Colorado Springs, CO – Large home saves energy and money by upgrading attic insulation

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Simon, a North Colorado Springs homeowner, has lived in his home for a few years. He and his wife have grown accustomed to making small changes to remain warm and comfortable in their home. Owning a larger home, their monthly heating and cooling bills have added up to $1,000 during some months! To save money, Simon and his wife wear slippers on their hardwood floors and jackets in their downstairs rooms.

Seeking a solution to make his entire house a comfortable temperature without having to pay outrageous energy costs, Simon set up a free, no-obligation home insulation estimate with a Peak Structural design specialist. The specialist inspected Simon’s multi-level home, measuring the temperature differences between rooms using a highly sophisticated thermal camera to determine where the air he pays so much to heat is leaking out of his home.  The design specialist found something that shocked Simon; air was leaking out of his attic, even though he had six inches of blown-in fiberglass insulation in his attic! That’s an R-value of 21!

The design specialist explained to Simon that traditional insulation like fiberglass and cellulose may have a high R-value, but is very ineffective at preventing air leakage. R-value per inch is determined in a controlled environment, absent of air flow. Fiberglass and cellulose were designed to stop heat from moving through conduction, but they fail to stop air flow. So, every home with fiberglass insulation is allowing the hot air from within to flow through the attic and outside. But, Peak Structural has an innovative insulation system that will allow Simon and his family to wear T-shirts in their house without forking over a fortune to the energy company: SmartFoam.

SmartFoam by Peak Structural is a revolutionary spray and injection foam insulation system that can be applied in walls, attics, garages, basements, and crawlspaces. SmartFoam is a complete home insulation system that truly keeps air in your home, so you will only have to pay to heat the air once, rather than having your heating and cooling system running constantly. Because SmartFoam expands to fill all gaps, it stops air flow. By stopping air flow, SmartFoam can save homeowners up to 40% of their energy costs! For Simon, installing SmartFoam will pay him back in no time!

Excited to make his home warm and comfortable without paying absurd energy costs, Simon decided to insulate his attic with SmartFoam to an R-value of 21.3, knowing that its ability to stop air flow will make his home considerably warmer than the fiberglass he had previously. The day before installing spray foam insulation in Simon’s attic, the previous insulation had to be removed. The Peak installation crew arrived the next day.

The Peak foreman took his time to explain the entire process to the homeowner and to answer any questions that came up. The crew explained that Simon’s family and pets only needed to be out of the house for 3 hours after the installation finished. They could enjoy their warm home the very same night! The Peak crew climbed up into the attic, and set up a fan that directed the fumes out of the home, ensuring the family could return safely to their home that night.

Where Simon’s attic had several air leaks before, the SmartFoam process sealed the attic from the outside. The foam expands to seal all cavities in the attic – a perfect fit every time – unlike fiberglass and wall panels. As the crew finished spraying, the attic temperature was noticeably warmer, and Simon’s home was no longer leaking its hot air!

The crew began to clean the home. They removed all their supplies except the fan. Then, they returned to the attic to check for anything else. Not wanting to leave any trace of being there – except a warm, comfy home – the employees wiped down the attic ladder and removed all the plastic lining that protected their floor and belongings.

The Peak team called Simon to let him know when he could return home – just 3 hours after installation! Simon and his family came home to find their home warm, clean, and odor-free. They were delighted with their remarkable experience with Peak Structural and thrilled to start saving money on their energy bills!

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