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Vivian has owned her Woodland Park, CO home for several years now. After remodeling her bathroom a few years ago, she noticed that her bathroom floor began to sag. Worried that her home would lose its value dramatically, she went down to the crawl space and was shocked to find a huge mess. The floor was poorly lined with a falling plastic sheet, and the fiberglass insulation had started to fall from above.

Concerned about the stability of her home, she called the leading crawl space and structural repair company in Colorado’s Front Range – Peak Structural. An expert design specialist arrived on schedule to inspect her home, tell her exactly what was causing her problem, exactly how to fix it, and exactly how much it would cost. During the appointment, the specialist inspected her entire home, ensuring to answer all her questions fully.

The design specialist documented his findings to present a complete explanation of how Vivian’s structural problem occurred. Then, he and Vivian sat down to discuss his engineer-quality report. He proceeded to explain how it happened and how to solve it.

The crawl space is an area that is susceptible to high moisture content. As the moisture content gets higher, the wooden supports in that environment begin to rot. The wood in Vivian’s crawlspace was getting softer and starting to rot. Although, the rotting of the wooden structure was not the reason her bathroom floors began to sag. It turns out the plumber had cut a wooden floor joist to access the pipes, compromising the structural integrity of the floor above.

To stabilize and straighten her floors, the specialist recommended she support the rotting and cut joists with a new beam and galvanized steel SmartJacks. The wooden posts holding the joists could no longer adequately support the floor above. The galvanized steel SmartJacks will never rust. They are the permanent solution for supporting floors. To ensure the rest of her posts, joists and beams will not rot, the specialist recommended she encapsulate and insulate her crawlspace with our 20 mil, nylon-reinforced CleanSpace system. CleanSpace keeps the moisture, bugs, and cold air out of crawlspaces to make them warmer, dryer, and cleaner.

Happy to find a solution that keeps her home warm, stable and healthy permanently, Vivian decided to repair her home using Peak’s systems. During the installation, the foreman happily answered her questions. The crews arrived on time and worked diligently to permanently stabilize and level her sagging floors and keep her crawlspace warm and dry. Vivian was very pleased with the crews that treated her like family, and even happier to find out how well they cleaned up. Vivian truly had a remarkable experience with Peak Structural.