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Foundation Issues Challenge

Bonnie and her husband, Dave, have had wall repair work done by Peak Structural in the past. They were so happy with their experience that they called again when they noticed their home’s chimney was leaning out and away from their home.





Design Specialist, Peter Crain, went out to assess the issue and proposed two push piers be installed to attempt to lift the chimney back to it’s original position and stabilize it to prevent any future movement.

Foundation Repair Solutions

Peak Structural proposed for two Push Piers to be strategically installed. Push Piers feature a patent-pending external sleeve that strengthens the pier at the critical tension point below the bracket. Push piers are rugged and installed next to the footings and attached with a heavy-duty steel bracket. Soil is backfilled around the piers once stabilization and lifting is complete to finish the installation. This repair option provides a permanent solution to settlement issues. Push piers cause a minimal disruption during installation, are fast and effective to install and can reach a greater depth than other options.

In the case of Bonnie and Dave’s home in Colorado Springs, the push piers made it possible for the installation crew to lift their chimney back into position! Bonnie and Dave are now pleased that their home is structurally sound and backed with a lifetime transferable warranty from Peak Structural!