Permanently stabilize your sagging and sloping floors.


Colorado’s Most Trusted Crawl Space Repair Company

Stabilizing your crawl space beams and floor joists with SmartJacks reduces bounce, lifts sagging and sloping floors, and helps regain your property value.

SmartJack Advantages

crawl space repair encapsulation smartjack support


Engineered fill addresses problem soils.

  • Immediately lifts sagging, sloping floors
  • Eliminates threat of floor failure from moisture, mold, and wood rot
  • Adjustable design enables custom fit for each SmartJack
  • Quick installation, any time of the year, with minimal disruption
  • Zinc-plated and galvanized steel components resist corrosion

Permanently Stabilize Your Sagging Floors

The SmartJack system stabilizes crawl space beams and floor joists It’s the ideal solution to lift the floors above the crawl space back toward their original elevation and reduce floor bounce caused by weakened floor joists or excessive spans.

The SmartJack system  will either be set on an existing base or if needed, will address weak foundation soils by creating a solid base of engineered fill to distribute the weight of the home. Galvanized steel columns are cut to length, set on a base, and secured to existing girders or supplemental beams with adjustable top brackets. Heavy-duty threaded rods allow for adjustment and can even lift sagging and sloping floors.

Moisture in your crawl space?


dehumidifier and sump pumpStanding water or mud in your crawl space after a heavy rain, musty odors, or efflorescence on crawl space walls are all signs that there’s too much moisture in the crawl space. High humidity and moisture under the home negatively affects the environment inside the home. Drying out your crawl space will help make your whole home drier and healthier.

Peak Structural can add a sump pump drainage system to crawl spaces to redirect the water outside again. Sump pumps with an alarm for pump or power failures and an optional battery backup mean you’ll never have to worry about whether or not the system is working.

Adding a dehumidifier to your crawl space will keep your home below 55% relative humidity and filter the air. Mold, mildew, and dust mites, the #1 indoor allergen, will all die off. The MERV 8 filter removes mold spores, dust mite droppings, dust, and other particulates from your air. Our Energy Star rated high performance dehumidifier is fully ductable and drains automatically so there are no buckets to empty. It dries out the building materials and contents of your home so the damp feeling disappears.

How Did Your Floor Get This Way?


Floors above a crawl space or basement are susceptible to all kinds of problems. Humidity builds up in crawl spaces over time and causes wood beams and joists to weaken and sag. Weak foundation soils can cause columns to shift and settle. Improper spacing, or joist and beam spans that are too great, cause more problems. Left untreated, this results in sagging, sloping floors, drywall cracks, and doors that don’t open or close properly.