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Nicole and her husband are a newly married couple and soon after getting married, the couple bought a home in Colorado Springs. The home is a hundred years old with several crawlspaces and a classic dugout basement/cellar area. It was marked with many problems that the couple would have to fix before they could get settled in. After finding uneven floors and some drywall cracking that was very concerning, Nicole knew that in order to ensure the stability of their home they would need to call an expert for the job.

Nicole and her husband had trouble finding the right company and an estimate that fit their budget. One of the first companies that they spoke with sent a grumpy man who not only gave them an absurdly high estimate, but also did not explain anything as to what would be done, and how and why it would help! Several other companies did the same; no company provided a fair price with a fair explanation. When Nicole finally called Peak Structural, she was still rather skeptical that this experience may just end up like the previous ones but was delighted when she learned it wouldn’t.


Our philosophy is, and has always been, that we are one team. We work together to ensure that everything is coordinated, detailed, and transparent. After listening to Nicole’s problem with the uneven floors and drywall cracks, our appointment center representative scheduled for Paul Sauchelli to go to the home and provide the best solution.

In early May 2016 Paul came to Nicole’s home and met with her and her husband. After inspecting the areas of interest, Paul sat down with the couple and explained the situation to them. The home’s foundation was sinking on one side, causing the floors to become uneven and the drywall to crack. Paul explained the reason foundations sink and afterwards told them about all the different options available to them, even those that Peak Structural does not offer. Nicole and her husband were very impressed. Not only were they getting the education that they had wanted, but also an honest and truthful solution. Together the couple decided to install helical piers as suggested by Paul. The helical piers would offer the most protection and stability to the homes foundation while also being within the couple’s budget. After the installation was completed both Nicole and her husband were more than happy with the results!

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Paul Sauchelli

Products: Helical Piers; GeoLock Wall Anchors


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