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Concrete Leveling and Crack Repair Challenge

Allan and his family in Parker, Colorado, wanted to address some uneven concrete concerns on the path on the side of their home and rear patio. They were working on several home improvement projects to get the home ready to sell so they can downsize in a couple years.

A concrete leveling expert design specialist, Eric, came out to inspect the concrete and found their downspout sleeve was broken and was causing water to flow on top of the slab and underneath, causing settlement and cracking. Eric was able to diagnose the issue and recommend the best solution for lifting and repairing the sinking concrete, as well as solve the broken downspout to prevent further issues.

Broken downspout causing water to flow on top of and beneath the slab, causing the slab to settle and crack.


As the best and most permanent solution, it was recommended that Allen go with PolyLevel injection to lift the sinking slabs along with NexusPro to seal the joints. Polylevel is high-density foam that expands once injected beneath the slab. Expansion creates a lift and will also permanently stabilize the slabs! After the concrete is lifted, the cracks can be sealed with NexusPro.

The design specialist also explained that the broken downspout should be fixed so that water properly evacuates from the sleeve and away from the home and sidewalk. After talking to the design specialist and hearing the great benefits of Polylevel and Nexuspro, Allen decided to move forward with these recommendations and are very happy with the results!

Settled sidewalk slab around window well lifted and cracks sealed with NexusPro joint sealant.
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