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smart jacksChallenge

Carl – a homeowner in Colorado Springs, CO – noticed his floors had started to sag. There was a thing gap between the door frame and his floor. When he went into the basement, he saw his support column was no longer correctly attached to his main support beam. Scared that his largest investment was falling apart, he searched for the best structural repair company in Colorado Springs to come help him.

He found Peak Structural Inc. online and scheduled a free comprehensive inspection. During the inspection, the expert addressed his concerns and goals for the project. Then, he performed his inspection around the home. The expert found the column that was no longer connected properly, and explained that the column supports the weight of the home. Due to column settling, the column disconnected from the main beam, causing the heavy floor above it to sink.


To solve this problem, Peak Structural installed SmartJacks to replace the sinking columns and stabilize the main support beam. The FSI SmartJack System can be installed year-round in less than a day. The galvanized steel columns come with a 25-year warranty and will never rust. By installing the SmartJack system, Peak Structural immediately stabilized and lifted the floor and main beam above it. The homeowner was thrilled that Peak Structural Inc could stabilize his sagging floors in less than a day.

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