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Concrete Leveling Challenge

William’s home was built in 1999 and he had moved into it in 2007. The home had a long list of problems that needed fixing and as a retiree, William took his time care of them one by one. When he called Peak Structural it was to fix the sidewalk at the front of his home and the stoop; both were settling away from the house. William told Peak Structural that the concrete leveling problem had been going on for at least a year and he had not previously bothered fixing it. Upon inspection the design specialist found that the concrete slabs had settled an inch and the stoop was settling 1.5 inches away from the home.

Concrete Leveling Solution

After the inspection William was proposed to get helical pier to stop the settling and the current settling be fixed using PolyLevel and caulking. PolyLevel proved to be a great solution because the concrete slabs were 4×4 squares. The helical piers would have stabilized the large stoop and prevented any further settling, however he would like to take everything one step at a time. Therefore, William decided to wait before proceeding with the helical piers. Nevertheless, William was very satisfied with the results of the PolyLevel.

Project Summary