Before and After – Window Wells and Egress Windows

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Che had an unsafe window well. It was not safe for emergency exiting, so she contacted Peak Structural to provide a solution. Peak Structural installed new windows, and window wells. As you can see in the picture, the new window well is safe for emergency exit and also safe from water intrusion.

Window Wells were flooding with our recent rains. The window wells were replaced with taller versions and window well covers.

This Colorado Springs home had some old window wells that were beginning to cause issues when the snow started to melt. The homeowners asked Peak Structural come out to their property and provide them with an estimate on what it would cost to have newer window wells put in to avoid this.

With the new window wells installed, they no longer are experiencing any water seepage into their basement! What a relief!

In Colorado Springs, Fred was experiencing some flooding issues in his basement. Worried about further structural damage, he set an appointment with Peak Structural for an estimate on his home. One of our specialists came to the home and was able to find what cause and provide the owner with a solution.

In this case, the window well had no space between the outside floor and the top of the well. When rain would come down, the water in the yard would just be able to flow directly into the window well and flood the basement. The homeowner decided to replace the existing well with a Rockwell Elite to not only fix the flooding issue, but upgrade their product.

At their home in Colorado Springs, Erika and Jeremy have a very small, old window well connecting to their basement. They have had it for years but recently decided to replace it with an upgraded version so that more natural light would reach the basement. After deciding to get a professional opinion, they found Peak Structural and scheduled a free estimate. A design specialist came out to the home to assess the window well and see what would work. The specialist recommended a deeper well that would let more light in, but still fit in the location. Happy that they found a well to accomplish what they set out to do, Erika and Jeremy’s basement has more natural light then it’s ever had before!

Jimmi owns a beautiful home in Colorado Springs, CO. After ten years, he decided to replace his rusty, old window wells. He browsed companies online and came upon Peak Structural Inc. Impressed that endorses the company, he called to schedule a free inspection with an expert design specialist. The expert addressed all of Jimmi’s questions and provided him with an exact cost – not an estimate – for the window wells he wanted replaced. Peak Structural’s excellent customer service made it easy for Jimmi to proceed with the installation on his home. The new window wells look great, and Jimmi was very pleased with how quickly Peak Structural installed them.

Julian is the owner of a Colorado Springs home that has several wood window wells. Unfortunately, these window wells are more susceptible to flooding than regular metal ones. Not wanting any more water in her basement, Julian contacted Peak Structural for a free estimate. An expert design specialist was sent out to the home to survey the wells and surrounding area. As the best replacement option, the specialist recommended steel window wells with both covers and ladders. With a new window well and covers, hardly any water would be able to find its way through the cover, eliminating the possibility of the basement flooding.

Amanda, a homeowner in in Colorado Springs, wanted to put a bedroom in her finished basement. Her original basement window was too small for a basement bedroom. To maintain building codes, she had to install an egress window to ensure a safe emergency evacuation route for that room. As foundation specialists, Peak Structural Inc. has the knowledge and training to install egress windows directly into a foundation – a service most window companies cannot provide.  She felt comfortable during the installation because she could trust a foundation repair company to install her egress window without compromising the structural integrity of her home. The larger egress window allows more natural light into her basement while providing a safe emergency exit for the basement.

Karen is a Colorado Springs home owner with several window wells. These window wells have been a part of her home for as long it’s been in her possession. Unfortunately, these wells were starting to rust and Karen was looking for an upgraded cover as well. After a friend of hers recommended Peak Structural, Karen got in touch to schedule an estimate with one of our expert design specialists. The specialist recommended that Karen have her window well replaced with a newer, steel well along with a cover. Happy with the recommendation, she decided to move forward and is so happy she did!

A warped, rusting window well is replaced, with a glossy white corrugated metal window well. Complete with a cast iron grate for safety, and a polystyrene cover to stop water from entering, while still allowing natural sunlight into the basement.

Ross needed larger window wells that could serve as an emergency fire exit for his home. The original window wells were made of wood and also very small. In fact, they also were causing water issues for the home as the window well would get a lot of water during the rainy season. So, when he had his new window wells installed by Peak Structural, he was more than happy to know that not only are the new window wells large but also provide defense against rain water.

Shorty’s old window wells were not big enough nor did they meet the safety regulations for emergency exits in case of fires. Peak Structural came in and installed new window wells that not only met these needs and expectations, but went even further by providing a warranty that ensure the longevity of the job done.