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Foundation Issues Challenge

When Janice noticed some water issues in the basement of her Aurora, Colorado home, she pulled up the carpet and noticed that her basement floor had cracks and that it had sunk about 2.5 inches! She could put her foot between the baseboard and the floor! Even her doors weren’t opening and closing properly, despite being adjusted many times. Fortunately, she met Peak Structural at the Home & Garden Show in Denver in February of 2018 and they were able to schedule her for a complimentary estimate and inspection for her Aurora foundation issues and repairs.

When Peak’s structural repair design specialist visited the property, he found that the tri-level home had bowing walls and settlement along the front and southwest corner. This caused the basement walls to have large horizontal cracks, which was causing the wall to bow and the floor to crack, likely allowing moisture to come in. The settling and shifting in the foundation had caused severe damage throughout the home.

Foundation Repair Solutions

Peak Structural proposed for 9 Push Piers to be strategically installed. Push Piers feature a patent-pending external sleeve that strengthens the pier at the critical tension point below the bracket. Push piers are rugged and installed next to the footings and attached with a heavy duty steel bracket. Soil is backfilled around the piers once stabilization and lifting is complete to finish the installation. This repair option provides a permanent solution to settlement issues. Push piers cause a minimal disruption during installation, are fast and effective to install and can reach a greater depth than other options.

In the case of Janice in Aurora, the push piers made it possible for the installation crew to lift Janice’s home 1.5 inches! The crew even went the extra mile and adjusted the doors and hinges to get them to close properly again! The project took a total of only two days, and Janice was inside the whole time. She can now rest easy knowing her home is now structurally sound and backed with a lifetime transferable warranty.


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Project Summary

Project Engineer: Davis Engineering Consultants, LLC

Products Installed: Nine (9) Push Piers from Supportworks

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