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After this Broomfield, CO homeowner decided to sell her home, she began working with her real estate agent to see what improvements the home could use to boost the overall value. One of the first concerns the real estate agent had was cracks in the basement walls. Although they appeared to be minor, hairline cracks, the agent knew from experience that foundation problems can easily make or break a deal on a home. The real estate agent, who had worked with Peak Structural many times in the past, suggested that the homeowner call for a free evaluation of her foundation.

When System Design Specialist Brandy Mahan arrived at the property, the first thing she asked was if there had been any water intrusion in the basement over the past few years. The homeowner thought about it and remembered certain times over the past summer spent drying up wet spots against the basement walls after big  storms. Brandy explained that she found evidence of a lot of moisture under the slab and along the interior of the garage. She also noted that the staircase was very unlevel and had been pushed up by the mono-posts that were failing. The North wall from the weight of the water around the foundation had also been pushed inward.


After discussing many different repair options with the homeowner, Brandy drew up an estimate proposing the installation of 5 PowerBraces and 2 SmartJacks . Although these products are installed in different places throughout the home, they essentially work together to maintain the structural integrity.

First, the PowerBraces are installed along the basement walls that had begun to bow in over time due to the weight of the water surrounding the foundation. PowerBraces are unique in that they do not require excavation of the foundation or any obstruction to the concrete. The top bracket that the PowerBrace is attached with is set in place against the I-Beam. The foreman will then ensure that the beam is plumb, and then the bottom bracket is set into place and tightened using a torque wrench. PowerBraces will not only prevent a wall from any further movement, but will also help to straighten the wall over time.

Next, the SmartJacks are installed. A SmartJack is an adjustable column that is used to support main and supplemental beams in a crawlspace or basement. First, a hole is excavated and the pre cast footing is set in place and then leveled. Next, the column is prepared for assembly by ensuring the correct height needed. Lastly, the SmartJack is put in place and tightened, thus stabilizing the beams.

After the crew was finished with their clean up, a walkthrough was done with the homeowner to ensure she had no further questions and understood everything that was installed. She was thrilled to know that she would have no worries about foundation problems when putting her home up for sale, as well as knowing that she now had the extra time and money to install granite countertops and finish off her basement.

Project Summary

Project Engineer: Foundation Engineering, PLC

Certified Inspector: Brandy Mahan

Products Installed: Five(5) Foundation Supportworks 8′ PowerBraces and Two(2) Model 288 SmartJacks


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