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JoAnn owns a home in Boulder, CO that was built in 1960. She wanted to refinish and update the home; however, she needed foundational repair work before she could refinish anything else. Her floors were shifting and there were cracks in the walls. She hadn’t had any previous repairs done to the home and it was time to fix the floors and cracks. Peak Structural’s Design Specialist, Brandon, went to Boulder to inspect the home and found that there were vertical cracks in the foundation and that the doors in the home were sticking. He determined we would need to permanently fix the sagging floors and stabilize the foundation.


Brandon provided JoAnn with an estimate for push piers and smart jacks. This was the best solution for JoAnn’s problem because the Push Piers would stop the settling of the concrete foundation and SmartJacks would level the main beam and are adjustable to allow for a custom fit for each system installed. JoAnn now has level and stable floors and a secure foundation so she can begin refinishing other parts of her home.


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