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Jessica, a homeowner in the Colorado Springs area, knew the structure of her home was not perfect. Having lived in the home for several years, she learned and loved all the little faults on the interior of the home. Recently, she had noticed a piece of her living room floor had become bouncier and a bit lower than the rest and that worried her.

Although these issues are more common in older homes, newer foundations can experience issues like this as well. Floors begin to sag when they are not properly supported, which can be caused by mold, rust, or wood rot. Changes in moisture is the cause of these issues that weaken the support beams and columns.

Worried for her home, Jessica contacted Peak Structural and scheduled a free estimate with an expert design specialist. After a thorough evaluation of the crawlspace, the specialists suggested the installation of the SmartJack System as a proven solution, as well as one of our supplemental beams.


After hearing all the perks of the SmartJack System and having the opportunity to sit down with the specialist and talk face to face, Jessica felt confident in her decision to move forward with the installation. Before the actual installation process begun, the production crew also sat down with Jessica to explain the entire process and what they would be doing.

Not only does the SmartJack have a 25-year warranty, but we also promise that this product will stabilize your floors permanently and immediately. Able to support over 60,000lbs and made of galvanized steel so that it will not rust, the owner will never have to worry about the product weakening.

The owner can have peace of mind knowing that her floors are both permanently and properly supported!

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