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Donna is a homeowner in Colorado Springs that contacted Peak Structural in January of 2016. A home that she was considering buying had some obvious structural problems. Noticing these issues, Donna contacted Peak Structural to assess the property. Upon inspection we found that the home was experiencing inward movement of the three foundation walls. Additionally, the basement slab was settling which caused her future home’s support system to sag, and the foundation in the garage area was also settling. Donna had found her dream home, but knowing that this dream sat on uneven grounds was becoming a major concern.


Peak Structural understood Donna’s concerns. As a buyer she was not comfortable purchasing a home with structural damage that would be hazardous to anyone who would live in this home. However, due to the wide range of products and expert consultancy of Peak Structural, Donna was able to find reassurance knowing that we would fix the cause of this problem. Our crew installed GeoLock Wall Anchors, Carbon Armor with ArmorLock (Carbon Fiber Straps), and PowerBraces in the “bunker” area of the home. To permanently stabilize and control the momentum of the downward movement of the settling garage foundation we installed Push Piers. To fix the issues with her sagging house support systems we installed a steel I Beam with SmartJacks to isolate the damage. Together these products fortified Donna’s home and addressed her concerns about buying the home. Today, Donna owns the property with complete confidence knowing her property has been secured for life!

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Isaac Vigil

Products: GeoLock Wall Anchors, Carbon Armor with ArmorLock, and PowerBraces


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