Its compact size is perfect for small spaces

Only 12 ” wide and 12 “tall, the Santa Fe Compact70 can be stationed where no other traditional dehumidifier can. The Santa Fe crawl space dehumidifier has a superior design: integrated vertical and horizontal air exhaust outlets offer the homeowner multiple options when positioning the Santa Fe in tight quarters.

Its compact size does not sacrifice performance

The Santa Fe Compact70 has a horizontal configuration and powerful flow through design which works very well in crawl spaces. It also offers installation options no other compact dehumidifier can match.

Whether a dehumidifier will keep up and ensure mold won’t grow in all seasonal conditions depends on how much water it will take out of the air. This depends on capacity and air flow. The Santa Fe Compact70 dehumidifier can remove up a whopping 70 pints of water per day. No conventional, bought at a big box store crawlspace dehumidifier performs as effectively, and efficiently as the Santa Fe Compact70.

Santa Fe Compact 70 Dehumidifier Features:

  • Engineered for low-temperature operation and proper airflow
  • Optimal duct and condensate pumps provide multiple installation options for greater flexibility
  • Automatic restart for when there is a power outage
  • Created to fit between floor joists for convenient hanging installation
  • Superior air filtration with the MERV-13 filter

Santa Fe Compact 70 Dehumidifier Benefits:

  • Stops mold growth, musty odors & dust mites
  • Eliminates muggy feeling caused by high humidity
  • Relieves asthma and allergies
  • Lowers electricity costs over time

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