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Moisture in your crawlspace means higher humidity levels. Your wooden joist system needs to be in a dry, clean environment, or you run the risk of mold and weakening the structural integrity. Our CleanSpace Encapsulation system keeps crawlspaces dry year round!

Edie called Peak Structural to schedule an appointment citing that her home was unusually cold in the winter despite a fully functioning heating/cooling system. Hearing her concerns, Jennifer, the office manager, scheduled a design specialist to inspect the home, and provide a solution and free estimate. Upon his arrival, Eric, the design specialist, identified the origin of the problem to be the vented dirt crawlspace. Eric provided Edie with a solution to encapsulate her crawl space using the CleanSpace encapsulation system, SilverGlo (insulation panels), and Smart Pipe and Super Sump for water mitigation which she soon approved for installation.  After the installation Edie was extremely satisfied with the results; not having to worry about overpaying for her heating and cooling bills, Edie can rely on the newly installed products to keep her crawl space clean and dry!

This homeowner’s crawl space was in need of some attention. The dirt floor made it unusable storage space, and the homeowner wanted to stop the odors from rising into their living space. Our crew completely encapsulated the area with CleanSpace, a 20 mil thick vapor barrier making the space a perfect place for storage.

When this Colorado Springs couple decided they needed more storage in their home, the first place they looked to was the crawlspace. After examining the moisture and dirt floors, they decided that in order to hold any storage properly without the worry of mold, mildew or bugs and rodents, they would need to encapsulate the space. That is when Peak Structural proposed the Clean Space crawlspace encapsulation system.

This homeowner was looking to create some extra storage space in their home and also lower their energy bills. They contacted Peak in hopes of accomplishing both things. We installed the CleanSpace crawlspace encapsulation system that transformed their crawl space into new usable storage space! CleanSpace can also help you save as much as 20% on your energy bills!

This homeowner was experiencing musty smells in their living room. Upon further inspection from one of our System Design Specialists, it was found that these smells were coming from their crawl space. We proceeded to encapsulate their entire space to create a vapor barrier between the ground and their home. The smells have since since stopped permeating into the home!

There were two buildings in Colorado Springs that shared the same owner and the same problem – beams were not properly supported in the crawl space causing the floor joists to buckle and bow. This did not make the owner feel comfortable bringing tenants in, so she called Peak Structural for help! After the team went out and evaluated the situation and provided her with an estimate that would ensure the security of these beams, the crew installed SmartJacks and new beams. You can see the difference it has made to the the owner and the crawl space in the photos.

This dirt crawlspace in Colorado Springs, CO was covered with rocks and offered no light for the homeowners to see. To make this crawlspace suitable for storage, they needed the rocks removed and a liner installed to make it brighter and keep dirt off their things. Peak Structural Inc. installed our nylon-reinforced CleanSpace Vapor Barrier System to brighten the crawlspace, reduce humidity, prevent cold air leaks, and make a softer surface on which homeowners may crawl. Now the homeowner can use the crawlspace for storage while saving up to 20% on heating costs.

Kateri, a homeowner in Colorado Springs, CO, had a crawlspace insulated with fiberglass, but it still got cold during winter. She decided to have an expert come inspect her crawlspace and provide solutions. Peak Structural sent an expert design specialist to her home to provide a free inspection and address her concerns. The specialist recommended she encapsulate her basement with the Cleanspace Vapor Barrier System. The CleanSpace Vapor Barrier System is nylon-reinforced, and it can reduce heating costs by up to 20%. Kateri was delighted she encapsulated her crawlspace because she could feel the warmth from the CleanSpace Vapor Barrier System before the production crew left her house.

Chad owns a home in Colorado Springs, CO that had a crawlspace with a dirt floor. Unfortunately, there are several common problems that occur in almost every dirt crawlspace. Some of these issues include mold, insect and critter infestation, airflow, and odors. Having heard these expected problems, Chad wanted a professional to conduct an inspection of his crawlspace. He got in touch with Peak Structural, and we sent one of our expert design specialists out to his home to evaluate the situation. What he found was an extremely high level of humidity which is the cause of many of the issues common with a dirt crawlspace. Wanting to get this problem resolved, he agreed to the recommended installation of the CleanSpace Crawlspace Encapsulation System and the SilverGlo System. With the SilverGlo on the walls and the CleanSpace covering the rest of the area, Chad’s crawlspace is now insulated and encapsulated. Chad is thrilled to have no more risks involving his crawlspace and an energy-saving system installed in his home!

In Colorado Springs, a homeowner by the name of Sue had noticed an odd smell in her crawlspace. Worried about what was going on, she called Peak Structural and scheduled a free estimate. An expert design specialist came out to her home to evaluate the situation and recommend the best solution. The expert found a very high level of humidity that was causing mold and making a very nice home for critters and insects. As the best possible solution, it was recommended that Sue’s crawl space be encapsulated with the CleanSpace Encapsulation System. With this product, the area would be isolated from the moisture, stopping and preventing mold and pushing those critters out. Thrilled to have a cleaner, more usable space, Sue was very happy with the entire process.

In Janet’s Colorado Springs home, she has an unusable crawlspace. Wanting to turn the area into a clean storage area, she contacted Peak Structural and scheduled a free estimate with one of our professionals. The expert design specialist inspected the crawlspace and recommended that Janet have it encapsulated with the CleanSpace Encapsulation System. This product, while isolating the area from dirt and humidity, will turn the space into a clean and usable storage area! Happy with the result, Janet decided to move forward with the installation and is now thrilled to have such a large space for storage.

Crawl spaces are notorious for being damp, dark, and dirty. Using CleanSpace, Peak Structural can turn your crawl space into space you can use without worrying about mold, mildew, bugs and critters destroying your storage. This homeowner had a crawl space filled with unusable space and after the installation, now has a new clean, bright, safe space for storage!

Is your crawlspace an area of your home you avoid? Do you notice a certain smell when you enter or go near your crawlspace? CleanSpace can change your whole outlook on your crawlspace. A SaniDry dehumidifier can stop that musty odor permeating into other living space. This homeowner can now enjoy clear air and new storage space!

Over time, floor joists and beams can begin to sag, causing not only a sinking in the floor above your crawlspace, but can also cause cracking on the interior walls of your home, due a lack of support. The Smartjack Crawl Space Stabilizer is an adjustable supplemental support system to support your failing structure and lift failing floor joists or beams, restoring them to their original position.

Dust? Moisture? Peak Structural solved it all with a Crawl Space Encapsulation. CleanSpace Wall & Floor liner, along with Drainage Matting to give extra cushion and protection from the soil.