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Byron has a house in Colorado Springs that was built in 1973. So far, he had never needed any repairs. This changed when he noticed cracks in the foundation both inside and outside his home. Our Design Specialist Erik went out to Byron’s home to help. During his time there, he also noticed moisture and water in the basement due to the cracks and shifting in the foundation. Additionally he identified that there was a significant drop in the slab of the floor on the garden level inside the home and on the front porch. The foundation needed to be permanently stabilized and the moisture needed to be removed from the basement.


Push piers were used to stabilize his foundation. These will help lift his house back to its original position. WaterGuard, an interior drainage system, was installed in the basement to keep any water from flooding Byron’s basement. PolyLevel, a cleaner, quicker, alternative to mudjacking, was decided as the best solution to fix the sinking concrete.

In the end, Byron’s house was permanently stabilized, the basement waterproofed, and the sinking concrete slabs were lifted.


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