Concrete Lifting and Leveling

Concrete that is damaged can be repaired to create a stable, durable surface that will last for years. Our Polylevel injection technology will level uneven concrete much better than mudjacking.

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Fixing and repairing concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios for your home or business is an affordable way to improve your property’s beauty and safety.

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Concrete Lifting

Over time, voids form under concrete and the concrete settles into those voids. We lift all types of exterior and interior slabs back to their original position and fill voids under the concrete so other areas do not settle in the future.

Concrete Leveling

We lift and level driveways, walkways, stoops, patios, and interior slabs. Reduce trip hazards and enhance your home’s appearance.

Concrete Crack Repair

When concrete cracks it becomes unsightly and often becomes a trip hazard. We clean out and seal cracks at an affordable price.

PolyLevel Costs

Request A Free Estimate and have one of our concrete experts inspect your concrete and provide a no obligation, customized quote.

Concrete Sealing

NexusPro™ is a superior, long-lasting joint and crack sealant that protects your concrete from the damage caused by water and erosion. SealantPro™ protects the surface of your concrete by sealing water out and preserving the integrity of your concrete long into the future.

PolyLevel Injection

PolyLevel® is an affordable solution for concrete repair and less expensive than replacing the concrete slab. Our Polylevel technology replaces old and outdated mudjacking techniques.

Why Choose Peak Structural for your concrete work?

When it comes to improving the concrete around your home, we provide the experience, knowledge, and customer service that sets us apart from the competition. We offer affordable customized solutions ranging from fixing a specific area to protecting and guaranteeing all your concrete so you never have to worry about it again. We’ve provided foundation and concrete repair solutions for over 15,000 clients up and down the Front Range.


We’ve provided concrete services for thousands of homes in Colorado.

Flexible Scheduling

We work around your schedule to ensure your concrete repair won’t interfere with your life.


Every concrete job we do, we leave things cleaner than when we start.


With advancements in concrete repair, we offer competitive pricing on all completed jobs.

Peak Structural offers 5 Options for Professional Concrete Repair

Take a walk around your neighborhood and look at the concrete. You’ll notice uneven slabs, sloping walkways, and areas that look like water has eroded the soils beneath. When slabs move, they crack and break, causing the concrete around the home to become unsightly and sometimes dangerous due to trip hazards.

Replacing concrete is costly and very disruptive to the surrounding landscape and finishes. Denver concrete replacement is not always the answer, especially when the slabs can be lifted and sealed, restoring them and protecting them years into the future. We offer affordable solutions for fixing your driveways, walkways, patios, and indoor concrete without the higher cost of complete replacement.

Polyurethane Foam Injections

Polyurethane Foam Injections

PolyLevel works by raising and leveling concrete slabs which reduces tripping hazards and leaves behind very little surface damage. In fact, the hole used for injection is only about the size of a dime! PolyLevel is environmentally friendly and does not deteriorate underground.

It is also waterproof which means it will never erode or wash away. Clients also love that they can walk and drive on the repaired concrete just 15 minutes after installation, causing little disruption in their busy lives.

Joint & Crack Sealant

Joint & Crack Sealant

Filling cracks and gaps with NexusPro not only helps improve your home’s curb appeal, it also prevents further water damage to a concrete slab by erosion.

When placed into the expansion and control joints, it works by preventing water infiltration and minimizes soil softening and erosion. Because it is resistant to UV rays, it won’t dry, crack, or bubble. The result is a fresh, clean look that helps lengthen the lifespan of your concrete driveways, basement floors, sidewalks, and more.

Concrete Sealant

Concrete Sealant

Sealing your Denver concrete surfaces with SealantPro will protect your concrete from moisture, chemical elements, mold and seasonal changes in temperature.

It seeps into the pores of the concrete and provides a barrier that won’t wash away or weaken over time, meaning it will never require reapplication.

SealantPro also extends the lifespan of the concrete because it protects concrete from the very things that cause it to age and fail. Because water cannot absorb into the concrete, freeze, and expand, the surface remains smooth and intact without the pitting and spalling that is common in most neighborhoods.

Helical Piers

Helical Piers

When repairing settled porches or stoops, sometimes PolyLevel alone is not enough to lift the structure depending on how much weight is bearing down on the concrete.

When weight from the roof or support columns is bearing down on the concrete stoop, we install a helical pier under each column to stop the sinking or lift it up back to a more level position. A helical pier is installed like a giant screw deep into the ground. These piers are made of steel, which make them very strong. Once installed, your stoop will never sink again!

Concrete Replacement

Concrete Replacement

There are times when concrete replacement is necessary. When concrete is too badly cracked, damaged, or pitted it does not make financial sense to try and seal it or lift it. However, there is much to consider when replacing concrete. If the soils are weak or expansive, they can be removed and replaced with crushed rock that is properly tamped to prevent settlement in the future.

The new concrete can also be reinforced with steel rebar to help prevent movement and cracking. A stronger concrete can also be installed that will last much longer than the average track home concrete. In other words, new concrete installed at with the highest professional standards will look great and last long into the future. 

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Choosing the right concrete lifting, leveling, and repair company doesn’t have to be frustrating. Our concrete reviews speak for themselves. Over the last two decades we’ve received great feedback from our satisfied clients. Fixing uneven and cracked concrete not only helps improve your curb appeal, it can also eliminate dangerous tripping hazards and will improve your home’s equity.