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When this Broomfield homeowner applied for a reverse mortgage, she was told she would not qualify unless the home was structurally sound. After a structural engineer came out to the property, he recommended Peak Structural to help fix their home permanently with a life time transferrable warranty.

When structural repair design specialist Brandy Mahan arrived at the property, she found that the ranch style home had severe bowing walls. This in turn caused the basement walls to have large horizontal cracks, which was causing the paneling to bow in. The framing on all the doors were pushed in, causing the doors and windows to not shut properly and the brick on the outside of the home was falling off about two feet up. One wall in the basement had moved 3 1/2″-4″ inward at the middle between the window wells. Needless to say, the settling and shifting in the foundation had caused severe damage throughout the home.


Brandy proposed for 11 Geo Lock Wall Anchors to be strategically installed, pulling back on the East and South walls of the home. Geo Lock Wall Anchors are made of galvanized steel, and can counteract soil pressure that may be forcing the walls to bow or lean in by anchoring the walls to stable, undisturbed soil outside your home. This will permanently stabilize the walls from any inward movement for the life of the home.

The project took a total of two days, and now this Broomfield homeowner can rest easy knowing not only that her home is now structurally sound and backed with a lifetime transferrable warranty, but she can now receive the reverse mortgage she needed.

Project Summary

Project Engineer: Foundation Engineering, PLC

Certified Inspector: Brandy Mahan

Products Installed: Eleven(11) Geo Lock Wall Anchors