Fleet Manager – Peak Structural
Peak Structural
Proudly serving the Pikes Peak region and the greater Denver area

Fleet Manager

Colorado Springs, CO
Salary: $55,000.00 to $70,000.00 /year

POSITION: Fleet Manager


REPORTS TO: Operations Director


Maintains company vehicles and installation equipment so they are functioning and safe to operate. Accurately diagnoses and repairs mechanical problems Test drives company vehicles in a safe manner. In conjunction with the Fleet Mechanic, keeps tools and shop in an orderly and safe condition and repair parts on hand. Repairs tools, as necessary. Gives direction to Mechanic, as needed. Supports the company’s management, purpose, vision, mission, and values.


1. Maintains vehicles to meet Department of Transportation (“DOT”) regulatory requirements. Performs annual inspections on vehicles. Completes and submits DOT paperwork. Keeps schedule to complete necessary maintenance on vehicles, equipment, and tools so they are functioning and safe to operate. Diagnoses and repairs mechanical problems.

2. Determines tools and parts needed to repair vehicles and equipment. Maintains and orders adequate inventory to perform duties in the most expedient manner. Keeps inventory to an efficient minimum without interfering with production or technicians.

3. Repairs tools, as necessary. Must own needed tools and equipment to effectively carry out required repair tasks.

4. Makes determination as to whether repair or replacement is the most cost-effective means of reaching the desired result for a vehicle or equipment. In the case of replacement, recommends purchasing parameters to Production Manager. Decides whether outsourcing work, such as transmission, tires, etc., is more cost effective than performing the work on-site.

5. Assigns tasks to Mechanics. Trains in the proper handling of tools and parts, as well as correct methods of diagnosing and repairing vehicles and equipment.

6. Keeps mechanic area of the Shop neat, orderly and safe.

7. Welds and fabricates materials as needed.

8. Regular and punctual attendance. Ability to legally drive a motor vehicle.


1. Knowledge of construction or related trades preferred.

2. Ability and skill in operating equipment and/or power tools preferred.

3. Genuinely humble, not threatened by the success of others.

4. Passion for learning new ideas and practices.

5. Exhibits a growth mindset, knowing that more is possible.

6. Ability to understand and speak in English preferred.

7. Possess talent and personal traits:

  • Adaptability Integrity
  • Communication Personal Accountability
  • Customer Focus Problem Solving
  • Detail Orientation Self-Starting
  • Initiative Work Ethic
  • Teamwork Stress Management


1. High school diploma or GED preferred;

2. 5+ years management experience

3. 10+ years of experience in the mechanical trades; or,

4. A combination of education and experience that illustrates a proven track record in this field.

5. A valid driver’s license and a safe driving record.

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