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After living in his home for almost twenty years, this Northglenn homeowner began noticing small cracks along many of the walls in his home. Over the course of just a few short years, he soon noticed the cracks getting larger, as well as bowing in the basement walls. That was when he contacted Peak Structural to conduct a free evaluation of his concerns.

When Peak Structural design specialist Ken Schumm arrived at the home, he immediately noticed the issues the homeowner had described over the phone. There was noticeable cracking on the exterior and the interior walls, as well as bowing and bulging in the basement walls. The doors and windows had also become difficult to close.

Ken explained that over time, the loose soils around a home’s foundation can begin to settle and compact, causing the foundation to settle as well, many times in different places and varying degrees. This causes the whole home to begin to crack and bow, as the entire foundation is no longer being supported evenly.


Ken proposed fifteen (15) Foundation Supportworks Push Piers be installed strategically around the homes foundation, on both the interior and exterior, as well as eight (8) GeoLock Wall Anchors along the Southern and Eastern exterior walls. Push Piers are attached to the footer of the foundation and are used to help displace the weight of the home from unstable loose soil to stable virgin soil or bedrock. Wall anchors work in two parts; a hole is dug a specified distance from the foundation, and a rod is pushed through the interior bowing wall, out to the hole, where an anchor is attached and buried. A plate is then attached to the rod on the interior wall and then tightened, working to straighten the wall.

After three days of installation, the home now rests on push piers, and the basement walls are now straightening over time to prevent further interior cracking, which means this Northglenn homeowner can now rest easy knowing his home will not be experiencing any further movement.


Project Summary

Engineer: Douglas K. Stines Consultants, Inc.

Certified Inspector: Ken Schumm

Products Installed: Fifteen (15) Foundation Supportworks Model 288 Push Piers and Eight (8) GeoLock Wall Anchors

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