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A Victorian style home that dates back to 1896 in Colorado Springs was having foundation issues. The homeowner, Cynthia, began to notice the walls in her cellar were bowing and that when it rains really hard water was coming through the walls. With a home that is over a hundred years old Cynthia knew she needed help in getting the foundation fixed to strengthen the house and prevent any further damage to her cellar.


Cynthia called Peak Structural with her concerns and the Design Specialist Peter made his way out to her home. He inspected the cellar and the property and presented her with an estimate on what she was going to need to do in order to keep her home standing strong and dry. Cynthia knew that she needed the work done and scheduled an appointment with our team to have Aaron and his crew come out. It wasn’t long before Aaron and the Peak Structural Crew were out at her house installing Geo-Lock Wall Anchors to help strengthen her foundation and straighten the walls. A product called Shotcrete, which is a concrete that is sprayed onto walls, was applied to the cellar walls to help prevent the walls from deteriorating any further and prevent water from getting in. Once the Peak Structural Team was finished installing the anchors and the Shotcrete was in place, they smoothed over the walls and Cynthia’s concerns were gone. Cynthia was beyond thrilled with the work that was done by Peak Structural and can now be assured that her beautiful 100+ year Victorian home is standing strong and dry!

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