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Amber had been living in her home for some years when she started noticing issues with her foundation. The home was built in the 1900s and no repairs had been attempted in the past. However, after considering the problem for some time Amber called an engineer to take a look at the home and was recommended Foundation SupportWorks Inc. After some research, Amber found Peak Structural, the local FSI dealer in Colorado. She was very upset with the circumstances of her home and ready to resolve the foundation problems once and for all. Soon after, an appointment was scheduled and Paul Sauchelli, the design specialist, identified foundation cracks affecting the home’s integrity.


After meeting with Paul and confirming the project. Amber had the home’s foundation permanently stabilized by one of our installation crews. Helical piers were initially recommended, however, due to some issues with the surrounding structures the engineer and Peak Structural came to the conclusion that push piers would be more advantageous. The newly installed products would serve to cradle the sinking corner of the foundation without putting it under too much stress. Push piers proved to be the best product for this home, because the product drove support to the bedrock so the foundation no longer relied on the support of failing surface soils. Due to these installations, Amber is now confident that her house won’t settle further and she can rest assured knowing her investment is protected.

Project Summary

Sales Representative: Paul Sauchelli

Primary Foreman: Chris Pyse

Products: Push Piers

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