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After the floors above the crawlspace began to sag, the maintenance technician decided to have Peak Structural evaluate the foundation and crawlspace. The concrete piers that were being used to support the main beam were beginning to lose elevation due to soil shrinkage. SmartJacks, adjustable steel columns, replaced the concrete piers and the main beam they were supporting was replaced as well.

Jim called Peak Structural to replace his existing jack for a SmartJack that could better support his stair frame. Due to the proximity of the HVAC slab, Peak Structural decided to use the existing metal base. In these pictures you can see the original jack and also the new SmartJack installed by Peak Structural.

This homeowner noticed that their ceiling and wall was separating in their kitchen. We came in and found out that their support in the crawl space was failing. Four concrete columns were replaced with the SmartJack™ System Crawl Space Stabilizer.

Carl and Flo own a home in Colorado Springs and their current tenant found some structural issues in the house. Carl and Flo called Peak Structural to have a specialist inspect the issues and upon being given an estimate, they decided to proceed with the work to make sure the issue in the house did not get any worse. The Peak Structural Crew installed SmartJacks and Push Piers to help secure the foundation and prevent it from sinking any further.

The first photo depicts the wall inside the home pulling away from the floor as the foundation settled. The second picture depicts the floor after the SmartJacks and Piers were installed.

Travis called us with concerns about his master bedroom floors sagging. After further inspection, Peak Structural diagnosed the problem to be a corroded main beam, that was being held up by 4×4 wooden supports. Peak Structural replaced the old beam with a new beam, and installed three adjustable SmartJacks that allowed them to raise and secure Travis’s sagging floors.

Dorothy’s home in Colorado Springs previously had issues with sagging floors. A supporting column was put into her crawlspace that was supposed to correct the problem. However, an expert foundation repair specialist did not install this first product, resulting in problems with the proposed solution itself. This left her feeling uncomfortable and worrying that her home was not being properly supported and because of this, she sought help from Peak Structural to provide a permanent solution.

After contacting Peak and receiving a full inspection of her home, it was suggested that she replace her existing column with one of our SmartJacks. Dorothy saw all the benefits of the product and decided to move forward.

The issue with her current support column that can be seen in the picture, was that a lot of thread was showing. This means that there is no adjustability left to utilize to keep the floor above stable. Another issue with her previous column was that the Crawlspace had a large amount of humidity that lead to the rusting of her columns. With the SmartJack made from galvanized steel, our product will not rust. Compared to the less efficient big box store version, the SmartJack has a high capacity of over 60,000 lbs! Once the SmartJack had replaced the existing product, Dorothy felt comfortable that her floors were stable and was confident in the decision she made.

Mark is the owner of a beautiful home located in Colorado Springs. Due to the age of his home, there had been previous issues with sagging floors. He had a different structural company come out to fix the issue and just years later, he knew that the problem was back and needed to be fixed once again. This time, wanting a professional who he can trust, Mark contacted Peak Structural to schedule a free estimate.

One of our expert design specialists was sent out to inspect the area and propose the best solution to permanently fix the problem. After the initial assessment, the specialist sat down with Mark and explained everything that was happening. The beams and columns installed previously were beginning to rust, meaning they could no longer support the floors above. As the best option, the expert recommended that Mark have several SmartJack’s installed along with a new beam that would properly support the weight of the floor. Not only would these two products can support more than 60,000lbs, but they are also made from galvanized steel which will not rust. Loving the new and permanent solution, Mark agreed to move forward and is so happy he chose Peak Structural.

Dani owns a beautiful home in Colorado Springs, CO. Recently, she had noticed a slight slope in the middle of her kitchen floor. Concerned about her home, Dani scheduled a free estimate with one of the expert design specialists at Peak Structural. The specialist came to the site and performed a full evaluation of the entire home. What the expert found was that her floors above were sagging because they were only being supported by wood columns. Over time, these posts had weakened and were no longer able to support the full weight of the home. The design specialist recommended to Dani, that she have several SmartJacks and some of our main beams installed to replace the wood columns. Wanting to know that her home was properly supported, she agreed to move forward with the installation. Since these products are made of a steel that will not rust, Dani will not have to worry about these support systems ever needing to be replaced!

Lydia owns a beautiful little home in Colorado Springs with an unfinished basement underneath. Recently she had noticed an uneven part of her bedroom floor that was unsettling to her. To find out the cause and best solution, Lydia contacted Peak Structural. After talking to the office, she scheduled an appointment with one of our expert design specialists for an evaluation of the issue. The specialist came out to the home and after looking at the basement, recommended that all of Lydia’s existing columns be replaced with our SmartJacks. This was suggested because her floors were sagging due to a lack of support. Her existing support systems were either rusting or weakening and no longer giving the support that the floors above need. Wanting her floors properly supported, Lydia decided to move forward with the installation of the SmartJacks. Not only is this product made of galvanized steel so that it will not rust, but it is also to support more than 60,000 lbs. With these features as part of this great product, Lydia will not have to worry about sagging floors again!