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When these Colorado Springs homeowners began experiencing various health issues, they began looking throughout their home to find the culprit. This led them to the crawlspace, where they found a significant amount of water and mold. That’s when they decided to call Peak Structural for their free estimate.

When System Design Specialist Eric Schippert inspected the home, he found many alarming issues pertaining to the crawlspace. There was asbestos based fiberglass insulation that was saturated with water. Not only was this insulation now ineffective, but it was also a major health concern. The dirt/gravel crawlspace was muddy and the only measure of waterproofing that had been taken was a sump pump from a retail home improvement store that had been installed many years ago. The sump pump sat in a 5 gallon bucket that was completely filled with mud, in the middle of the crawlspace, with only trenched out soil leading water to the sump.


Eric proposed the installation of a full perimeter waterproofing system, a CleanSpace vapor barrier on the floor with some much needed regrading, SilverGlo insulation on the walls and in the rim joists of the framing and a SaniDry dehumidifier.

The purpose of the interior waterproofing system is to direct any incoming water to a designated SmartSump sump pump that will pump the water out of the crawlspace and away from the foundation. The CleanSpace vapor barrier was put in place in order to seal the dirt and moisture from the crawlspace away from the structure of the home, while the SilverGlo insulation was installed to prevent heat loss through the foundation and to reflect radiant heat back into the home. Finally, the SaniDry dehumidifier was installed to control the natural high humidity in the crawlspace.

The homeowners agreed that these products would be their best option, as they were tired of a wet, dirty, smelly crawlspace and wanted an area they could use for storage. They were also highly concerned about the energy they were losing with the crawlspace not being properly insulated.

After only two days of installation, Peak Structural was able to ensure that the crawlspace would stay dry from water intrusion from that point forward. The homeowners were thrilled that they now had a clean, useable space for storage, and were safe from mold, mildew, asbestos and high levels of humidity, thanks to Peak.