peak Structural, we’re known for our quality products and exceptional service, but even the best systems need some TLC. Just like your car, your home needs regular maintenance to keep your systems running like they should. We make it easier with our Peak Care Club. Your yearly membership fee covers your annual maintenance appointment, includes a lifetime warranty on all systems, a five-year warranty on Sump Pumps and offers special savings on the cost of repairs.

Non-members pay $169 for annual maintenance. As a Peak Care Club member, you will pay only $139! That is a $30 per visit savings!

Refer Us and Get Rewarded!

If you recommend our company to friends and family and they contact us, we will waive the cost of next year’s annual maintenance fee with your first referral of the year. For each additional referral you provide, we will reward you with a $100 gift card.

Lifetime Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with the protection of a lifetime transferable warranty on systems installed by Peak.

Priority Service

As a Peak Care Club member, you receive priority scheduling for annual maintenance and all other service and future installations.

Member Rewards

Receive a 5% discount on all future purchases.

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WaterGuard System Maintenance

  • Cycle and water test sump pump operations
  • Clean sump system liner of sediment and silt
  • Change the batteries in the WaterWatch® alarm
  • Flush and flood test WaterGuard system as necessary
  • Evaluate discharge line and potential for freezing

GeoLock® Anchor/PowerBrace System Maintenance

  • Re-tighten all anchors
  • Evaluate wall anchor plates – maintain wax sealant
  • Benchmark the position of wall at each anchor location
  • Remove excess anchor rod
  • Perform inspection of foundation, grading, and gutters

CleanSpace® System Maintenance

  • Inspect seals, tape, vents, etc.
  • Inspect/Remove pump(s). Check the impeller, switch, valve, vent
  • Clean sump liner and sump stand, inspect UltraSump® pump
  • Battery initial voltage, inspect WaterWatch® Alarm, replace battery
  • Inspect insulation/walls
  • Flood test pumps. Check Ice Guard and Lawnscape
  • Perform inspection of yard (gutters, downspouts, etc.)
  • Check relative humidity

SmartJack® and Beam Maintenance

  • Check levelness of above floor
  • Inspect supplemental beam(s) and main beam(s)
  • Inspect foundation walls
  • Check relative humidity
  • Inspect insulation/walls
  • Inspect floor joist integrity and moisture level in wood
  • Check connection from SmartJacks to Beams

Helical/Push Pier Maintenance

  • Elevation survey of the foundation, main beams, and point loads
  • Benchmark the position of the wall at each pier location
  • Inspect any cracks in the foundation
  • Assess the condition of the slabs, both interior, and exterior
  • Evaluate any cracking, sticking doors/windows and sagging floors

Window Well Maintenance

  • Inspect the seals on the window well to the foundation
  • Flood test the pump in the window well
  • Perform an inspection of the yard, gutters, downspouts, ect.
  • Clean the window well of any debris, weeds or dirt