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Michelle Dougherty had been coordinating a very large family reunion in her home for months. She was expecting kin from all over the country to visit her home in Monument. Many of whom were staying with Michelle. What she wasn’t expecting, was the longest spout of rain this area has experienced in nearly 80 years! The result: water leaking into her beautifully finished basement, destroying the carpet and sheet rock in nearly every room. Apart from the damage to her home and belongings, this was a hiccup in her party plans. With little time to spare, all the furniture and finishings had to be moved out for carpet removal, and the framed sheet rock walls would need to be repaired, as well. Though, it makes little sense to spend money on these repairs when there’s a clear-cut issue of water intrusion that will most likely happen again & again.

In stepped Peak Structural. Systems Design Specialist Matt Marine inspected the home, and concluded that water is entering the basement in two spots. The majority of the water being forced through the cold joint (where the foundation wall meets the footer & slab) by hydrostatic pressure, as well as water filling the window wells like an aquarium and making its way inside. To resolve these issues permanently, Matt prescribed the patented WaterGuard System to permanently keep this basement dry.


WaterGuard was needed on 3 walls experiencing water. The Peak crew removed the concrete slab away from the wall, and applied WaterGuard directly on top of the footing to channel all water away. Michelle did have a sump pump in place, but not all pumps are made equally. Her current pump died when it was needed most. Peak replaced this pump with a Zoeller M53, one of the best residential pumps on the market, as well as the Basement Systems Super Sump on the other end of the basement.

Additionally, HydroFlo was installed alongside WaterGuard where areas of the slab are lower than the concrete slab, and well ducts were installed to drain the water-collecting window wells, and guide water straight into the WaterGuard System.

This extensive amount of work was completed in just 2 days, giving Michelle extra time to plan the restoration of her basement so her Family Reunion can stay on target. And it did!

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