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In January of 2016 Steve called Peak Structural to waterproof his basement and crawlspace. Steve had decided to finish his basement and wanted to be sure that his basement would be safe from water problems. The basement and crawlspace were incredibly large, and saving energy was a concern as well. Due to the sheer extent of the project, the job itself was a challenge. A pressurized water tank that was located in the basement was the main challenge that the crew faced. Steve was very concerned that the project be finished without any problems or damage to the tank. Hearing Steve’s concerns John Virgadamo, one of our design specialists, proposed a complete waterproofing system with some custom changes that would work best for Steve’s basement and crawlspace.


The foreman started by installing an internal drainage system, WaterGuard, to prevent any harm to the tank. Altogether, the crew installed a complete waterproofing system with SmartDrain, CleanSpace, TerraBlock, SilverGlo, a Single Sump, WaterGuard, and TrenchDrain. Together these products provide a complete waterproofing system in addition to multiple other benefits such as insulation. Despite the enormity of the project the crew led by JJ Lemon were able to finish within a week. After seeing how well the CleanSpace was installed in the crawlspace, Steve decided to also add CleanSpace to the walls in the basement for additional protection. The crew was able to quickly install the new addition. In the end Steve was more than happy with the results of the installations. Now he can finish his basement without feeling concerned about water intrusion washing over his hard work.

Project Summary

Products: SmartDrain, CleanSpace, TerraBlock, SilverGlo, a Single Sump, WaterGuard, and TrenchDrain

Primary Foreman: JJ Lemon

Design Specialist: John Virgadamo