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Tony began noticing signs of a sinking foundation, including his chimney pulling away from his house. He recognized the issue needed to be addressed before things went from bad to worse. Peak Structural was able to help by installing push piers to help level the foundation. Now Tony can rest easy knowing that his foundation is level and secure for life!

cracked foundation

Wazo’s home was experiencing foundation settlement which was causing the brick wall to crack and separate. The gaps had become excessively large and noticeable. Finally, Wazo decided to have the home undergo repair to fix and stop this damage. Eric Schippert, Peak Structural’s design specialist, proposed the installation of push piers to stabilize the foundation. Wazo also believed this was the best solution for the home.

Soon after, the installation crew headed by Brian Fitzgerald was put to work. In these pictures you can see the drastic improvement that was made. There were multiple cracks in the home, and all of them were fixed using push piers. In the end, Wazo was very happy with the results.