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Front Patio Lifting and Leveling Challenge

Steve’s front patio had been sinking and knew it needed to be fixed because it will only get worse. Steve planned to stay in this home the rest of his life and after his wife passed, he knew he wanted to get some repairs done.

A concrete leveling expert design specialist, Eric, came out to inspect the front patio and found that because of the shifting soil beneath the slab it has caused severe erosion and settlement. Eric was able to diagnose the issue and recommend the best solution for lifting and repairing the sinking slab.

Shifting and sinking soil cause patio to sink and crack.


As the best or most permanent solution, it was recommended that Steve go with a PolyLevel injection to lift the slab and helical piers on each column to secure it. PolyLevel is a high-density foam that expands once injected beneath the slab. Expansion creates a lift and will also permanently stabilize the slab. After the concrete is lifted and secure the cracks are sealed with NexusPro. After talking to the design specialist and hearing the great benefits of PolyLevel, NexusPro, and helical piers, Steve decided to move forward with these recommendations and is very happy with the results!

Sunken patio lifted and cracks sealed with Nexus Pro.

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