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Concrete Leveling and Crack Repair Challenge

Aaron and Wendy own a home in Colorado Springs. They had noticed that over the years, the cracks between concrete slabs on their driveway and patio were growing larger. Wanting to find out the cause and repair it permanently, they decided to talk to a professional. After contacting Peak Structural and Scheduling a free estimate for their crack repair and concrete leveling, an expert design specialist was sent to their home for an evaluation. Once the specialist could see the area, he was able to diagnose the issue and recommend the best solution. The expert sat down with Aaron and Wendy and explained that their concrete slabs were settling, creating an uneven surface and larger gaps between each slab.


As the best and most permanent solution, the expert recommended that Aaron and Wendy go with the PolyLevel Injection along with NexusPro. Polylevel is high-density foam that expands once injected beneath the slab. Expansion creates a lift and can re-level an entire driveway. Not only this, but Polylevel will also permanently stabilize the slabs! After the concrete is lifted, the cracks can be sealed with NexusPro. After talking to the design specialist and hearing the great benefits of Polylevel and Nexuspro, Aaron and Wendy decided to move forward and are very happy they did!