Permanent solutions for repairing cracked foundation or bowing walls, settling foundations and more. Your foundation expert at Peak Structural will help you find the right product or combination of products to ensure you get a safe, stable foundation.

Restore Your Foundation’s Safety and Stability with Peak Structural

The most common foundation issues we have in Colorado are settlement and cracking, bowing foundation walls, and sagging or sloping floors over crawl spaces. No matter what type of foundation problem you have, Peak Structural will provide a comprehensive inspection with a certified Design Specialist and recommend the best customized solutions for your home. Our goal is to ensure that you have a stable, secure foundation that will help restore your home’s value.

The Causes of a Settling Foundation

foundation repair crack indoor wallThe settling of a foundation can be the result of a number of different factors but the most common reason is due to changes in the soils after construction is complete. For example, during periods of drought, the soil immediately surrounding the home can dry out and shrink which causes settlement of the structure. Then during periods of heavy rain, the water causes the soil to soften and expand. These fluctuations often result in the home sinking into the ground. A home that is built on poorly compacted fill soils may settle due to the gradual compression of the fill soil over time.

What Causes Cracked and Bowing Basement Walls

bowing basement wallsWhile there are a number of potential causes of cracked and bowing foundation walls, the most common reason is pressure from the soil near the outside of the wall. When clay soils get wet with rain and melting snow, they expand and put pressure on the wall. When the force exceeds the strength of the wall, the wall cracks or breaks. This reduces the structural integrity of the wall and when the cycle is repeated, this causes further weakening and inward movement.

Other factors may include heavy rains which cause hydrostatic pressure, other structures such as driveways and porches putting pressure on the wall, large tree root systems, expansion due to frost, and poor grading around the home.