Before and After – Foundation Repair – Push Piers – Littleton

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Expansive soils in Littleton have caused a 7 inch foundation settlement or movement at this home. The before photo shows one of many pier installations necessary to stabilize and lift this area of the foundation back to its original position.  First, pier sites are strategically placed along the foundation either on the inside or the outside of the foundation or a combination of both is used as well. Holes are dug down to the footer. Then, the work begins as the crew installs a heavy-duty steel bracket below and against the foundation’s footing.  Next, a heavy duty steel external sleeve is put in place.  This patented sleeve resists bending forces that can cause kinking, buckling and rotating of the steel shaft common during pier installations. This steel sleeve adds extra steel where it is needed most – directly beneath the foundation bracket. It is very effective and efficient as it guides the angle at which the pier is being installed. Each pier is hydraulically driven down to bedrock or stable soil.  Once all the piers are in place, the weight of the home is transferred from our unstable soils here in the Denver area to the bedrock or stable soil deep below. Finally, the crew attempts to lift the home back to its original position. This lift of 7 inches was skillfully and painstakingly done in several minute adjustments. Peak’s crew encourages the homeowner to be present during the lift process.  Once everything is completed, we bury the piers. The house is permanently stabilized. The after photo shows the excellent clean up and workmanship detail.

Teri was experiencing settling in her foundation. She was afraid that if the problem was not fixed correctly than she would have to leave her home. Not wanting to move, Teri contacted Peak Structural to help her address her concerns.

After a thorough inspection, Peak Structural installed multiple SmartJacks, PowerBraces, and Push Piers. These two particular images show the installation of the Push Piers. Now Teri is no longer worried about her home and the thought of having to part ways with it.