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After finally putting the finishing touches on his newly built back porch, this Northglenn homeowner began noticing the initial signs of settlement. He wanted to permanently stabilize the addition so that it would never move again no matter how much weight he added. Worried that the settlement was going to affect the integrity of the floor, he decided to call Peak Structural for a free assessment of the problem.

When design specialist Eric Schippert arrived at the house, he found that the porch had indeed settled more than an inch. There was minor cracking in the drywall and on the exterior foundation of the addition, but the rest of the home appeared to be in good condition, indicating that it was strictly the new addition that was causing the settlement.


Eric proposed a perimeter Helical Pier system around the exterior foundation of the addition, which included six total piers. A Helical Pier system was the best solution for this situation because of the lighter weight of the structure and accessibility of the work area. The system does not apply pressure to the foundation until the bracket is attached and the load of the structure is transferred to the pier, which stabilizes the foundation without using the structures weight to drive the piers. The piers are attached to the short stem wall that was supporting the addition, resulting in permanent stabilization. The homeowner requested that the crew did not attempt a lift on the structure for fear that it might cause more damage to the drywall and framing.

After only two days of installation, the addition is now permanently stabilized, and the homeowner is delighted that he never has to worry about what weight is placed on his new deck.

Project Summary

Project Engineer: Foundation Engineering, PLC

Certified Inspector: Eric Schippert

Products Installed: Six(6) Foundation Supportworks Model HP287 Helical Piles

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