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These Colorado Springs homeowners were in transition of moving back to Colorado from a lifetime of world travel, most recently living in a historic home on the East Coast of the United States. The couple bought the Colorado Springs home years ago knowing it had structural issues. Once recovering from their many travels, they decided to contact Peak Structural to assess the full damage of the property.

When Design Specialist Isaac Vigil arrived at the home, he found it to be unique because it had two types of foundation movement, both settling and shifting. Isaac did a full inspection of the property and found a “puzzle piece foundation” with many clean breaks throughout the foundation walls. The recent movement caused new cracks in the drywall along with doors and windows that wouldn’t function properly. A big hump in the floor was also quite noticeable and the structure had both settlement and two bowing crawlspace walls.


The first priority was to stop the downward and inward movement of the foundation walls. In the first stage of the repair, the crew installed Foundation Supportworks Push Piers to stop the settlement of the home. One of the walls was bowing inward so severely that the seal plate was hanging off the side of the foundation wall, so GeoLock Wall Anchors were also installed to permanently stop the inward movement of the crawlspace foundation walls. To straighten this bowing wall, the crew hand dug the exterior of the foundation wall because of a gas line in the excavation area. Shoring was required to lift the floor to relieve the weight of the structure and to straighten the wall. After these repairs were done, the crew adjusted the existing jacks under the main beam of the structure, and removed the big hump in the floor that was the result of the settling foundation.

The customers recognized the lack of a vapor barrier and insulation in the crawlspace as a big problem. In the second stage of the repair, the crew encapsulated the crawlspace using CleanSpace, a 20mil vapor barrier with polyester cord reinforcement, and SilverGlo, a graphite infused foam board that radiates heat inward to help conserve energy, to insulate the crawlspace wall and rim joists. During this stage, six more GeoLock Wall Anchors were installed on the opposite, less severely bowed wall.

These homeowners now have the peace of mind to know their home is permanently stabilized from further movement. They also now have over 1000 square feet of bright, clean, dry storage space. The earth and its elements are now sealed under the CleanSpace, and the foundation walls are insulated with Silver Glo to help save energy.


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