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When these Victor, CO homeowners began noticing uneven floors throughout their home, they decided to call Peak for a free estimate to assess their foundation. Upon inspection of the home, Design Specialist Ross Schaulis found significant settlement along the outer foundation walls as well as along the main beam in the middle. The home had been built around 1900 and never had a proper foundation; there were logs and rail road ties holding the home up along the perimeter as well as many of the point loads. Also, the floor joists used were too small for the span they were being used to cover, which over time caused the floors to sag.


Ross proposed the installation of a new steel main beam down the middle of the home and along the full length of one foundation wall to replace the rail road ties and logs already in place. An additional steel supplemental beam was installed that was the entire length of the home to support the sagging floor joists. Also installed were 19(nineteen) SmartJacks, which were used in several locations to help support the new floor joists. Lots of soil regrading and removal throughout the entire crawlspace was done to ensure the joists and beams were up out of contact with the soil, which breaks down the structural integrity of the joists and beams over time. Two smaller but critical steel supplemental beams were installed in two corners of the home for added floor joist support.

After all the above foundation repairs were made, a second crew came in and installed an entire crawlspace encapsulation. This consisted of 700 square feet of TerraBlock, Drainage Matting, and CleanSpace, as well as 320 square feet of SilverGlo. These products all work together; first the TerraBlock is installed to insulate the floor. Drainage Matting is then put over the TerraBlock to ensure proper water drainage under the CleanSpace. The SilverGlo is then installed along the walls of the crawlspace as an additional form of insulation, and then CleanSpace is put in over the TerraBlock, Drainage Matting and part of the SilverGlo. A total crawlspace encapsulation can help cut energy bills by up to 20%.

Now, these Victor homeowners can rest easy knowing there floors will stay level, and their home will stay warmer than ever before.