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Insulation Stack Effect on Your Home

I want you to imagine your home as a large box filled with air. There a few holes in the box where air can enter in and out – the front door, back door, windows, crawl space vents, attic vents, and any cracks in the box itself. Now your box is generally a different temperature than the room the box is sitting in – your home is a different temperature than outside. While this makes your box (home) comfortable, it does cause other things to happen to the air in your box.

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Air buoyancy occurs as a result of the air density differences between your box and the air outside. Air buoyancy causes the movement of air into and out of your box. As the difference between air density increases, so too does the positive or negative buoyancy force. Air density changes depending on the temperature of and the moisture in the air. Essentially, the bigger the difference between the temperature and moisture content between your box and the air outside, the bigger the difference will be in air density, and the stronger the buoyancy force will be. This explains why the stack effect tends to be greater during the winter than summer: the difference between the temperature in the home and outside tends to be greater in winter than in summer. The diagram below shows exactly how the stack effect pushes your expensive, heated air out of your home and causes you to continually heat the cold air coming in through your basement and crawl space. Proper insulation installation can help mitigate the effects of heat and cool loss in your home.

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Did you know how important home insulation is?

  • 93% of homes in the United States are under-insulated.
  • 30-40% of home energy loss is through the walls.
  • 25-35% of home energy loss is through the attic.
  • 10% of home energy loss is through the floor.
  • Peak’s spray foam insulation product is a closed cell product and the highest R-value of other insulation products