While searching for someone to install a new sump pump in her basement, this Castle Rock homeowner thoroughly researched a company she had met at a local home show. Satisfied with her findings, she scheduled an appointment and awaited an estimate. The day came for the sales person to come out and inspect her basement, when she received a phone call stating that her home was out of the company’s territory and would not be able to help her with her concerns. Extremely frustrated, she began a new search for a local company to resolve her basement water woes. That was when she found Peak Structural.

After reading countless reviews and testimonials, she scheduled an appointment with Design Specialist Tony Casados, who provided her with an estimate to replace her sump pump. She was thrilled with the time and care Tony took to explain his findings, and was able to schedule the installation with him from her kitchen table.


The following week, foreman Chaun Diblasi and technician Danny Sudbrack arrived at her home and ensured that she had no further questions about her project before installing a SuperSump sump pump and an UltraSump battery back-up sump pump system. These two products work together to create a fail-safe waterproofing system, designed for worst case water intrusion scenarios. The SuperSump sump pump works relentlessly to pump out any water that enters the sump pit, while the UltraSump battery back-up sump pump acts only when the SuperSump is at capacity or if there is no power, saving this homeowner from any future water worries.

After the installation was complete, Chaun walked the homeowner through the system’s process, and ran a flood test, which includes pouring more water than the SuperSumps capacity to ensure the UltraSump turns on as a back-up, as well as disconnecting the power to the SuperSump and pouring additional water into the pit to test the UltraSump battery back-up. The homeowner was ecstatic about her new sump pumps, and will no longer have to worry about water intrusion, no matter the season or availability of power.