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In the three years this Castle Rock, CO homeowner has had her home, she has seen tremendous damage to her basement floor. Large cracks had spread across the length of her basement and the nails on the framing of her floating floors started to stick out further and further: her concrete slab had sunk over the past three years. She knew she had to fix her sinking slab before finishing her basement to add another bedroom.

She decided to call Peak Structural after hearing their advertisement on 99.9 FM. Peak Structural scheduled her a free appointment with an expert design specialist. The expert arrived promptly for their meeting, and they discussed her issues and goals for the project. During his inspection, he noted that the back half of her concrete slab had sunk one inch.


Due to the expansive soil in and around her home, with precipitation and temperature changes the soil compressed and expanded over time, creating paths for water to erode the soil under her concrete slab. When the soil under the back side of her home compressed under the weight of the slab, the slab cracked. He explained that our PolyLevel foam could lift the slab and offer a waterproof, permanent solution to her sinking slab. The PolyLevel foam solution is much quicker and cheaper than replacing the old slab, and the lightweight foam keeps it from sinking further unlike mudjacking which adds large amounts of heavy mud which the expansive soil underneath is likely incapable of supporting.

She decided to proceed with the repair using the PolyLevel solution. The Peak Structural production crew showed up at 8:30 AM. They drilled small, 5/8 inch holes in the concrete slab and slowly injected the PolyLevel foam under her concrete slab, lifting her slab one inch back to level. The homeowner was very pleased that her basement was level and permanently secured in only one day. With her slab permanently stabilized, she can finish her basement and enjoy the extra bedroom in her home.